Scorpio ♏ January 2021 Horoscope: Love, Money & Career


While what was in play during 2020 will continue to play out in 2021 this is a very different year and that will be evident from the get go. The year is likely to get off to a busy start and you might find that you didn’t complete everything last year, either at work or with anything that keeps you busy. However, it was less that you ran out of time and more that until Mars leaves your busy work sector on 7th January, he was always going to find something to keep you busy. Held back by a retrograde phase, Mars’ longest visit in 32 years is coming to a close but fortunately, so too is Venus’ belated visit to your income sector.

Venus and Mars are the cosmic lovers and while they get the month off to a good start on the income and job fronts, they will follow each other into different but equally complementary areas of your chart. Mars will return to your relationship sector on 7th January where he will remain until March while Venus will return to your communication sector two days later on 9th January. It is here that they will form a friendly aspect, channelling the same enthusiasm they begin the year putting into income and job matters into getting the communication lines open on the relationship front.

Meanwhile, the fundamental difference between 2020 and 2021 is the focus on home, family and/or property matters. This is Saturn and Jupiter’s first full month in your home and family sector but just the start of a major new focus. Saturn is here until 2023 and Jupiter will spend the first and the last five months of 2021 here. This not only puts a lot more importance on home, family and/or property matters but the potential for growth, opportunities and expansion. Mercury will return on 9th January and the Sun on 20th January, adding more support but in the more mundane way that they do at this time every year.

LoveScorpio January 2021 Love Horoscope

After going into hibernation in the second half of 2020, romantic and relationship matters are starting to awaken this month though to start with, it is business as usual on both fronts. Neptune has been in direct motion in your romantic sector since late November but it is the Sun and Venus’ return next month that will begin the most romantically charged months of 2021. With lucky Jupiter returning in May, next month’s developments will be a stepping stone to something much bigger. The Moon’s return from 16th January to 18th January will be a chance to check in but these romantically charged lunar vibes are just a taste of things to come.

Meanwhile, while you wait for things to fully awaken on the romantic front, they are set to become fully awake on the relationship front this month. To begin with Uranus, in your relationship sector until 2026 is on his own and in retrograde motion, as he has been since August but both those situations are about to change. It begins with Mars’ return to your relationship sector on 7th January, months after he should have returned had he not turned retrograde. In a case of better late than never, Mars returns with perfect timing. That is because Mars will not only return a week before Uranus’ direct turn on 14th January but two days before Venus, the planet of love returns to your communication sector on 7th January.

Held back by her own retrograde phase last year, Venus is late to return to your communication sector as well but will not only return two days after Mars’ return to your relationship sector but they will immediately form a friendly aspect. Mars will return to fire things up and get things moving on the relationship front while Venus will return to begin her belated visit to give your heart and your relationships a voice within 48 hours of each other. Venus will stay in your communication sector until 2nd February and Mars in your relationship sector until 3rd March.

MoneyScorpio January 2021 Money Horoscope

While the lunar nodes returned to your two money houses in May and there have been several eclipses since then, notably an eclipsing Full Moon at the end of November and a total solar eclipse in your income sector last month, their influence will span the whole of 2021. Until leaving in January 2022, the North Node will provide a constant and steady sense of financial direction while the South Node will provide constant access to untapped income potential. Because the lunar nodes are always in opposition, they are also policing a balance between money coming in and money going out and this year there is a chance to further balance the scales.

When the lunar nodes returned last May it was a month into Venus’ four month visit to your financial sector and at a time when there was a lot of planetary activity on that side of the financial fence. It wasn’t until the final months of 2020 that there was any planetary activity in your income sector. As the lunar nodes are here to police a balance between money coming in and money going out and there was more focus on what you do with and how you manage the money you have last year, this year there is more focus on money coming in, which will help to restore that balance.

There will be no planetary activity in your financial sector until Mars returns in March and starting the year with Venus and Juno in your income sector, this is where the main focus is. With Venus leaving your income sector on 9th January and Mars leaving your work sector on 7th January, they will work together to get the year off to an empowered start on the income and job fronts. Mars will leave the dwarf planet Eris behind to keep work and job matters on track while Venus will leave the asteroid Juno behind to keep income matters on track. With Juno here until November and Venus returning before she leaves, this will give income matters a slight edge all year.

CareerScorpio January 2021 Career Horoscope

The year is likely to get off to a busy start but this is more about sustaining the momentum created last month and then getting a chance to ease back on the accelerator, a week into the year. Mars, who returned for what should have been a six week visit to your work sector in June is not only still here but his longest visit in 32 years is finally drawing to a close. The six weeks that Mars will spend here every other year can be the busiest of the year, as the warrior planet of the cosmos works to get things done and make things happen. However, here for over six months and with two of those months spent in retrograde motion, what is normally a sprint turned into a marathon.

Finally due to leave on 7th January and then not return until 2022, Mars will be working to gain as much traction as possible in his final days here. Whether you have worked through the holiday period or not or regardless of when your new professional year starts, if you are not at work during the first seven days of the month you will be preparing to jump into things the moment you get a chance. With the dwarf planet Eris taking over from where Mars leaves off work and job matters will not go off the boil but in retrograde motion until 11th January, she won’t be calling for the fast and furious approach Mars requires. This will be when you can pull back, reverting back to a marathon approach to work and job matters.

Meanwhile, the Moon’s return to your career sector on New Year’s Day will not only allow you to begin the year with your professional instincts and imagination fuelled but will get the year off to a positive start across the income, work and career fronts. That is because the Moon will not only form a friendly aspect to Mars in his final days in your work sector but to Venus, in her final days in your income sector before leaving on 9th January. This is also a practice run ahead of the Moon’s return to your career sector on 28th January and the Full Moon this will create on 29th January.


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