Cancer ♋ Weekly Horoscope: General & Love


Cancer General:

Welcome to the week number: 48/2020

This week marks the start of a hopeful time during which something - or possibly someone - will lift your spirits enormously. You're about to gain much-needed clarity. You might not receive every answer to every pressing question this week. But you will at least feel reassured that you know where to look for specific answers in the future. If there's something you want to know or know more about to put your mind at rest, then prepare for information to arrive.

Cancer Love:

Allowing your head to rule your heart might sound deflating. But summoning self-discipline and remaining tethered to reality will serve you well, regardless of your relationship status. The love-gods are keen to test you or throw challenges your way. Reacting emotionally may not be the best option. You don't need to be suspicious, but don't allow yourself to be deceived, either. Whether you're single or spoken-for, you'll likely be glad to have kept both feet on the ground.

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