Cancer ♋ Weekly Horoscope: General & Love


Cancer General:

Welcome to the week number: 49/2023

This week, emotionally intense interactions with those closest to you could be on the cards. There may be times when you wonder if a lover, friends or family members are determined to win an award for being the most dramatic. But try to see yourself in a boxing ring, ready and able to dodge any emotional punches that come your way. Whatever happens, make sure you don't take anything personally and deliver a below-the-belt knockout punch yourself!

Cancer Love:

Vulnerability is your secret superpower, and until December 29, love planet Venus creates a safety net for heartfelt expression. A creative approach to romance could captivate someone you love or have your eye on. But don't let responsibilities outside your emotional sphere crash the love party. Venus not only makes opportunities for leisure and pleasure in your world more alluring but reminds you of your entitlement to these.


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