Capricorn ♑ Weekly Horoscope: General & Love


Capricorn General:

Welcome to the week number: 49/2023

This week, Venus connects with potent, purifying Pluto in your sign. So, you've got a clear path to success, but avoid anyone trying to manipulate you or take a firehose to an ambition that fires you up. Keep your antennae alert and be ready to smile at any naysayers. Someone or others may not fully understand what you want to accomplish, so don't let their negativity or pessimism slow you down. Only one person can stop you, and that's you!

Capricorn Love:

With Venus affecting your hopes, friends and long-term goals until December 29, you might feel the need to preserve the mysterious aspects of your love life or a relationship. A little intrigue can certainly spark the fires of erotic imagination within you and someone you'd like to share that spark with. But during the coming weeks, you're reminded of the abundance of love in your future and how important friendship is in forming or strengthening any connection.


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