Taurus ♉ Weekly Horoscope: General & Love


Taurus General:

Welcome to the week number: 42/2021

Not long ago, it wasn't uncommon to see a doctor smoking a cigarette while meeting with a patient. Go back a bit further, and cigarettes were recommended to cure ailments rather than discouraged. It takes a special kind of willingness and preparedness to spot and accept what's more harmful than helpful. This week, it's important to trust that you can benefit from identifying how unhelpful or unhealthy one or two established habits in your world have become!

Taurus Love:

Since the end of September, mental Mercury has moved backward. This has highlighted what is healthy, unhealthy, and possibly too habitual in your world. So, if your chat up lines, approaches, or passionate methods need updating, you can expect an influx of ideas to ring necessary changes from this week. In addition, ideas related to other routines, such as diet or fitness, could boost your pulling power as you start to feel better on the inside and glow on the outside!


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