Weekly Horoscope

Pisces Weekly Horoscope

Pisces Weekly The coming week brings a sextile between the planet of ideas, Mercury, and your ruler, Neptune. Mercury has moved into your solar sector of values and self-worth. The message from the sky is therefore a clear one: you're about to return focus to an idea or plan you dismissed as impractical and, by doing so, ensure it regains its place of pride in your head and heart. The cosmos appears keen to remind you of the potential that exists in something you wrote off as valueless.




Aquarius Weekly Horoscope

Aquarius Weekly They say, 'it's the little things that count.' There are times when we're right to focus on the smaller aspects of a much bigger picture. Then, there are times when the 'little things' are actually more of an unhelpful distraction or even a delaying tactic to doing what we know, in our heart, we should be doing. The coming week could bring what feels like a series of unhelpful distractions. They're small and insignificant enough to be ignored. Keep your focus on the bigger picture and all will be fine.

Capricorn Weekly Horoscope

Capricorn Weekly This week brings the square between the Sun and Saturn. The most powerful and influential planet in our solar system is challenging the planet of, among many things, structure and restriction. That's why you might feel you're being pushed in an unignorable way to take action or make a particular decision. You might resent this pressure at first. However, you'll soon become appreciative of it. It might just be what's needed for you to finally take that necessary brave step.




Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope

Sagittarius Weekly French writer and poet, Antoine de Saint-Exupéry once said, 'a goal without a plan is just a wish.' That's a bit like concentrating on a lit candle to extinguish a flame without accepting how blowing it out will prove to be much more effective. A wish in an area of your world has been a wish for long enough. In some way, action is needed. This week, try to look beyond the flimsy wall of restrictions that appear to prevent this from happening. With effort, you can walk right through it.




Scorpio Weekly Horoscope

Scorpio Weekly This week, your mission should you choose to accept it is a simple one: if you want to attain something truly satisfying, then you need to care less about something that doesn't deserve levels of attention you're giving it. As Mercury squares Pluto, provided you're willing to give less attention to one matter that doesn't deserve it and more to one that does and are prepared to say what needs saying from the depths of your heart, a very positive change can happen.




Libra Weekly Horoscope

Libra Weekly It could become clear that a demand being made of you by a certain person is imbalanced. Onus seems to be on you to take the lion's share of responsibility in some way or rise to a challenge that seems to benefit someone else more than you. You could, of course, choose to walk away. However, it's possible a part of you wants to prove a point. If you can focus on that instead of resentment at having to do what's being demanded of you, then you'll succeed admirably.




Virgo Weekly Horoscope

Virgo Weekly As your ruler links with Neptune, a contract, arrangement or possibly a relationship is about to be reassessed. What or who you believed no longer served a helpful purpose or played any part in your life looks set to return or be revived. This time, you'll see what or who has been absent in a new light. An opportunity to focus once again on what or whom has never left the realms of your mind and heart is about to present itself.




Leo Weekly Horoscope

Leo Weekly This week brings a square between the Sun and Saturn. This battle of heavyweights promises to make life intense. That, however, is very positive. You're clearly under pressure to take action or make a decision yet it's important you're being pressured in the way you are because you might not otherwise make the decision or move you truly need to make. All you need to do this week is trust you're very well protected in taking the brave step you know needs taking.




Cancer Weekly Horoscope

Cancer Weekly You might feel resigned to a very strong restriction making itself felt in at least one area of your world. If the word 'restriction' doesn't apply, then perhaps the words 'strong sense of wearying obligation' do. You're doing something out of a sense of duty or because you feel you have no option other than to carry on stoically whilst putting on a brave face. This week, the first of a few glimpses of a more hopeful and less obligated future start to reveal themselves.




Gemini Weekly Horoscope

Gemini Weekly We know what is meant by the saying 'spreading ourselves too thinly' and also know what someone means when they say they're 'a jack of all trades but master of none.' The coming week offers a chance to prioritize where your efforts are most effectively channeled. Instead of focusing on keeping several plates spinning, focus on those that matter the most. If it hasn't become clear recently that your focus needs to become more focused, then it will during coming days!








Taurus Weekly Horoscope

Taurus Weekly The popular saying about trying and trying again when we don't succeed is often a good one to adhere to but can be a pointless exercise if we don't learn from what didn't work the first, second or third time around. Progress in an area of your world this week relies on your willingness to look closely at why you keep achieving the same result despite your efforts. One concerted effort reinforced with absolute belief could be worth a dozen efforts made halfheartedly now.




Aries Weekly Horoscope

Aries Weekly It's possible to achieve a warm, inner glow of contentment this week but this will require you to tackle a certain issue by making concerted effort to rise above it. As Mercury and Venus converge in your sign, a new level of comfort can replace what has been uncomfortable recently. Whether this involves creating an earning opportunity or discovering an ideal person to exchange ideas with, believing in your abilities is integral to bringing a much-needed and long-lasting change.