Pisces ♓ Weekly Horoscope: General & Love


Pisces General:

Welcome to the week number: 05/2023

The Sun illuminates darkness surrounding secrets and subconscious thoughts. As the Sun connects with Mars affecting deep, inner needs, things could get intense. But what emerges, whether you say it, write it, or someone reads you like a book needs to be brought into the open to strengthen security in your world. Unless you clarify to someone or others what would reduce or banish feelings of instability or angst, they won't know how to help.

Pisces Love:

You could be willing to venture into romantic or intimate territory you've never thought of going to! Venus in your sign inspires Uranus, impacting your thoughts and communication to assist you in coming up with new and untried solutions to long-standing or recurrent relationship issues. You can invent a new language in love to state what you want and need in ways bound to resonate with one lucky person. See what magic this unique and untested approach brings!


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