Weekly Horoscope

Pisces Weekly Horoscope

Pisces Weekly This week, you could possess a powerful urge to speak your mind or make a proposal or suggestion. You and a particular person are likely to be on a very similar wavelength so try to seize the chance to say what you want and need to say. Clearly, where what you intend to say or convey is concerned, it's a case of 'better out than in.' But if you ensure that the urge to express yourself is given some degree of thought first, then you will significantly increase your chances of being heard - and understood.




Aquarius Weekly Horoscope

Aquarius Weekly Certain circumstances may have become a bit more complicated since a plan or an agreement was put in place. It's this change that probably accounts for the discussions you've had recently and are likely to have this week about what was agreed and, particularly, why you feel a promise has been broken or reneged upon. Somebody's doing their best. They are not deliberately contrary. What they need from you is patience; understanding maybe a bit of compassion thrown in. Try your best to summon and offer all the above this week.

Capricorn Weekly Horoscope

Capricorn Weekly This week, as the Sun links with Mars in your sign, try your best to be adaptable. You mustn't view a change to an arrangement or a situation you believed to be unchangeable as a setback or major problem. See it instead as helpful – or even a gift. An important goal is within reach, so have faith in the fact that you're helped to achieve it. But the journey might have one or two pit stops along the way that you hadn't - or couldn't have - accounted for. The more willing you are to be spontaneous and flexible, the more you'll enjoy and benefit from whatever transpires.




Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope

Sagittarius Weekly This week, as Venus forms a tense link with Jupiter, you could have much to consider where 'doing the right thing' is concerned. This decision would probably be easier if you didn't have someone else's needs to consider. Jupiter's involvement can make you prone to inflating or exaggerating the way you express yourself. Venus brings comfort and harmony that can facilitate a cooperative exchange. If you can do your best to connect with both this week, then whatever point you make or whatever way you choose to express yourself can bring a very satisfactory outcome.




Scorpio Weekly Horoscope

Scorpio Weekly This week, as Mercury forms a tense link with Pluto, a much-needed change or improvement to a close connection will require a tense or potentially tricky conversation. Provided you're willing to see an unsatisfactory or a disguised situation for what it is, be brave with improving it and say what you know needs to be said from the depths of your heart, then you can be assured that you'll have nothing whatsoever to be apologetic for or regretful about this week!




Libra Weekly Horoscope

Libra Weekly This week, as Venus links with Neptune, a particular truth is likely to emerge in your world. But rather than look coldly at the few facts that you have available to you, try to make more of a concerted effort to listen to what your intuition tells you about it. If you can resist taking a particular situation at face value, trust the message from your inner voice to look instead at what's less obvious about it, then you'll be able to benefit from it so much more.




Virgo Weekly Horoscope

Virgo Weekly This week brings a helpful link between Mercury and Venus. Many possibilities surround how this might affect you, but it's fair to say that you're blessed with thought processes that can bring new levels of comfort or possibly harmony to your world. It's also possible that you're about to gain a new perspective toward money. But before you can experience comfort or a financial revelation, trust that you have superb support this week to enhance your comfort levels by facing what needs to be faced and sorting what needs to be sorted. Don't fear the need to do both. You could find that life becomes noticeably sweeter and considerably less tense.




Leo Weekly Horoscope

Leo Weekly As your confidence returns and you begin to apply imagination and ingenuity to a particular matter, you will soon be able to distinguish between what's truly important and needs your attention - and what doesn't. As the Sun links with Mercury this week, clarity, in one form or another, is coming. Give it a chance to arrive. When it does, you'll soon find yourself blessed with the energy you'll need to make happen what your heart dearly wants you to make happen.




Cancer Weekly Horoscope

Cancer Weekly This week, it's essential that you see a particular issue - that you could be prone to seeing in an over the top and unnecessarily serious way - in the right perspective. The universe implies that the hurricane you sense on the horizon in an area of your world is likely to reveal itself to be little more than a storm in a teacup. Give this seemingly tense issue a chance to reveal itself properly and you'll probably see that it doesn't deserve the levels of attention and effort you're determined to give it.




Gemini Weekly Horoscope

Gemini Weekly As Mercury links with Mars this week, don't chastise yourself or beat yourself up due to believing that you have made an error and perhaps more importantly, that you feel there's something you must do immediately to correct it. The good news is, with plenty of self-discipline and determination combined with a healthy dose of faith, you look set to discover that whatever decision you made or action you took is beneficial. You have done something right. Allow events this week to help make this clear to you.








Taurus Weekly Horoscope

Taurus Weekly A link between Venus and expensive and exaggerative Jupiter could cause you not to be aware of your own strength. Unless you're able to show some restraint, you could end up wishing you'd handled something a bit more delicately or sensitively. Avoid any tendency to be unnecessarily forceful or overly determined this week. You can undoubtedly achieve more than one spectacular result, but this will likely be due to being realistic and confident rather than forcing anything to happen.




Aries Weekly Horoscope

Aries Weekly As Mars links with Neptune this week, you have a fantastic opportunity to form or strengthen a special relationship by considering seriously what can be created together. Plenty of stimulation and excitement are on offer with somebody who wants to 'create' with you. Look closely at who might fit that bill. You probably won't have to look as hard as you think you might!