Libra ♎ Weekly Horoscope: General & Love


Libra General:

Welcome to the week number: 22/2023

If an important goal or ambitious pursuit needs you to assess it on a more practical level, that's something to welcome. Venus influencing your status and reputation encourages you to aim high with an aspiration close to your heart. But the finer details of how to get this off the ground or underway might need closer examination. Perhaps, at this stage, it's essential to keep others' input far away from this. Try to make this task one you do solo and without distractions.

Libra Love:

This week, looking at what has become repetitive or routine-like in your emotional world or a special bond might be necessary. You're keenness to bring a change or two is understandable as well. But introducing any change thoughtlessly or too quickly could create unwelcome disruption and only add to your frustration. So, whether you're single or attached, try to balance an intensified desire for structure with the need to be more flexible or open-minded at the same time.


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