Capricorn ♑ Weekly Horoscope: General & Love


Capricorn General:

Welcome to the week number: 09/2021

This week, more than one powerful and far-reaching event can bring significant developments regarding love and money. The keyword where matters of the heart and your financial position are concerned is 'reassurance.' That's why you can believe in what transpires this week. Once you sense your faith in what unfolds or occurs is justified, you can also believe that your patience has finally paid off - and a reward is one you've earned.

Capricorn Love:

With Venus influencing your thoughts and communication, you have superb cosmic support to instigate or involve yourself with conversations that can strengthen a bond wonderfully. Whether you're single or spoken-for, Mars brings a new, passionate wave of energy to apply to your physical health and well-being. If getting fitter and looking sexier turns you and someone on, then you're both about to turn each other on in the not too distant future with effort made in both ways!


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