Aries ♈ Weekly Horoscope: General & Love


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Aries General:

Welcome to the week number: 42/2021

Back in 1977, Billy Joel sang about loving somebody just the way they were. Barbra Streisand sang a similar song about reflecting upon memories of 'the way' she and someone 'were.' Although we must always allow any circumstances to evolve, change is not always enforced. This week, as a Full Moon illuminates your sign, you could be aware of the control you have - and what doesn't need to change if you're happy with how it is.

Aries Love:

Clarity and calmness replace confusion and chaos as Mercury moves forward. Its backward motion hasn't helped relationship-related discussions or exchanges since the end of September. Now, these become more straightforward. On Wednesday, your sign hosts a Full Moon. Although this brings a new chapter in some way, you might feel it's not necessary to 'fix' what isn't 'broken.' If you prefer your love life circumstances as they are, then that's a good place to be!


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