Pisces ♓ Weekly Horoscope: General & Love


Pisces General:

Welcome to the week number: 09/2021

When a roof leaks, where water accumulates is rarely where the problem lies. When translated into this modern age, an old Chinese proverb is along the lines of, 'if an electrical appliance doesn't work, check to make sure it's plugged in.' That might sound like ridiculous, obvious advice. But, sometimes, to establish the cause of a problem and rectify it swiftly, we need to explore painfully obvious options first. That's how you're likely to make an area of your world more efficient, stable, and reassuringly comfortable.

Pisces Love:

This week, Venus enters your sign until March 21, boosting your attractiveness, charm, and desire for fun - noticeably. You've also got a Full Moon illuminating partnerships and commitments. This indicates a turning point in at least one special connection, whether it's love or business-related. But you're blessed with all the right levels of open-mindedness to know intuitively - and accurately - where a relationship goes from this week onward.


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