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Weekly Horoscope


The fact that the long weekend falls right in the heart of the most challenging 10 days of 2014 is going to give you a chance to step back and reflect, taking in the massive amount of wakeup calls you're receiving from multiple directions. Until then it's all about pacing yourself, with Tuesday's total lunar eclipse not only marking the point where personal and relationship balance issues start to clash, but work/life balance issues as well. This comes in the final days of cementing your expectations for the coming year. On every front there is a need to see this as conflicting opportunities not conflicting challenges, for the only real problem at the moment is that you have so much competing for your attention. On all fronts it's got to be real and it's got to be what you want and need. Read Aries Weekly Horoscope


While we have a short working week in the lead up to the long Easter weekend, it's likely to be an explosive and highly charged week, especially on the work front. This is thanks to the total lunar eclipse in your work sector on Tuesday and the momentum behind this, creating an opportunity to bring work matters to a head or to a tipping or turning point. With this will come a need to work smarter, for in the final days of your birthday month you'll have less energy and resources to play with, making it all about pacing yourself and time management in general. In the meantime, the Sun's return to your sign over Easter weekend will give you a chance to see this as an opportunity for a fresh start and also to challenge your excuses when it comes to embracing a sense of adventure. Read Taurus Weekly Horoscope


While you will always have a Full Moon in a fun, playful and romantically charged part of your chart at this time of year and that this Full Moon in fact determines when Easter will fall, always falling on the weekend preceding this, nothing in recent history compares to what this is likely to bring to a head. Coming at a time when things are not only professionally focused, but you're dealing with life's challenges and demands, this is usually a reminder that life is supposed to be a balance between work and play, but nothing more. But nothing about Tuesday's Full Moon is predictable, for not only will this become the first lunar eclipse here since 1997, this is likely to unleash your romantic passions and fighting spirit, at a time when the door is open to second chances. Read Gemini Weekly Horoscope


The reason why Easter weekend falls on different dates is that it always falls on the weekend after the Full Moon in your home and family sector, which in turn will always fall during the Sun's month long visit to your career sector. That Full Moon falls on Tuesday and while this will still bring any work/life balance issues to a head and challenge you professionally, making sure you're not asleep at the wheel, as a total lunar eclipse this is likely to carry a lot more clout. At a time when personal and/or relationship tension and work/life balance issues are likely to be coming to a head anyway, this is a call to stop and pay attention to the things that matter, reminding you that personally, professionally, on the home front and in your relationships that it's all about balance. Read Cancer Weekly Horoscope


There are a lot of things battling for your attention this week and there are also likely to be challeneges, yet very little will be what it seems and where you see problems, tension or challenges, what you're really looking at are blessings in disguise or part of the picture. The perfect example of this is Pluto, who is not only under pressure but will turn retrograde in your work sector on Tuesday, creating work tension and a sense that things have become stuck and stalled. Yet with the Sun returning to your career sector on Sunday and Mercury early next week this also means the tide is turning and with tensions only temporary this is positioning you for a professional turnaround. Yet don't expect a sense of adventure to go down without a fight or for your excuses not to be challenged. Read Leo Weekly Horoscope


While there is a lot of focus on money matters this week, with a lunar eclipse in your income sector on Tuesday and the Sun leaving your financial sector on Sunday and financial tensions in general rising, this also sets the scene for a breakthrough, as the money gods bring both income and financial matters to a head or to a tipping or turning point. While there are likely to be a lot of stressed out people this week and while you're likely to be juggling the needs of others, the one area of your life not being impacted by the stars, but could become collateral damage, is your relationships. Venus and Neptune are working hard to pull the wool over your eyes, giving you permission to wear your rose coloured glasses and to make your relationships something that you escape to. Read Virgo Weekly Horoscope


In the days leading up to Easter you will always experience a Full Moon in your sign, marking the halfway point of your solar year and this is no coincidence, with this Full Moon determining when Easter will fall. This will always fall at some point during the Sun's month long visit to your relationship sector and the theme is always the same, bringing the wakeup calls needed to ensure you haven't forgotten the intentions and promises you moved into this solar year with or your personal needs and authenticity. At a time when the focus is on your relationships, this is a chance to fight back and as the first lunar eclipse in your sign since 1997, expect that to happen with some ferocity. This may bring personal and/or relationship tensions to a head but is a call for balance. Read Libra Weekly Horoscope


With the Sun's final week in your work sector coinciding with a short working week there was always going to be a sense of urgency and work tension, trying to get everything either out in the open or accomplished before the long weekend and before the Sun leaves on Sunday. While any urgency is false, for this is simply the stage of getting everything out in the open with next month the month when everything comes together, any work tension is likely to be very real. Tuesday's lunar eclipse will put direct pressure on the Sun, putting the squeeze on work matters and in the process is likely to bring things to a head or to a tipping or turning point. Yet this brings wakeup calls for a need to pace yourself, reminding you that you need time to smell the coffee and hear yourself think. Read Scorpio Weekly Horoscope


While Monday marks the start of the most challenging 10 days of the year, this is not only likely to come as a relief, but with the long Easter weekend falling in the middle of this, comes with a chance to review things across the board. Any tension this week is likely to fall into two camps, financial tension on one front and juggling the needs of others on the other, yet on both fronts there is enormous opportunity. Any financial tension is coming from the fact that the last Jupiter/Pluto opposition between your two money houses begins on Wednesday, yet with this is a chance for a financial breakthrough, as Pluto opens the door to second chances on the income front. This comes just as the Sun's return to your work sector on Sunday will open new doors on the work front. Read Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope


You are one of the signs most impacted by tensions coming to a head and on Monday, as you move into the most challenging 10 days of the year, there is a need to make a conscious effort to see tension and pressure as a sign that a breakthrough is underway and also that you avoid sweating the small stuff. Pay special attention to any negative self talk and to what the voice in your head is telling you. It's this week that work/life balance and personal and/or relationship tensions not only kick in, but at the same time and with as much verbosity as they can, yet on the personal, relationship, home and professional fronts there is tremendous opportunities. A chance for a major breakthrough will come with Tuesday's lunar eclipse in your career sector, bringing things to a major tipping point. Read Capricorn Weekly Horoscope


While there is likely to be a lot of tension this week, with the two short weeks on either side of Easter likely to be the most challenging of the year, with this comes the opportunity for some real breakthroughs, with nothing coming to a head likely to be anything new or unexpected. Over the past year, at various times, challenges have come to a head, most probably over balance issues and then receding, never giving you a chance to actually resolve anything. Monday marks the start of a 10 day period where everything is going to come to a head again, at the same time, but with the support and the resources to do something about it. This creates the potential for some major breakthroughs, but it's essential to keep the communication lines open, challenging your excuses. Read Aquarius Weekly Horoscope


With the Sun leaving your income sector on Sunday and Mercury early next week, at the same time that Mars is firing up your financial passions and fighting spirit this was always going to be a week where money matters were high on the agenda, yet the money gods are set to accelerate this to a whole new level. This is already underway as you move into the new week, with the Moon already in your financial sector ahead of Tuesday's total lunar eclipse, the first here since 1997. Falling in the Sun's final days in your income sector this is set to bring both income and financial matters to a head or to a tipping or turning point, with resources on both fronts for the follow through. At the same time there is an alternate campaign underway; reminding you that it's not always about the money. Read Pisces Weekly Horoscope



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