Virgo ♍ Horoscope 2020: Love, Career & Health


Virgo in 2020: A Year of Stability

Like 2019, the year 2020 will also be a year of stability and calmness for you, Virgos. This doesn’t mean that your life will be at a stand-still; there are a lot of opportunities and good things in store for you.

Because of your practical and modest attitude, you are always looking for new things. This instinctive decision-making will come in handy when you find yourself stuck in between two extremes.

The year 2020 looks promising and fulfilling. You will be lucky in all aspects of life – love, family, career.

One reason for this is that you know how to be positive and turn a difficult situation in your favor.

Of course, you will face ups and downs throughout the year, but you can expect a wave of stability and calmness as your ruling planet Mercury is in variance with Jupiter, Saturn, Ketu and Sun.

As per the readings, at the beginning of the year, Mercury and the Sun will move together, creating great opportunities for you. It will also unlock your doors of luck.

But remember, nothing is perfect. Your entire year depends on how you handle it. Luck, destiny, and karma are on your side. So make the most of this year.     

In terms of personality, you will see major changes. Even though you are going through a stable phase in your life, you are constantly growing and learning, which impacts your personality.

This year, you will feel more liberated with the progressive forces that are all working in your favor. When Mercury enters Gemini around mid-May, you will find yourself more willing to give and be supportive of the needs of your loved ones.

Overall, it is your year to love and be loved, Virgos. Enjoy it to the fullest!

Virgo family 2020

Virgo Family Horoscope 2020

Since Jupiter is at the center, you are at an advantage. This is a sign of good family relationships and happiness. Last year has been good for you, and if you wish to continue like that, you must focus on important personal relationships.

Your family life will be stable and moderate all year-round. However, any major decisions that you have been longing to take may need your prime focus and attention.

Do not rush into decisions as it is a slow year for you. If you want to shift to a new house, you must think it over and take advice from all family members.

Because the past year and this year have been calm, your family members may need to be reminded of your affection and love.

Have more family time this year; maybe make more dinner time or better plans for holidays. To give your domestic life a boost, you may want to plan a holiday or even engage in a house renovation together.

In order to be calm and stable, you may have neglected the needs of your family. This year, since luck is in your favor, mingle with family and remind them how much they mean to you.

Spend more time with your children, especially if they are in their growing age. They are looking up to you, don’t let your quest for stability take that away from you. Be careful around September to November – as Jupiter will change its position, you may want to avoid differences with younger siblings.   

Virgo love and relationship 2020

Virgo Love and Relationships Horoscope 2020

Until April, there will be no substantial progress in your romantic relationships. Your love life has been steady and uneventful for a while now. This year, you can spice things up a bit and bring them back on track. Your goal should be to either find a soul-mate or strengthen an existing relationship.

Work on your relationships and the needs of your partner instead of looking for perfection. As we said, nothing is perfect. If you want your romantic relationships to work out, you need to be flexible and look at the bigger picture. Do not cling to one idea of how a relationship should be like.

The best thing is that you are in a position where your loved ones and spouses will hear you out and try to understand you. All your stars are in your favor. So, use it to your advantage.

Don’t wait for others to make a move. New levels of intimacy may bring you closer to your partner and will also make them feel loved around you. If you fail to give time to your partner, you will end up losing them by the end of this year.

But if everything goes well and you are able to retain your relationship, you will see a better year for love in 2021. This year, just hold onto your partner and don’t let them go over silly, unnecessary fights. Positive, effective communication will go a long way.

If you are a spiritual person, this year is the best time to connect with your partner on a spiritual level.

Talk to them about faith and religion and create a new bonding. Your partner is all ears. They trust you and will listen to you more openly than ever.

Virgo work and career 2020

Virgo Work and Career Horoscope 2020

Mercury is in the 7th house this year—this means great success in work and career. Mercury’s position with Jupiter shows that you will get new opportunities this year that will prove to be long-term.

You may receive an unexpected job offer that doesn’t fit your ideal job, but it will prove to be good for you. Don’t rush into saying no.

At the same time, the position of Mercury and the Sun in the 9th house suggests good luck and energy in work life. However, when Rahu enters the 10th house around mid-June, you may face some problems in your workplace.

You may feel underappreciated and undervalued. But because Mars will be present in the third house, you will feel confident and courageous to face the obstacles and troubles. Your courage and strength reside in you – bring it out when you are in a troublesome position.

Virgos are recommended to keep a check on their day to day life more often this year than before. It is better if you make a calendar or maintain a daily planner to keep track of your activities.

You are walking on a stable path right now, but one wrong move can wash it all away. Be careful in your professional decisions. Don’t let negative thoughts cloud your judgments.

Virgo money and finance 2020

Virgo Money and Finance Horoscope 2020

The year 2020 will be calm in terms of financial stability and growth. You don’t have much to worry about but, at the same time, you need to start keeping track of your financial dealings.

You may not be spending on luxurious items but small expenses might affect your savings. It’s better if you keep a check on your spending and savings if you want to have a better year.

 Since this is the year of stability, it may not be the best time to make a hefty investment. You know you are a risk-taker but don’t make hasty decisions this year.

Consult a financial advisor to keep a better trail of your finances. Prepare yourself for 2021 by building a solid financial foundation this year. Luck is in your favor, so don’t expect any big losses.   

Do not spend on things you want and not need. This will ruin your budget. Look out for such big twists and turns in your budget. It might leave you unsettled for long.

Virgo health 2020

Virgo Health Horoscope 2020

Your year will be fantastic health-wise. You will feel energized and high-spirited in whatever you are trying to achieve. You tend to worry about your health, a lot, naturally.

You are in the perfect position to use that to your advantage, but don’t push yourself too much. In fact, you may want to dial it down a bit this year. Find a balance. Start listening to your body’s needs and do what you feel is best for yourself.

If there is something you need this year, then it’s discipline. Wake up early and go to bed early. Don’t miss out on your meals. Health-wise, 2021 might not be the best for you so you need to prepare yourself this year.

Remember, it’s your attitude that will determine your health.

Good Luck!

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