Virgo ♍ Weekly Horoscope: General & Love


Virgo General:

Welcome to the week number: 20/2022

The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse targets your cognitive processes, communication, and the area surrounding where you live. That may seem like an unusual mix, but one or all three areas may be affected. Prepare to be busier, have more frequent discussions, travel short distances, and 'on call' for others. If you haven't yet been notified of a change in your community by local authorities, you may receive an official document or notification of some kind.

Virgo Love:

Your thoughts and how you express them to a lover may now have a more mysterious or secretive vibe. That could be a symptom of the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, helping you assess feelings more deeply before revealing them. But you'll need patience to comprehend the insights heading your way. So, be easy on yourself as more intel from your heart becomes available. You're dealing with potentially intense, transformational energy, so take things slowly.


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