Aquarius ♒ Weekly Horoscope: General & Love


Aquarius General:

Welcome to the week number: 04/2022

This week, the Sun and Mercury connect in your sign. This union might be intense but also insightful. Much depends on how open-minded you're willing to be. Reassurance could arrive in the form of a brainwave or revelation. In addition to sharpened clarity, you're also blessed with a boost of energy to do something productive with it! But an important decision or step relies on replacing assumptions with facts. These might arrive slowly, but you're right to trust what feels solid and reliable.

Aquarius Love:

From this week until March, the urge to retreat and reflect could intensify. You have plenty of private pondering to do affecting all areas of your world, and matters of the heart are no exception. Dreams will likely become more prominent, your imagination might surge, and your intuition could be noticeably sharper. But the inner reflection you do from this week regarding your needs and desires will be replaced with fervent action in March, so ensure you're ready!


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