Taurus ♉ Daily Horoscope: Love, Work & Health


Today´s date: Wednesday 3rd of June 2020

Taurus Daily General:

It's often not until we remove the weight of something we're carrying that we discover how uncomfortably heavy it was. Whether this is an item in a shopping bag or something we're determined to carry in a suitcase, it can be amazing how one item adds to a burden. You can probably sense the emotional baggage you must release now. Prepare to discover just how heavy it has been.

Taurus Daily Love:

The temptation to bend or maybe even break a rule you've stuck rigidly to could grow stronger. But as keen as you might be to see what a result might be, avoid a tendency to be impulsive. Even if you're returning to a relationship scenario you've experienced before, you can influence an outcome based on how you dealt with the matter previously. Put it to rest properly now.

Taurus Daily Work:

Whenever possible, you're in control of situations. You concentrate on your tasks to the exclusion of colleagues and by not considering them in your plans risk a build-up of resentment between you. Recognize what others contribute and how they want to be valued and appreciated in the same way as you do.

Taurus Daily Health:

If you're feeling unsure about your exercise regime and recreational activity avoid various fashionable techniques and focus on the things you can master that are good for your mind and body. Don't forget that healthy nutrition and an adequate amount sleep make up the largest part of well-being and health.

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