Pisces ♓ Weekly Horoscope: General & Love


Pisces General:

Welcome to the week number: 30/2021

Typically, the developments we most want are those that usually take ages to manifest or arrive. Those we wish would take longer somehow manage to arrive with frustrating speed. As your ruler Neptune connects with Mercury, there may be something you have high hopes for or a keen desire to experience. Yet, progress might feel like a mirage that constantly moves into the distance. But you can be assured that there will be movement soon.

Pisces Love:

Venus is busy helping to create or restore balance with partnerships and commitments. But this week, mighty Mars comes crashing in, shouting and banging. Yes, having the planet of passionate energy affecting close relationships has obvious benefits. But Mars likes to pick fights and enjoys being confronted at times. So, this week and during the coming weeks, try to be aware of how unintentionally forceful or aggressive you could be where any relationship or partnership is concerned.


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