Pisces ♓ Weekly Horoscope: General & Love


Pisces General:

Welcome to the week number: 14/2020

This week, as Mercury in your sign forms a slightly tense link with Pluto, a moment of clarity is imminent. A situation is emerging that needs reassessing and re-evaluating. This process will, undoubtedly, bring a revelation. A less than desirable situation could also appear very different – and much more positive - once this enlightenment arrives. But don't fear what is presenting itself or fear a need to ask for help where you need it, either. What's happening is necessary and extremely positive. Once your apprehension and uncertainty transform into a renewed sense of confidence and clarity, you certainly won't need reminding of this.

Pisces Love:

This week, it's helpful and advisable to connect with and focus productively the passion you have available to you. Please note the word 'productively.' It could be easy to apply your enhanced energy levels confrontationally, impatiently, and maybe even aggressively. But that's one of the interesting things about passion. It can either be harnessed positively and pleasurably or can cause us to go over the top in ways we sometimes regret. Where matters of the heart are concerned this week, by all means, be passionate and determined. But make a point of checking in with your heart frequently to ensure that plenty of sensitivity and compassion underpin all that you say or do.

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