Scorpio ♏ Weekly Horoscope: General & Love


Scorpio General:

Welcome to the week number: 42/2021

Who knows what's best for you? You do! The fact that you can assess certain circumstances in your own way and time could be beneficial in more than one way this week. Whether it's a particular step you're considering or how to handle a relationship matter, the ball is in your court to deal with either as you see fit. If any external influences try to affect your thought processes, ignore them. You can be the proud captain of what you accomplish or achieve!

Scorpio Love:

You and others know you're a skilled observer. Chances are, you occasionally struggle with revealing thoughts or feelings, too. So, this week you could feel comfortable with not spilling any emotional beans and choosing instead to watch what unfolds in your emotional world or a special connection. There is a strong, secretive vibe affecting matters of the heart this week. But if keeping anything to yourself helps make things manageable, then that's fine.


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