Scorpio ♏ Weekly Horoscope: General & Love


Scorpio General:

Welcome to the week number: 39/2023

We tend to dislike or take personally anyone talking about us behind our backs. But it's worth remembering that successful people are talked about most and receive the lion's share of criticism. This week, you may be aware of how you are the topic of conversation within certain circles. Should this bother you? Not at all! In fact, people are likely to speak about you positively and maybe even passionately. So, be more concerned if people aren't talking about you!

Scorpio Love:

You're right to believe faith-driven effort applied now can bring success where you crave it. But it is important not to overlook how a lover or somebody close can play a part in you crossing the finish line. Involving the object of your affection with a cherished ambition doesn't mean you'll create delays or get sidetracked. So, let someone who loves and knows you provide input, steering and grounding that you will likely find helpful.


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