Virgo ♍ Daily Horoscope: Love, Work & Health


Today´s date: Monday 10th of August 2020

Virgo Daily General:

With uncertainty replacing stability, you could feel tempted to set yourself more ambitious goals. Sure, progress or success won't come through a window or land in your lap. But you could feel reassured that consistent effort made in a particular area, underpinned with the right levels of enthusiasm, will bring a pleasing result. You appear to be learning more about what you're capable of. Trust that there may be delightful surprises in store.

Virgo Daily Love:

You may no longer want to struggle to achieve the passionate potential your heart knows you've earned. Even if there are a few obstacles to face, a closer look could reveal that they're opportunities that require small and careful steps to seize. Trust that romantic and intimate abundance is on offer with the right, sensitive approach.

Virgo Daily Work:

Your colleagues appreciate your agreeable approach; nothing stops you from enjoying your work. Taking the time to get to know the people you work with, helps improve the atmosphere and make your dealings more acceptable. You're pleasantly surprised by how interesting people you work with really are.

Virgo Daily Health:

You enjoy good health and are feeling truly alive. Do anything, but make sure it’s not lazily vegetating in front of the TV. Go outside and run or ride your bike consider asking friends to accompany you in some healthy activity. You can motivate others and is not very difficult to persuade them to join you.

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