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Aquarius 2020 Horoscope: The Year of Opportunities

Dear Aquarians! The New Year will bring in many new opportunities for you. Your year will be filled with adventures as well as challenges. Saturn, the ruler of your sign is going to be ruling Capricorn in 2020.

Mercury and Jupiter will also be in your sign in the 12th house. This positioning of planets can bring two extremes in your life. You will either find extreme challenges or extreme happiness.

Overall, 2020 will be a year of high energy. Uranus will be your ruling planet in 2020 which can make life pretty chaotic at certain times. However, you will find quiet and calm in the midst of it all. You will find the inner strength to face any storms that come your way.

Early in 2020, Uranus will be in a square off with the planets in your sign. This will bring out your image of innovator or rebel. You will also find yourself struggling with your growing desire to have more security and stability in your life.

For Aquarians, self-care can seem to be a revolutionary act. You might make self-care your priority by the mid of 2020. You need to be more centered and grounded to face the challenges and make the most of the opportunities that are coming your way.

Capricorn energy will be dominating on your sign for most of 2020. This will bring new boundaries and structures to your life. However, you will not be too determined to follow anybody’s rules.

You will choose to stay within your limits that will foster greater happiness, wellbeing, safety, and health for you in 2020.

Dear Aquarians, the truth is that the limitations and boundaries make life easier. It doesn’t make it harder like majority of the people think. They make it easy to express your individuality. Saturn will visit your sign between March and July.

This will allow you to take your self-discipline to the next level. Keep in mind that the choices you make this year will have long-term impacts and consequences.

Therefore, you must think before you make any decisions. Consider the long-term consequences of your decisions and also how it will impact not only your life but also the life of the people around you.

Aquarius family 2020

Aquarius Family Horoscope 2020

2020 is expected to bring many new opportunities for you. Your focus should be on exploring these opportunities and thinking about your self-fulfillment.

You may be too focused on yourself, which can impact the relationship between you and your loved ones. Furthermore, you may find it difficult to find time for your family. Try your best to keep things balanced so that your family doesn’t feel neglected.

The new opportunities you come across will also open up new avenues for your family. Therefore, consider the pros and cons of everything before you make any decisions.

Talk to your immediate family members whenever you get time. Make them understand that you are in the middle of a number of new things right now and you need their support. Hopefully, they will understand. They will understand your position even better when they start seeing the results of your actions.

You will start to see improvements in your family life by the end of 2020. Your decisions, if taken carefully and keeping in mind all considerations; will bring happiness to your family. They will become much more understanding than they were before.

While you will be busy with a lot of things in the coming year, make sure you do your best to make time for your family. After all, they are the ones who have been and will be with you through thick and thin.

Aquarius love and relationship 2020

Aquarius Love and Relationships Horoscope 2020

Dear Aquarians, 2020 is not expected to be a great year in terms of your relationships. Long-term relationships, marriage, contentment of love, security, stability, and predictability are not going to be your strong suits in 2020.

You may experience losses in all these areas. Some old friendships may also take an unexpected turn this year. All this can lead to serious setbacks that make you wonder if these relationships are actually important or not.

You will also experience a lot of moodiness and sudden flare-ups in 2020 which will also have a negative impact on your relationships and love life. Not only your personal relationships but your professional relationships may also be affected by your attitude.

2020 will also bring some new experiences for you along with some life-long lessons. You may not be ready for these challenges but life will throw them at you anyway.

It is up to you how you deal with these challenges and make the most of them. You can turn things in your favor with just a little patience and keeping your cool. The results will be better and more favorable.

Aquarius work and career 2020

Aquarius Work and Career Horoscope 2020

When it comes to the world of work, personal power is going to be yours in 2020. You may face some restlessness in your work and career field until the mid of 2020. However, things will start working out after that.

2020 will bring you a wave of innovation and creativity. You may come up with many pioneering ideas. You will also find a solution to some problems that have been neglected for too long now. As a result, you will find yourself in the good books of your superiors. This will bring you an important promotion or increment in 2020.

2020 will be a year of exuding self-confidence when it comes to your professional life and career. Others will be happy to follow you when they see you growing and flourishing in your career.

However, 2020 may not be a good year for starting a new business or embarking on a new adventure. Thus, stay where you are and don’t think about changing your job or profession. You will get many successes where you are.

Just think of new ways to improve your career while staying in the same place. You will find a new way and direction that you will be happy to follow.

If you have been craving for respect in your professional field, then the time has come. You will start reaping the respect of not only your subordinates but also superiors by the end of 2020.

Aquarius money and finance 2020

Aquarius Money and Finance Horoscope 2020

You will find plenty of money in 2020. You may have been focusing on it for many past years now and may have gotten results too. The trend is expected to continue in 2020 as well. In fact, 2020 will be a year of bigger results when it comes to your finances. You will see larger sales, honors, promotions, incomes, and recognitions in 2020.

However, your relationships may prove to be a hindering factor in your income. Thus, if your income is dependent on your relationships, then you may need to be extra careful. If you have to get outside finances, then consider it after mid-2020.

2020 will be an overall good year when it comes to monetary matters and finances. You will see it as a year of strong and steady increases in your financial position.

Aquarius health 2020

Aquarius Health Horoscope 2020

In 2020, you may be strongly drawn to alternative health practices. Don’t be too wary of them as they will actually benefit you if you integrate them into your life. You have been enjoying vibrant health for the past many years now and the trend is expected to continue in 2020 as well.

However, you might face some health challenges at the beginning of the year. These will be minor ones that will make you focus on your health and wellbeing.

One thing that you need to be careful about is the stress you will endure in 2020. It can take a serious toll on your mental, physical and emotional health. Therefore, you need to keep a tab on it and not let it go out of control.

If you feel that the pressure is too much to handle, it is best to take help from an expert. Group therapies, mindfulness, and yoga can help you get out of stressful times.

While you will enjoy generally good health in 2020, you still need to make sure that you adopt healthy habits and choose a healthy lifestyle. Eat good and healthy food if you want to avoid any major health issues.

If you have been thinking about quitting a bad lifestyle habit, such as smoking or drinking, 2020 is a great year to start on this endeavor as well. Start trying and you will see results soon.

Include exercise in your daily routine but don’t push yourself too much. Define your limits. Drink lots of water and eat well. You also need to get a good amount of sleep in 2020 if you wish to remain healthy, active and stress-free.

2020 is expected to bring some positive changes to your life. However, it will not be without struggles. You will need to be careful about the opportunities you choose and how you work on them for a better future.

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