Virgo ♍ Weekly Horoscope: General & Love


Virgo General:

Welcome to the week number: 22/2023

There could be considerable focus on relationships this week. Someone you have a romantic or business connection with could feature. “Relationships” can also involve friends, your social scene or those you interact with in other ways. But as Venus and Saturn clash, you could feel pulled in two directions. You accept that chums or besties deserve time and attention, but someone you're committed to needs the same. This juggling act might require careful handling.

Virgo Love:

A link between the Sun and Saturn could create challenges with reaching an agreement with a lover or potential paramour. This planetary combination could encourage you to put your foot down or be authoritative in ways that cause you to refuse to listen properly to a lover's point of view. But the good news is, intense, passionate energy can be harnessed positively. The fact that both of you feel so strongly about something shouldn't be ignored - or seen as a problem.


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