Libra ♎ Horoscope 2021: Love, Career & Health


Libra Horoscope 2021: The Year of Personal Growth

Gear up to take on the year 2021 in style, Libras!

The past year was not an easy one for any star sign, but particularly for those with the star and sun sign of Libra. But you have made it out stronger and smarter; this year will be slightly different as the stars are aligned to bring forward opportunities to allow you to achieve much higher levels of personal growth. Though one thing is for certain, this year will be more rewarding than the previous one.

As you enter the new year, you might find that the friends and family around you are struggling; but you will always stay calm and collected. You may even become the go-to person for advice, so don’t be afraid to share your wisdom and lend out a helping hand whenever you can.

Libras are the best at balancing, and this trait of theirs will definitely be put to the test in the year 2021. Thus you might find it difficult to strike a balance between work and your social life; ultimately causing major rifts between your relationships brought on by the intrusion of Pluto. However, through your ability to deal successfully with a complex situation, you will overcome any misunderstandings.

Saturn and Jupiter will be perfectly aligned to help you bolster your position at work, as you become more motivated and inventive. This will allow you to achieve greater success, and perhaps even a new and better job.

For the most part, this year is going to be about moving forward with your career plans and growing personally. This year, you will do what you want, even if it makes you seem selfish and self-serving; truly, you will serve your own self, but make sure to keep in check with others because you might risk losing important people in your life. This is particularly true for the first few months of 2021 as your romantic relationship might suffer friction. In that case, communication will be your saviour.

As long as you stay your positive self, Libras, you will have a spectacular year as you progress through all your plans and experience mounds of great luck. Let’s take a detailed look at how your romantic life, career, finances, family relations and overall health is predicted to be like in the year 2021.

Love and Relationship Horoscope for 2021

Libra Love & Relationship Horoscope for the Year 2021

According to the Libra horoscope for 2021, it is predicted that you will experience positivity in your relationships and thrive in your social life- which is thanks to both your social and warm nature, as well as because of the planet Jupiter. You will become the life of the party and be the one who is there for their friends at all times.

However, Pluto might make things difficult for you, especially in terms of your social relationships. This friction might begin at the start of the year and continue forward till July, after which the tension might fizzle out so long as you are open, communicative and understanding.

If you are in a committed relationship, though all the problems you face with your friends, your partner will remain with you throughout. Your love life will be what helps you get through this phase.  For that reason, you might also consider taking forward your relationship to the next level by proposing. This year will be a good year for your romantic relationship so that marriage might be a perfect decision. Late October till November would be the best months to propose and get married.

For all the single natives, due to your hedonistic nature and social lifestyle, you might be meeting someone special this year. But make sure that your new relationship involves more trust and friendship than just physical attraction.

Finance 2021

Libra Finance Horoscope for the Year 2021

The year 2021 is filled with a myriad of opportunities to grow your finances, particularly for those who operate their own businesses. This year, you will face multiple job opportunities, so think and analyze carefully about which job fits your requirements and offers you the best monetary benefits.

For the most part, your finances will be stable, and you will not suffer from major financial setbacks. However, due to Saturn being in Capricorn during the months of May and June, you should be a bit more careful about your spending and not be too prudent. Don’t be tempted to indulge too much because though your cash flow will remain the same, but your temptations to spend might increase. Pluto will not make it easy for you to save up during these months, so you should also be cautious with your investment decisions. But count on your intuition to make a sound decision.

Family 2021

Libra Family Horoscope for the Year 2021

 According to your family horoscope for the year 2021, you should expect some dramatic changes in your family relationships. This is in particular for older members of your family, including your parents and grandparents. You might have to give them more of your time and take care of them during the start of the year as their health might demand it. Therefore, a power shift might occur in the middle of the year, and you will have to take charge of certain family matters.

In terms of your other family members, you may experience slight problems with them, but those all will dissipate over time in a few months. Make sure to be open and communicative with your family. At the end of the year, from November, you will likely be tempted to grow your family and make improvements, so chances of having children will be enhanced during these months.

Career Horoscope for 2021

Libra Career Horoscope for the Year 2021

Your career might be a challenging area for you this year as Saturn will be part of your horoscope for the majority part of the year. Thus trials and problems at work might await you this year, but you will be able to manage them as long as you stay your calm and collected self and remain professional. Not only will the tasks become difficult, but your colleagues may become jealous, and so conflicts may arise for you. As the Libra native, you are, by having your close friends and family to support you throughout, these challenges will not seem defeating.

You will likely be very busy at work, but your work will not go unnoticed for the rest of the year. Eventually, your superiors will recognize your hard work and reward. This will open up new opportunities for you. For those at a stable job who continue to complete work-related tasks on time, through your intuition and hard work this year, a promotion might be in the cards for you.

As you remain steadfast, new career opportunities may also be on the horizon for you. Analyze each one with great detail and make a decision based on your intuition and what feels right. Safe to say, by the time you say goodbye to 2021, you will be at a much better place professionally.

Health 2021

Libra Health Horoscope for the Year 2021

Since it is all about balance for Libra natives, it is likely that your health may deteriorate once you experience imbalances in your work life and relationships. Because both are expected to happen this year, during the mid of the year specifically, chances are you may experience greater stress, fatigue which would ultimately be harmful to your physical health.

Libras, this year you will likely be tempted to take up a new exercise and a lifestyle that is more active and involves working out; perhaps because you want to lose weight. However, be careful to not dive into an active lifestyle immediately, start slowly and work your way up; otherwise, you might end up being less healthy than when you started. Additionally, don’t push yourself and try crazy diets because that might do more harm than good. Thus consulting a nutritionist would be a better route to take.

However, for the majority of the year, you will not be experiencing major health complications provided that you maintain a balance between eating healthy and having an active lifestyle. It is recommended that Libras consume a protein-rich diet throughout 2021. You should eat more chicken, fish, pork, vegetables and fruits, bread and whole grains.

All in all, 2021 will not be a completely smooth year for those with a star and sun sign of Libra; but it will, nonetheless, be rewarding. Romantic relationships will thrive for you. Though you face a considerable amount of challenges at work, with family, friends and work colleagues, you will eventually be able to overcome them and strengthen all your relationships through your natural coolness and ability to resolve conflicts. Remember to keep those who matter close, not overindulge in material possessions, and give your time to those who will appreciate you. While it may feel overwhelming to manage all of these priorities, do not shy away from giving yourself time as well.

Good luck!


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