Virgo ♍ Weekly Horoscope: General & Love


Virgo General:

Welcome to the week number: 05/2023

The Sun illuminates your ability to be meticulous where selfless service to others and self-improvement are concerned. But as the Sun syncs with Mars affecting your career and status, a professional matter could arise with little or no warning. Your focus and effort may be needed to tend to a career issue – possibly an opportunity - and you may need to 'think on your feet.' But that could make whatever arises even more exciting!

Virgo Love:

Venus continues to influence long-term partnerships and connects with anything-goes Uranus affecting new experiences and journeys. So, unpredictability permeating your emotional world or a special bond could be thrilling and daunting. But try not to misinterpret a sense of change as a harbinger of instability. Whether solo or partnered, see what happens by exploring unknown passionate territory. (It might mean a brief detour from where you thought you were going!)


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