Weekly Horoscope

Pisces Weekly Horoscope

Pisces Weekly Misery, as the old saying goes, loves company and negative people love nothing more than to find someone to share their negativity. Although you're not encouraged to be judgmental this week, you could take stock of certain people in your world, and assess whether they're the positive influences you need them to be. Certain relationships, or maybe one in particular, need to be viewed honestly, sensitively, and realistically. Prepare to gain a more accurate understanding of those in your world who can help you to take essential steps forward - and who may be holding you back.




Aquarius Weekly Horoscope

Aquarius Weekly Events this week could be a catalyst for taking overdue action. This could involve you taking a stand or feeling extra-determined to bring closure to a long, drawn-out and possibly draining process. However, even if you feel pushed to do either or both, ensure that you leave emotions out of any potentially tense or heated discussions or exchanges. Closure can be achieved with a situation or set of circumstances that you've wanted to see the back of for some time. Just ensure that your efforts and words are underpinned with plenty of sensitivity and compassion.

Capricorn Weekly Horoscope

Capricorn Weekly This week, a comfort zone could become less comfortable. This could be connected with a new attitude you're adopting toward ways you express yourself, creatively, and romantically. It could also be time to adopt a new, bolder, or more adventurous attitude toward making thoughts or feelings clear and forming or strengthening a close connection. Where complacency may have set in, it's about to be replaced with new levels of passion and proactivity on your part - and with potentially impressive and delightful results!




Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope

Sagittarius Weekly This week, if you find yourself feeling frustrated at the need to ask for assistance where you believe the need is obvious, then it's possible you're sending out such a confident vibe that others can't spot this. Rather than suffer in silence or allow frustrations to fester, make a point of speaking up if you could use a hand or assistance in some way. It really could be a case of, “unless you ask, you won't get.“ Above all, remember that asking for help is always a sign of strength, not weakness.




Scorpio Weekly Horoscope

Scorpio Weekly This week, cherished ambitions or future visions receive special focus. It could be in the light of a recent change in circumstances that you reassess if what you were keen to achieve or accomplish in the past remains as important now. There could also be something more thrilling than deflating about reassessing your life's direction. You appear to have somebody very supportive of whatever it is that fires you up in the way it does. Trust that any changes you introduce offer considerable security, stability, and reasons to feel reassured about a new direction you look set to head toward.




Libra Weekly Horoscope

Libra Weekly This week, it could become clear that you have a vision of the future that you're keen to justify or defend, and a certain person thinks differently. However, it's important that you focus any relationship-based discontent, uncertainty, or insecurity positively. Although things may get tenser before they improve, you're encouraged to have a helpful, necessary, and timely conversation or exchange. As long as the lines of communication are open wide and you and someone convey yourselves sensitively and authentically, then common ground can be found.




Virgo Weekly Horoscope

Virgo Weekly This week, it's possible that others' antics or behavior could surprise, shock, or even infuriate you. You might also wonder why you must push so hard for support or understanding that, as far as you're concerned, should happen automatically. However, it's possible your imagination is working overtime in more than one way. This could result in you reading too much into what others say to you or their actions. Try instead to be a bit more open-minded, understanding, flexible, and, above all, compassionate.




Leo Weekly Horoscope

Leo Weekly Although you're unlikely to do a U-turn where career aspirations are concerned, you could wonder if you've made inaccurate assumptions about where these are heading or the potential they offer. This could result in you taking your career in a different direction or putting it on a very new trajectory, but that doesn't mean you're inconsistent, illogical or impractical. You may have reached a point where it's necessary to step back and take stock of what you're keen to make happen and how feasible your aspirations are. See the need to do so this week as a turning point.




Cancer Weekly Horoscope

Cancer Weekly This week, you could find that you develop new attitudes or beliefs where relationships and commitments are concerned. What you appear to want is a greater depth of connection and balance. Therefore, it's important that you don't convince yourself that you're immune to the joy on offer from a deep, meaningful, loving, and intimate relationship. The first step to achieving this involves releasing yourself from the past and accepting that any previous painful episodes offer lessons to be learned and moved on from. This week presents a perfect opportunity to start that “moving on“ process.




Gemini Weekly Horoscope

Gemini Weekly It could become clear that a new and improved strategy must be applied in an area where you've been wishing and waiting for a particular result. Perhaps, you believe that you've done enough to achieve this and better use of your time would involve watching and waiting to see if that's the case. However, by doing so, you could also be reminded of the saying about how, if we aim at nothing, then we're guaranteed to hit it. This week, regardless of how much time, effort, or other resources you've invested in a plan or idea, be willing to accept that there are options you haven't yet pursued.








Taurus Weekly Horoscope

Taurus Weekly This week, you're likely to become aware of a noticeable restriction related to your earnings, finances, savings, or all three. Therefore, it's important that you don't allow a momentary lapse of reason to cause a lack of funds. You're encouraged to become more resourceful and creative where money is concerned. By applying self-discipline and a bit of imagination, you can create a more reassuring financial picture – and discover that your situation isn't as restrictive as you believed it to be.




Aries Weekly Horoscope

Aries Weekly If there has been an issue that you've been prepared to stand your ground with, then you could find you adopt a more open-minded and flexible attitude toward this. Something connected with your abode or with whom you share it could be seen in a new and more realistic light. Trust that whatever information arrives that brings a change of heart or shift in attitude is both timely and helpful. You're about to gain a more accurate understanding of how to make progress with a domestic idea, plan, or project. As confusion becomes removed from this scenario, so too does tension.