Leo ♌ Weekly Horoscope: General & Love


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Leo General:

Welcome to the week number: 30/2021

As the Sun connects with jolly Jupiter, a wave of luck, optimism, and positivity is coming. But you also have a chance to reassess one or two misunderstandings and remove tension or distance between you and at least one person. So, see how heartfelt effort on your part turns frowns upside down or brings healing where it's needed. Don't believe that it's unfair for the onus to be on you to improve any relationship. And, above all, don't believe your efforts will be in vain.

Leo Love:

Mercury enters your sign until August 11, boosting your communicative abilities significantly! No longer will you have to second-guess what to say to a lover or potential sweetheart or how you should say it. You then have Jupiter affecting relationships and commitments after a six-week break. The planet of luck, optimism, and blessings will help your emotional world or one special connection feel more buoyant and inspiring very soon. Wait and see!


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