Capricorn ♑ Weekly Horoscope: General & Love


Capricorn General:

Welcome to the week number: 22/2023

Venus continues to add a hefty dose of sweetness to partnerships and one-to-one connections. However, you may not have a clear road ahead with giving someone special your undivided attention this week. The planet of love squares up to Saturn, indicating a distraction coming your way that you may not have foreseen. So, try not to set strict schedules or agendas because it's likely something planned between you and someone special may require a rain check.

Capricorn Love:

A lover or potential flame might become frustrated at your inability to look past your nose with your romantic or relationship circumstances. Your focus could be squarely on the present, and all that needs to be done to enhance emotional security. However, someone special might wish you would join them in looking further down the road. But whether you're solo or partnered, ask yourself honestly if your present focus creates a comfort zone that delays the need to take a risk.


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