Sagittarius ♐ Weekly Horoscope: General & Love


Sagittarius General:

Welcome to the week number: 20/2022

The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse could contribute to a need to be alone. Obligations and day-to-day routines might be time-consuming, and you may need more relaxation or distance between you and others. However, any 'you time' you carve out for yourself will be restorative, enlightening – and healing. The Eclipse also affects culmination and endings. You might be relieved to finally complete something or bring one ongoing matter to a close.

Sagittarius Love:

A Full Moon Lunar Eclipse could focus on hidden, intense feelings that push you to look inward deeply. The depths at which you're used to going may be more profound at this time. So, given the intensity of what you're encouraged to face, accept or resolve, you may need to distance or detach yourself. But the Eclipse doesn't deliberately push emotional bruises or reopen wounds. On the contrary, its transformational energy brings a new wave of healing - and in ways you may not have brought yourself.


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