Aries ♈ Weekly Horoscope: General & Love


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Aries General:

Welcome to the week number: 28/2020

If there's one thing people in positions of authority need in their life, it's plenty of agreeable people. Those in positions of power need to know that what they say, 'goes,' and that others will simply nod and comply. As Mars links with Saturn this week, you could be reminded of how taking orders or accepting restrictions doesn't sit well with you. You and I know that you're wired to be defensive or confrontational at times. But it's in your best interests to ensure that somebody doesn't see that side of you.

Aries Love:

Something in your emotional world or a special connection could shift from first to third gear quickly, courtesy of the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse. But there could be something intriguing and inspiring about an enhanced desire on your part to make ambitious plans in your love life or with the one you love. You could also be aware that plenty of patience will be needed to get at least one ambitious romantic or relationship idea off the ground - and you're absolutely right!

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