Capricorn ♑ Weekly Horoscope: General & Love


Capricorn General:

Welcome to the week number: 20/2022

This week's events may remind you of your role as a lover, partner, parent, or friend. You may also want others to be aware of a significant contribution you make. However, if you've grown accustomed to the distance between you and those you should build a tighter alliance with, the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse may help you reconsider this. As a result, you may need to be more available to others. But don't see this as being at their beck and call. You benefit, too.

Capricorn Love:

You're reminded of the value of teamwork and how it makes 'dreams work' as the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse highlights groups and networking. You might find that boosting your dedication to a special or budding relationship brings a shift in attitude and perspective to your long-term goals. But that could clarify to a lover or potential sweetheart that you're 'in it to win it' for the long haul and want them at your side. So, prepare to see how two heads, two hearts and two pairs of hands can make magic happen!


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