Sagittarius ♐ Weekly Horoscope: General & Love


Sagittarius General:

Welcome to the week number: 39/2023

There is certainly truth in the old saying about how we tend to regret what we didn't do in life more than what we did. As a Sagittarian, you're probably more open-minded or receptive to out-of-the-blue opportunities or embarking upon spontaneous adventures. That puts you in a better position than most to accept opportunities, challenges and possibly invitations that come your way this week. The universe supports these, which makes them worth seizing!

Sagittarius Love:

Matters of the heart could have an idealistic vibe and take you into fantasy territory frequently during the coming days. There's nothing wrong with that, either! This is a time to heed messages from your heart and connect them with fantasies you yearn to bring to fruition. So, open your mind to fresh romantic possibilities and let your imagination wander in any way it pleases. Believe that the daydreaming you do this week serves a wonderful, passionate purpose!


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