Cancer ♋ Weekly Horoscope: General & Love


Cancer General:

Welcome to the week number: 05/2023

This week, the Sun affecting secrets links to energetic Mars, influencing dreams and subconscious thoughts. So, you might feel comfortable on your own at times. But when you emerge from isolation and feel ready to connect, make sure it's with someone you trust and have an emotional bond with. To say conversations or exchanges could get profound - or X-rated - is an understatement.

Cancer Love:

Venus encourages exploration and links sweetly to wild-child Uranus, affecting your social networks, friends and groups. So, you may receive insights from those you meet, mingle and network with regarding ways to reveal the real 'you' - or let your freak flag fly! Whether solo or attached, the love gods urge you to 'dare to be different.' Passionate proactivity is rewarded, but even more so when a desire to be experimental romantically or intimately is included!


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