Aries ♈ Weekly Horoscope: General & Love


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Aries General:

Welcome to the week number: 20/2022

The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse targets what you own, owe or share. It can also encompass a wide range of matters, including joint finances, investments, and sexual intimacy. However, this powerful event is all about dealing with 'giving and taking' between you, others, and possibly a specific individual. On a different note, it's also known for bringing financial settlements - or a need to spend a large sum of money. Gulp.

Aries Love:

This week, there may be some cards you should keep close to your chest. Trust your instincts if they tell you that disclosing too much, too soon to a loved one or potential paramour isn't in your best interests. The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse could remind you that releasing an emotional avalanche causes more problems than it solves. That doesn't mean you have to take a complete vow of silence. But try to be extra selective about what you release, to who, and keep to yourself.


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