Cancer ♋ Weekly Horoscope: General & Love


Cancer General:

Welcome to the week number: 14/2020

This week, as Mercury forms a slightly tense link with Pluto, you have a situation where the planet that rules communication squares up to the planet that brings things into the open - and sometimes in an uncomfortable or tense way. Pluto influencing your relationships and commitments offers a strong clue about who it is you might have this tense or awkward exchange with, too. But as long as you're prepared to see a seemingly unsatisfactory situation in the right perspective, are resolute about improving it and say what you know needs to be said from the depths of your heart, then you will have nothing to be regretful – or apologetic - about.

Cancer Love:

The coming week offers a chance to apply timely and necessary grounding to your emotional world or a special connection. There are benefits to casting your mind to the past and assessing your love life or relationship circumstances then compared to now. If you feel comfortable with how you feel, then that's probably a clear indication of progress having been made. If you're aware of what needs to change, then the steps you must take could be crystal clear. Your emotional world or a close bond is experiencing profound levels of change. Take advantage of a chance this week to make sure whatever is changing ticks all the essential boxes.

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