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Leo Horoscope 2021: The Year of Taking Bold Leaps

The Leo horoscope involves many ups and downs in the year 2021. This year will definitely be the year of learning, growing, and becoming better. It will also significantly be about taking big leaps into the unknown and trying things you’ve never done before. But, as a Leo, your fears may hold you back and slow you down. However, it would help if you trust your gut and instincts at all times.

Progress will also be a prominent fixture this year. With your natural wit and charm, you will be able to get things done. These opportunities to progress will be coming to you often, so do not take them for granted.

It is best that you aim to balance your work life and social life this year. Doing so will help you improve your relationships and your finances, ultimately helping you grow in life.  Jupiter and Saturn are the two planets that are predicted to have the most influence on your life this year, although Mars may also have a slight influence.

The year 2021 will be filled with new opportunities and horizons for growth for anyone who has Leo as their star and sun sign. These opportunities will allow you to make adjustments in your private and professional life that will inadvertently change your future. However, at the same time, you will experience some hurdles in your professional and personal life. That is why you must do your best, take precautions, and stay strong and courageous through these troubling times.

Moreover, your growth will be appreciated by your loved ones, but beware of those who envy you and try to tarnish your position. This year, reevaluate the people you keep close and share your life with as you may encounter suffering for a long time.

Love and Relationship Horoscope for 2021

Leo Love & Relationships Horoscopes for 2021

Leos, your love life is predicted to grow in the coming year. Venus will be gracing your sign with its presence in July, and that will be the time when all the signs will be most attracted to you. If you are in a serious relationship, marriage might be in the cards for you in the year 2021. And if you are already married, chances of pregnancy are high.

Your romantic relationships will be facing the test of seriousness and resistance, and you might have to improve your communication with your partner. If you manage to do that, then you will likely have a serious and sustainable relationship throughout the year.

For single Leo folks, someone special will be entering your life when you break free from your routine life, especially in July when Venus enters your sign. This person will be someone who understands you mentally, emotionally and physically. But it would help if you wait for someone who wants to be in your life long-term, and who will support you as you build your career. However, try not to smother your new partner and give them their own time and freedom. Saturn will push you to create boundaries in your partnerships.

As a Leo, you may be tempted to prioritize your finances and career over love and relationships. But try to give ample time to your partners as well and do not take them for granted. Otherwise, you will run the risk of losing them. Be more communicative and open to avoid any misunderstandings, trials, or tribulations.

Career Horoscope for 2021

Leo Career Horoscope for 2021

In the year 2021, your career will flourish. A lesser-known planet, Rahu, will have a significant role in your life as it will be in the tenth house.

You will interact with your coworkers more positively and enhance your work-related social interactions. This will allow you to easily delegate tasks to others, and you will also be able to organize and perform better at tasks assigned to you at work. Ultimately, you will receive more career opportunities and be successful in your career. Even the planet Mars will be present in the ninth house at the beginning of the year, enabling you to shine in your career.

This is also the year when Venus, the planet of self-worth, will have a prominent influence on you, allowing you to recognize where you are being taken for granted and settling for less than you deserve in your work life. As a result, due to your fiery wits and confidence, you might be tempted to break free and build your own empire. However, stick to your area of interest, and do not stray from it for now.

Some planets, such as Pluto and Saturn, will be working against you and try to stifle your professional growth. As a result, you will have more jealous people around you, and you will face some challenges because of them. You may experience stress and you might encounter conflicts with some of your coworkers during these times. However, Jupiter will protect you, and you will come out unscathed from these turbulent blows in your career.

Finance 2021

Leo Finance Horoscope for 2021

According to the Leo finance horoscope for 2021, you will face many ups and downs. Although you will have a steady stream of income coming in, it is likely that you may get carried away with your expenses and be tempted to spend. That is why you should focus more on increasing your cash inflow and controlling your spending, especially if you are in debt.

Things will start looking up around the middle of the year.  That is when you will come across more opportunities to earn a more significant income. As a result, a good inflow of cash will be on your way. If you have your own business, this is when it will flourish. The money you have lent will also be coming back to you.

If you do not indulge in luxuries during the last few months of the year 2021, you will accumulate a considerable amount of wealth by the end.

Health 2021

Leo Health Horoscope for 2021

The planets for the year 2021 have aligned in your favor, and it is likely that you will not be suffering from any significant health concerns. This will persist so long as you follow a balanced diet, avoid smoking, and engage in consistent physical activity.

However, during the beginning of the year, when Saturn and Jupiter are in conjunction, you will have to be extra careful about your health and take necessary precautions from contracting any illness, particularly an airborne one. Those who have diabetes should remain extra careful throughout the year.

Moreover, as a Leo, you will experience varying periods of high and low energy. At one point, you will have extremely high energy, and at one point, you will be too tired for even minute activities. Thus, be prepared to handle some moments of depression.

It is essential that you rest and rejuvenate yourself mentally and emotionally as much as you can during 2021. Spiritual healing and meditation will be your saviors during these times. Stress and strain may try to get the best of you at times. However, you need to be able to control them when necessary.

Family 2021

Leo Family Horoscope for 2021

According to the Leo family horoscope for 2021, Leos will be enhancing their relationship with their children, younger siblings and relatives throughout the year. They will serve as inspiration for Leos, and through this, their interactions will increase. In addition to that, the children of those with the Leo star and sun sign will be experiencing greater success in their life. This will also serve as a source of happiness for Leo parents.

However, though the relationships with children and younger individuals will be excellent throughout the year, the same cannot be said for adult relationships and marriage in particular. The beginning months of the year may be stressful for you and your partner. During these times, you must devote extra time to your marriage and familial relationships to foster greater communication and positivity. If you do not take enough precautions, your marital relationship may fall apart before the year 2021 ends.

All in all, the year 2021 will be full of ups and downs for Leos and thus, will prove to be a challenging one. However, through overcoming these challenges, you will prosper and grow. As a Leo, you are asked to keep your spirits, courage, and strength high throughout the year. Since many of the planets will bestow their presence in Leo, you will be provided good luck in your relationships and career. You must stay focused on your relationships this year, and be more open, communicative, and giving. Take care of your mental and physical health, and surround yourself with positivity. By doing so, you will undoubtedly foster more positivity, harmony, and joy in your life.

Good luck!


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