Gemini ♊ Weekly Horoscope: General & Love


Gemini General:

Welcome to the week number: 28/2020

If there's one message that Mercury's link with Uranus this week urges you to consider, it's 'don't change a thing.' In other words, while you are undoubtedly experiencing a process of change as well as a significant shift in attitude, all you need to do is roll with what is changing. Don't believe you're in any way indecisive, erratic, or inconsistent. New options are presenting themselves. The really good news is, it's no coincidence that these are arriving at this time.

Gemini Love:

There may be certain cards you'd be wise to play close to your chest this week. If your instincts tell you that revealing too much, too soon to a loved one or potential paramour puts you in a precarious position, then it's important to heed them. The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse reminds you that releasing an emotional avalanche creates more complications than solutions. That doesn't mean you must clam up completely. But it does mean you should be discerning about what you release and choose to keep to yourself, for now.

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