Gemini ♊ Weekly Horoscope: General & Love


Gemini General:

Welcome to the week number: 22/2023

People often say, “money is the root of all evil.” The correct version of that saying is “the love of money is the root of all evil.” I make this point because you might believe throwing cash at a particular problem is the best way to solve it. That could be a knee-jerk reaction, and something more grounded - or sensible - may be needed. Financial generosity or injecting an influx of cash might not be the most practical option, particularly where your career is concerned.

Gemini Love:

A power struggle is likely, so tread carefully. Attached? A lover might have ideas about relationship goals and expectations they'll want you to agree with. Of course, you reserve the right to have your say or speak your mind. But use words like “we” and “us” frequently. Single? If there's someone you have your eye on or are dating, see what patience and sensitively-applied effort bring rather than dismiss someone as requiring more work than you're prepared to give.


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