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Cancer Horoscope 2021: Your Year to Thrive

We are finally at the end of a long, disaster-filled year. As an emotional yet adaptable water sign, you probably found yourself playing the role of the proverbial stepping stone for your loved ones this past year. The world around us was facing terrifying times, and people would have sought out the comfort and reassurance you so generously offer.

While being people’s rock, you probably put yourself on the back burner in 2020. However, that time is coming to an end soon, and as people start healing from the traumas of 2020, it is now time for you to focus on yourself and truly thrive in 2021.

All year round, Uranus will be in Taurus – in your 11th House of Friends. The eccentric Uranus then squares off with Saturn in Aquarius around the 17th of February (a Wednesday), then on the 14th of June (a Monday), and finally on the 24th of December (a Friday).

This movement only occurs every 22.5 years and symbolizes the clashes between progressive, radical ideas and conservative politics.

For you, this means you will be re-analyzing your closest relationships and figuring out whether some of them have just worn out. Perhaps there are certain friends that you don’t mesh well with anymore or a lover you’re still with just to maintain peace and stability. Well, 2021 is the time you stop continuing to water dead relationships and being the dependable friend to those who haven’t been there for you.

It’s time to redirect energy to yourself and focus on your personal growth instead of pushing others forward. 2021 is going to an excellent year for you, but only if you put in the work!

Love and Relationship Horoscope for 2021

Cancer Love and Relationships Horoscope for 2021

When we consider the romantic life of a Cancer native, it is bound to be quite a challenging year. There will be misunderstandings and arguments breaking out as you try to navigate whether you’re with the person truly meant for you.

The leading cause of these fights is due to Saturn being in the house of a partner and its effect upon your sign. You can expect this mostly in the middle of 2021, starting from May and lasting through September. In this time, Saturn will also aspect the house of love and romance, so be prepared for personality clashes and continuous debating. Therefore it is best not to be too rigid and firm on your opinions during this time and let this period pass before making any drastic decisions.

On the other hand, if you are single, divorced, or widowed, don’t worry! There is a person in your entourage, waiting for a sign of romantic interest from you. Try to open your eyes wide and consider any possible budding romantic relationships that could be in store for you soon. Maybe an old friend or associate will re-enter your life and change it for the better. Look out for signs around May to July – you may just be in for the perfect birthday surprise!

Career Horoscope for 2021

Cancer Career Horoscope for 2021

2021 is your time to climb the ladder to continued professional success. However, this will only happen if you are prepared to take risks and try out new positions in your career. At specific times of the year, you will find your career progressing rather quickly, at just the pace you had hoped for. This is bound to slow down and change, don’t lose your spirits during this time!

Through Jupiter, you are bound to foresee favorable opportunities and new career potentials heading your way. Try to make the most of them and stay focused on reorganizing yourself for excellent vocational advancements. If the need arises, keep your life issues in the background for some time and focus on your career growth instead.

Finance 2021

Cancer Finance Horoscope for 2021

Financially, the year 2021 will be a mixed bag for you. Cancer natives will find themselves having immense career growth that comes with appraisals and increased incomes as Jupiter inspects the house of income. You are likely to see more cash flow than ever before, which will significantly improve your living conditions and fulfill the wants that you have been yearning for.

While this is great news, it is best takes with some caution. Due to Mercury’s balance, you won’t have trouble managing your monthly budgets or paying the bills. However, the unexpected influx of money will come with crucial financial decisions that you should be extremely smart about. Since Uranus will be poorly linked towards the mid of the year, it might provoke impulsive buying decisions, which leads to a lack of fluidity.

Overall, the month of March will be the best time for you money-wise. Make the most of it and get ready to incur maximum profits with a significant increase in your bank balance.

If you’re entering 2021 jobless, you aren’t alone. Try to analyze each new proposal carefully and reach new heights in your financial growth. The second semester of the year will be most favorable to maximize your earnings.

Moreover, you are likely to experience some trouble with authority figures and peer in the workplace. Remember that these will make you stronger, in the long run, so don’t worry about them too much. Be cautious and learn from your mistakes, compromise when you need to, and avoid any unethical practices in the office.

The planet Mars might make you a little aggressive with your colleagues. Don’t burn too many fences and work hard to strike a good balance between your work and personal life.

Health 2021

Cancer Health Horoscope for 2021

The planets are aligning quite favorable for a Cancer native’s health in 2021. You can expect good health and cheer all year round. There will be no life-threatening diseases or hospital scares to temper with the good feel of this year.

However, with your exceeding career development and financial improvements, be sure not to overwork yourself to exhaustion. Try to find days for you to rest and rejuvenate. Whenever the time permits, take a full weekend off and focus on attending to your body’s needs. Your nervous and circulatory systems will be most in need of extra care.

You can also expect strong immunity to fight against any possible communicative or contagious diseases that may be floating around you. Mars will offer you improved energy resources to stay more active, exercise well, and be at your best physical strength. Your mental health might take a dive as you re-evaluate friendships and exit toxic relationships, but you will bounce right back and become stronger than ever before.

Be sure to enjoy all the good things in life instead of focusing on the negatives. Adopt healthy habits regarding your diet, sleep schedules, and exercise. Set aside time to clear your head every few days and consider meditation to further improve your mental health and gain inner peace.

Heading outdoors will do wonders for Cancer natives in 2021. Walk your dog yourself, and don’t skip your early morning jogs. It will have you feeling refreshed and alive throughout the year.

Also, 2021 is a good time to give up on any bad habits. Throw out your cigarette packet and try to control your alcohol intake, which could have been marring your health for quite some time.

Family 2021

Cancer Family Horoscope for 2021

Cancer family predictions for 2021 seem a little dire. The beginning of the year 2021 isn’t looking too good for you as far as your family life is concerned. Saturn will be present in the seventh house of your zodiac sign and will aspect your fourth house.

As a result, you can expect to find difficulties from your family members and a decline in your general familial happiness. It will be difficult to find support from your family as you try out new things, and they will often be disappointed with you. But, it is crucial that you don’t let this dissuade you from achieving everything you are to accomplish this year.

Keep trying to get your family back on your side, no matter how frustrating it may become. You might even experience a change in your personality as a result of this. Be sure to stay calm and control any anger you may feel towards your family. With Mars inspecting your fourth house, your home environment won’t be the best or most comfortable.

You should keep trying to avoid any contradictions with your loved ones and maintaining the peace of the house. This bad time will wear off soon, and you will find yourself closer to your siblings at the end of it.

Some major changes are heading your way in 2021; cancer, embrace them with open arms, and be open to changes. Try to form stronger friendships with people who have been there for you through the years and clear any miscommunications. Work hard towards your career, and you are sure to be successful in your future financial endeavors.

Give this year your absolute best, and be prepared to leave your comfort zone without second-guessing yourself. It may be tough, but doing so will bring you endless bounty, better relationships, and triumph in whatever you do.

Good luck to you!


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