Sagittarius ♐ Weekly Horoscope: General & Love


Sagittarius General:

Welcome to the week number: 14/2020

As Venus links with Jupiter this week, be more optimistic about the fact that you haven't made an error in some way. A development or emerging set of circumstances will need you to trust your deepest instincts to assess it or them accurately. It's also likely that a process you set in motion recently may require you to reassess certain priorities. But where you feel powerless, you can expect to gain strength. Where you feel or have felt uninspired, you can expect to feel motivated and rejuvenated. Have faith in the fact that what you've started has begun properly despite any appearances to the contrary.

Sagittarius Love:

Some people enjoy intense and volatile relationships. Those of us who don't wonder why a love connection that is uncomfortable most of the time could be preferable to one that is. Generally, we want things to be copasetic and balanced in a relationship and tend not to encourage or tolerate what's imbalanced or disruptive. If you're aware of how a special connection has become unpredictable or even unmanageable, then you have a chance to address and rectify that this week. Something between you and another doesn't need to carry on as it has done. The improvement you bring could be permanent.

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