Gemini ♊ Weekly Horoscope: General & Love


Gemini General:

Welcome to the week number: 23/2020

There's no doubt that the link between the Sun and Venus intends to bring considerably more comfort to your world. But the pleasing developments that await you won't arrive on their own. These will require you to use your ingenuity and, above all, trust your instincts. Then, have faith in your ability to do what's right. You have an abundance of warmth and comfort in physical and material forms that can help you to turn at least one precarious situation into a very pleasing one.

Gemini Love:

With the Sun and Venus linking in your sign, you hold considerable influence where your emotional world or one special connection is concerned. You're blessed with an abundance of passionate energy underpinned with plenty of love, affection, and sensuality. With the right words and actions from you, tension within an existing or budding bond could be replaced instantly with something heartwarming. Do what you know you can do.

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