Gemini ♊ Weekly Horoscope: General & Love


Gemini General:

Welcome to the week number: 20/2022

The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse affects your work, habits, daily routines, and service to others. So, if you've thought about instigating a change to what you do day-to-day, breaking a bad habit, or starting a new dietary or fitness regime, you could feel more than a nudge to do any or all the above. This lunar event wants to shake what has become tedious, too routine-like or unhealthy – and in a way you'll appreciate, even if that takes a bit of time to become apparent.

Gemini Love:

The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse impacts routines that 'work' and don't 'work.' So, you'll need to focus on the finer details of your emotional world or a special bond while summoning patience to make passionate progress. But this could lead to feeling emotionally assured enough to take a bold step without creating too much upheaval or instability. So, keep impetuousness at bay, be prepared to do something differently in the name of love, and something memorable could unfold!


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