Virgo ♍ Weekly Horoscope: General & Love


Virgo General:

Welcome to the week number: 39/2022

Mercury continues to move backward and returns to your sign. Until October 10, you have a chance to reconsider how you project yourself to the world. You might consider changing your appearance, but this is a time for researching options, not action. Making external changes while Mercury moves backward is likely to result in disappointment! If you sense the way others perceive you doesn't reflect who you are inside, that could be something you address, too.

Virgo Love:

This week, you have real love power at your disposal! The New Moon influences your values and self-worth, helping you set higher standards for romance and be more aware of what you can offer an existing or a future connection. Attached? The New Moon can help create a healthier balance in a relationship if a partner's ideals don't line up with yours. Single? Your checklist regarding values a future lover must possess could be reviewed and changed if necessary.


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