Sagittarius ♐ Weekly Horoscope: General & Love


Sagittarius General:

Welcome to the week number: 39/2022

Taking care of old business or completing a project that fell by the wayside could be a priority from this week. But if you want to keep communication breakdowns at bay with management or a boss, be patient and prepared to repeat yourself. Until October 10, mischievous backward-moving Mercury returns to affect your career and reputation. This period is not ideal for a career shift or looking for a new job. But it could be worth reapplying for one you didn't get the first time around!

Sagittarius Love:

Your social and romantic lives are not only intricately entwined but brim with energy this week! The New Moon targets your friendships and networks, boosting your focus on who you hang out or interact with. Whether you meet in person or online, friendships can strengthen, and so can a romantic connection or your passionate prospects. Attached? The New Moon could mark the start of you and a partner meeting and mingling with your crowd or besties more often.


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