Cancer ♋ Weekly Horoscope: General & Love


Cancer General:

Welcome to the week number: 18/2021

It could be clear that you've got something you must get out of your system. Saying nothing may no longer be an option. Something needs to be released or expressed, and it's by doing so that you will receive valuable insight. You may also never lead your life in quite the same way again, too. But you have a superb chance to express your deepest, most profound feelings with clarity you may not have experienced previously. Believe that the relief and result will make this worth it.

Cancer Love:

Romantic or relationship conversations could be noticeably deeper this week. But that's how concealed thoughts or feelings are most likely to emerge. Both you and a lover or potential sweetheart could be surprised at what each of you reveals, too. If you're single, this is definitely a week to summon courage and ask 'that' question. Even if a first attempt fails, you could find you can apply the right levels of persuasiveness to turn it around!


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