Virgo ♍ Weekly Horoscope: General & Love


Virgo General:

Welcome to the week number: 09/2021

Before you can truly enjoy the taste of something exquisite, you have to have tasted something, er, much less pleasant first. You have learned how to 'make do' with what has been unappealing or unpleasant. So, does this week's connection between Mercury and Jupiter - along with a Full Moon in your sign - mean something delicious, impeccable, or outstanding is coming your way? That's exactly what it means! You've paid your dues. Now, it's time to receive a reward.

Virgo Love:

A Full Moon in your sign will be illuminating. You could also become more self-aware or see yourself in a new light. But it can also highlight the direction your life is generally heading - and this includes your love life. What has been ignored or suppressed could be brought into the open and demand to be addressed. Also, from this week, Venus influences partnerships and relationships. Don't be surprised if your desire to commit or deepen a connection intensifies.


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