Leo ♌ Weekly Horoscope: General & Love


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Leo General:

Welcome to the week number: 18/2021

Even if you already feel overstretched, over-committed, or under pressure, it's important to succumb to the push you're likely to receive. A challenge could be like a jigsaw puzzle where you have all the essential pieces. You just need to assemble them in a way that makes sense. But no matter how attractive a shortcut or an easy option appears, believe it's an illusion. Your mission this week involves revealing the opportunity concealed within what appears to be a problem.

Leo Love:

This week, you can blend imagination with experimentation wonderfully with matters of the heart – or flesh! Anything 'meh' or 'vanilla' where love and intimacy are concerned looks set to receive an injection of spontaneity. Somehow, in some way, technology might feature in passionate encounters, too – so be careful. But your desire to dare to be different will bring different results - and chances are, you'll love them!


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