Taurus ♉ Weekly Horoscope: General & Love


Taurus General:

Welcome to the week number: 48/2020

As Venus links with Neptune, your imagination could be boosted – but unhelpfully. You could be at risk of making incorrect or inaccurate assessments of others. You might think that dwelling upon what's negative or seemingly uninspiring is the right thing to do. But you can believe something inspirational waits to be discovered if you shift your focus from darkness and look toward the light. You could be certain that your mind isn't playing tricks on you. But this Venus/Neptune connection insists that's likely to be the case!

Taurus Love:

If ever there was a week to let your 'freak flag' fly or refuse to follow the path of least resistance, it's this one! If you want matters of the heart to have a weird and wacky vibe, then that's on offer. But whether you're single or spoken-for, there are numerous passionate benefits available by straying from norms, romancing 'outside the box,' and gravitating toward what's less traditional. Passionate progress relies on your willingness to dare to be different. Rise to that challenge!

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