Scorpio ♏ Weekly Horoscope: General & Love


Scorpio General:

Welcome to the week number: 28/2020

The Sun's link with Pluto this week intends to enhance your creativity in some way. It could fire your imagination. It could also help you to express yourself artistically - and impressively. But even if you believe you don't possess any artistic skill, you're still able to apply your imagination in ways that remind you and others of how clever you are. In fact, 'resourceful' might be a better word. Prepare to turn something seemingly disadvantageous to your advantage - and gain admiration by doing so.

Scorpio Love:

Your thoughts and the way you convey them to a loved one could have a noticeably more serious vibe. That could be a symptom of the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, helping you to separate what's realistic from what's unrealistic with matters of the heart. But to truly understand the clarity coming your way, you'll need to be patient. Go easy on yourself as information comes to light gradually. You're dealing with intense energy that will require time for proverbial dust to settle. But trust that it will - and that the new love life trajectory that presents itself will urge you to seize it.

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