Virgo ♍ Daily Horoscope: Love, Work & Health


Today´s date: Wednesday 28th of October 2020

Virgo Daily General:

With the right levels of inspiration and motivation, we make impressive things happen. When we're convinced the reward for achieving something is great enough, then we do everything within our power to make it happen. But even if a tiny doubt finds its way into the equation, we reduce our effort. As more doubts appear, our effort reduces further. You know how and why a particular goal is so important to you. If doubts are allowed to grow, then you delay the reward on offer to you.

Virgo Daily Love:

With Venus influencing your confidence and values, you could look at matters of the heart in a very different light. If you've been afraid of 'going deep' or preferred to keep something at a shallow a superficial level, then that could change now. You're blessed with passionate bravado to get straight to the heart of any matter. Be prepared to see for yourself how this 'managed assertiveness' makes you more alluring.

Virgo Daily Work:

If you find it difficult to keep your composure or to stay focused on your work, and if as well you're feeling sensitive and more overtired than usual you end up stressed. Allow yourself more time to complete routine tasks. Don’t be too concerned if you cannot complete them all; you’ll have to finish them another time.

Virgo Daily Health:

Combat any anxiety or restlessness you feel with some activity that requires little concentration on your part. Housework, or cleaning or even jogging; any form of exercise that fatigues you but is not in any way demanding. Reward yourself with a treat and go to bed early. Begin tomorrow feeling refreshed.

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