Libra ♎ Weekly Horoscope: General & Love


Libra General:

Welcome to the week number: 23/2020

This week brings a slightly tense link between Venus and Mars. There could be a problem you're keen to resolve that you're struggling to settle or overcome. This probably isn't helped by the fact that at least one person is pushing you to accept the impossible or make the impossible, possible. That's why it's necessary to accept that you have reasons to be strong, proud, daring, ambitious, and, above all, confident. You'll then discover that more than one process is unfolding that will not only restore your faith but spur you on to make something wonderful, heartwarming, and long-lasting happen.

Libra Love:

Venus continues to move backward in a way that influences your distant visions or hopes for the future. Might there be quiet pondering on your part regarding where your emotional world or a special connection is heading? If so, then you're not expected to come up with instant answers. But you might also believe you're 'making do' with romantic or relationship circumstances that fall short of what you wish they were. Allow events this week to bring more helpful insights.

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