Leo ♌ Weekly Horoscope: General & Love


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Leo General:

Welcome to the week number: 49/2023

This week, what you say might be lighthearted or amusing to you, but others could think differently. Your words may have more barbs or bite than you intend, too. To add to complications, you might involve yourself in gossip and need to make a concerted effort to say nothing if you can't say something nice. During the coming days, loose lips can sink ships, so don't put yourself in the front line for accusations about being hurtful or adding fuel to hearsay.

Leo Love:

Get ready to feel safer and more secure in your emotional world or within a relationship. With Venus adding warmth to your inner needs and desires until December 29, you could be more receptive to intense encounters or seeing what a bit more vulnerability from you does to help a bond form or flourish. Dive into your treasure trove of desires, Leo. You're the “Indiana Jones” of love during the coming weeks, so grab your whip, hat and explore!


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