Virgo ♍ November 2020 Horoscope: Love, Money & Career


While Venus left Virgo on 28th October, this was late for a planet that usually moves through during your birthday month. It has been five years since Venus was here this late in the year, just days before you moved into the final two months of the year. Held back by a retrograde phase, while you had to wait longer than you normally would for your heart to find its voice and to get a sense of what you want from your new solar year it also meant that your heart got the last say and that this is still fresh as you move into the final weeks of the year. This allows you to begin the month clear on what you want and especially when it comes to things close to your heart and that couldn’t be more important.

For this is no ordinary November with Jupiter in the last full month of his 12 month visit to a fun, playful, romantic and creatively charged part of your chart and Saturn of a visit that began in December 2017. Venus spent her final 10 days in Virgo at a friendly aspect to not only Jupiter and Saturn but to Pluto, the planet of change and revolution there as well. As the planet of love, Venus was the first planet to form a friendly aspect to this juggernaut of planets in a fun, playful, romantic and creatively charged part of your chart and the last before they leave. This gives you the confidence to throw yourself into this.

Meanwhile, while Jupiter is the largest planet in the solar system it is the dwarf planet Ceres who is helping you prepare for what comes next. Ceres is a little planet on a big mission. That mission is to update your needs and priorities on the job front, especially when it comes to job satisfaction and a sense of purpose ahead of Jupiter and Saturn’s return next month. Ceres will leave on 10th November but with Jupiter and Saturn both less than six weeks away by then, this is helping you prepare for what lies ahead. Also helping you prepare for what lies ahead is the planetary activity in your income sector until 22nd November and a lunar eclipse on the career front on 30th November.


Virgo November 2020 Love Horoscope

Held back by a retrograde phase earlier in the year Venus, the planet of love didn’t leave Virgo until late last month. This is as late in the year that is physically possible to have Venus here and that might explain why you have been late updating your romantic desires and expectations or getting a sense of what you want from love and your relationships. However, considering what the next two months hold, Venus’ late return was not a case of ‘better late than never’ and instead a case of perfect timing. Venus spent her final days in Virgo at a friendly aspect to all three planets in your romantic sector just as they are coming into their full power.

November is Jupiter’s last full month in your romantic sector and before leaving next month and fuelled by the support from Venus, the planet of love, he is ready to see this lucky year for love reach its full potential. Jupiter will align with Pluto for the third time this year but also for the last time here in our lifetime, with the planets of love and change coming together to make their time as a team count. This is also Saturn’s last full month in your romantic sector and not due to return for another three decades when it comes to matters of the heart and all things romantic, he is giving you the power to move mountains if you have to. Especially if you are willing to take responsibility.

Pluto has been in your romantic sector since 2008, Saturn since 2017 and Jupiter since December 2019 and in their last full month together they are working to make it count. This is why Venus’ late return to Virgo this year was so important and why her departure just days before you move into November has given your heart a clear mandate with such perfect timing. Meanwhile, while the planetary activity on the relationship front is not as urgent there is reason for confidence, with a better sense of what you want from your relationships and what they need from you just as there is a growing amount of support and confidence on the communication front.

MoneyVirgo November 2020 Money Horoscope

Both sides of the financial fence are active this month in a way that you wouldn’t normally expect at this time of year. While the Sun left your income sector last month and will always take the solar spotlight off your income situation, matters and options at the same time each year, you still have Mercury and Venus here. While this can happen, the difference this time is how long Mercury has been here and how far into the month Venus will stay here. If you do begin November with Mercury and Venus still in your income sector it is usually because they are in their final days here.

Instead, Mercury has retrograded back in for a double dip visit and won’t leave until 11th November and Venus was late to return and will be here until 22nd November. This allows you to begin the month with your head in the game, a smart head for money and as Mercury returned a month after leaving, an opportunity for a do over. Held back by a retrograde phase earlier in the year Venus was late to return and as the planet of money, she will be working to make the first three weeks of November as lucrative as possible. It is only when Venus leaves on 22nd November that all planetary activity on the income front will finally end.

At the same time, on the other side of the financial fence Mars is making his longest visit to your financial sector in 32 years, which will keep the warrior planet of the cosmos here for the rest of the year. Mars returned for what should have been a six week visit in June but instead, a retrograde turn has turned what is normally a sprint to take your financial power back into a marathon. Mars normally only has time to wage the odd battle here and there but instead has time to wage all out war. Mars is in retrograde motion until 14th November, with the focus on the past until then. It is after Mars turns direct that the focus will shift from where you have been and onto where you are going.

CareerVirgo November 2020 Career Horoscope

It is rare to have planetary or any kind of cosmic activity in either of your two professional houses at this time of year, other than the Moon’s monthly visits to your work and career sectors. However, this is not only an important month on both fronts each reaches a critical point in an ongoing journey. While there has been no planetary activity in your career sector since Venus left in early August, the North Node’s return in May and position here until January 2022 is providing a steady sense of professional direction and purpose. It is the Moon’s return every four weeks that brings a chance to check in with this.

The Moon will return to your career sector from 2nd November to 5th November, fuelling your professional instincts and imagination and bringing a chance to check in with the North Node’s sense of direction. Because the Moon returns so early in the month it will have time to come full circle, returning again on 30th November. It is the latter visit that could be a game changer because with the Sun now on the other side of the sky this will not only create a Full Moon but because the North Node his here, will turn that Full Moon on 30th November into a lunar eclipse. This has the potential to trigger unexpected developments, whether evident at the time or not.

Meanwhile, you begin the week with the dwarf planet Ceres still in your work sector and until leaving on 10th November she is a little planet on a big mission. That mission is to update your needs and priorities on the job front, especially when it comes to job satisfaction and a sense of purpose. What makes this so important is that Jupiter and Saturn will both return to your work sector next month to open major new doors and to begin the most powerful three years on the job front in decades. With the North Node in your career sector throughout 2021, even the lunar eclipse on 30th November is a stepping stone to what lies ahead.

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