Taurus ♉ Weekly Horoscope: General & Love


Taurus General:

Welcome to the week number: 28/2020

This week brings a slightly tense link between Venus and Jupiter. Venus encourages you to bring more levels of love, warmth, and comfort to your world. But the fact that it's at odds with Jupiter, the planet of exaggeration and excess, could pose a problem. The temptation to go overboard or overindulge in some way could be strong. In fact, it may be too strong to ignore. Only you will be able to identify and apply restriction or self-restraint where both are needed. A little bit of what you fancy will probably do you good. Try your best to leave it at that.

Taurus Love:

This week, you could feel less interested in what's happening in the present with matters of the heart than you are what looms on the horizon. Coming events could encourage you to think bigger, bolder, or at least consider long-range goals you want to make happen in your love life. Fortunately, you'll probably also see the benefits of not rushing into any grand plans. But if your adventurous side demands to have a louder voice, then it is definitely worth listening to.

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