Scorpio ♏ June 2020 Horoscope: Love, Money & Career


There is not only fewer planetary movements this month than in any other month this year at no point during the month will there be fewer than three planets in retrograde motion, at one point five and with four still in retrograde motion at the end of the month. Last month Mercury visited three different areas of your chart and Venus, who normally spends just 24 days in each area of your chart will normally visit at least two. Instead, the only planets not ending the month where they started are the Sun and Mars. When you combine the number of planets in retrograde motion and the fact that so many are already in retrograde motion this should be a lacklustre month but it will be anything but.

You can thank two eclipses for that, where the planets are staying put and where there is movement. The Sun, as is always the case, will spend the first three weeks of June in your financial sector before returning to an adventurous part of your chart on 21st June. The Moon will also return here on 21st June, aligning with the Sun to create a solar eclipse. This is also where Mercury will spend the whole month, with his retrograde turn on 18th June keeping him here, while opening the doors to the past and second chances just days before a solar eclipse creates the potential for new opportunities. With Mars spending the first four weeks of the month in a playful part of your chart and planetary activity in an adventurous part all month, this is an energy you are happy to stay in.

This will also make it easier to protect against life becoming all work and no play when Mars not only returns to your busy work sector but will become part of what is becoming a recurring theme. Venus, who will normally spend just 24 days in your financial sector each year returned in early April but because of a retrograde phase won’t leave until August, while Mercury who returned for what should have been a 14 to 15 day visit to an adventurous part of your chart will stay there until August as well, because of a retrograde turn on 18th June. Likewise, Mars will return to your busy work sector for what should be a six week visit but will instead spend the rest of the year here.

LoveScorpio June 2020 Love Horoscope

The Sun’s departure from your relationship sector last month was always going to take the solar spotlight off your relationships and with Venus and Mercury already been and gone, this has brought all faster planetary activity for the year to a close. With Uranus in his first full year in your relationship sector and not leaving until 2026, he will continue to keep your relationships on track by demanding a level of truth and authenticity but here for so long, it has now become more about the journey. With no other planets returning to your relationship sector this year, there will be no big shifts or changes.

Because the Sun left your romantic sector two months before leaving your relationship sector, the same should be true for romantic matters, where dreamy Neptune is keeping things on track until he leaves in 2026 as well. However, unlike on the relationship front, romantic matters have not finished evolving, thanks to two planets who don’t visit once a year and are not part of the pack of faster planets that have just finished influencing relationship matters. Those two planets are the dwarf planet Ceres and Mars, the planet of passion and the warrior planet of the cosmos.

Ceres returned in late April for the specific purpose of updating your heart’s needs and priorities, with her first visit in four years a case of perfect timing. Ceres had been here for nearly three weeks when Mars returned, giving the warrior planet of the cosmos something to fight for. Until leaving on 28th June, Mars will continue to fuel your romantic passions and fighting spirit, helping you to fight for what you want from love. When the Moon moves through from 11th June to 14th June it will align with all three planets here, with these romantically charged lunar vibes bound to add more fuel to Mars’ romantic passions and fighting spirit.

MoneyScorpio June 2020 Money Horoscope

This is a month where there is a mix of the expected and the unexpected. The expected is that the focus will always be on your financial situation and money matters at this time of year, especially when it comes to what you do with and how you manage the money you have. That is because the Sun will always spend the first three weeks of June in your financial sector, shining the solar spotlight on your financial situation and money matters. The Sun is focused on financial housekeeping and a realistic take on money matters means keeping your eyes open and head out of the sand.

The smart head for money Mercury left you with when he left at the end of last month is always expected, as is the financial confidence and the financial wish list that Venus is helping you to work on though not usually to this degree. Venus returned in early April for what should have been a 24 day visit but a retrograde turn last month is keeping the planet of money here until August. Until turning direct on 25th June, Venus’ focus is on the past, second chances and untapped financial potential. Once the Sun leaves on 21st June the reality checks and your annual financial review will be over and Venus will make it more about fuelling your financial confidence and attracting opportunities.

The unexpected is that the lunar nodes are spending their first full month in your two money houses, the North Node in your financial sector and the South Node in your income sector, for the first time in 17 years. While the North Node is helping to maintain a sense of financial direction moving forward, the South Node is more focused on untapped income potential. This could have game changing implications when the Moon’s return to your income sector from 5th June to 7th June and the Full Moon this will always create at this time of the year on 6th June is transformed into a lunar eclipse. This is a direct result of having the South Node here and this could be a catalyst for unexpected income developments or breakthroughs.

CareerScorpio June 2020 Career Horoscope

While it appears to be business as usual on the job front this month and it will be until 28th June, after that everything is set to change. For you, business as usual means that with the dwarf planet Eris in your work sector since 1926 and not leaving for another three decades, work and job matters will never go completely off the boil, with the engine always running on idle. It also means that now that the Sun, Mercury and Venus have been and gone and with Eris slowing down ahead of a retrograde turn next month, the pace is dropping back. As Eris will always spend the second half of each year in retrograde motion, this is the pattern that every year follows.

With the Sun always returning to your career sector in July, after a busy start to the year on job front Eris is able to pull back and let career matters have their turn. Unlike your work sector, there isn’t continuous planetary activity on the career front year round, with Eris happy to take a back seat. However, while the Sun won’t return to open new doors on the career front next month and Mercury and Venus not until August and September, rather things quietening down on the job front they are about to heat up and in game changing way. The first four weeks of the month are typically quiet on the job front, with Mars’ return on 28th June changing all that.

Mars will normally spend around six weeks in your work sector, fuelling your work passions, fighting and competitive spirit, injecting new energy into work and job matters and creating what can be the busiest and also most potentially successful weeks of any year on the job front. While that is still the case, instead of spending six weeks here Mars won’t leave until January 2021, spending the whole second half of the year here. With new doors opening on the career front next month, instead of quietening down this professional year is about to speed up, making the first four weeks of the month a valuable chance to spend as much time in the slow lane as possible.

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