Scorpio ♏ Daily Horoscope: Love, Work & Health


Today´s date: Saturday 28th of November 2020

Scorpio Daily General:

You're encouraged now to be more realistic about anyone you show love and affection toward. You probably had a more realistic grasp of whether a bond is healthy or 'good' for you during recent months. But also remember that identifying faults in a person or a relationship is both natural and necessary. Seeing somebody or others in a 'warts and all' way means you see them realistically. That's undoubtedly a better position to be in.

Scorpio Daily Love:

As the Moon affects relationships and commitments, try not to adopt too much of an emotional approach to a partnership issue. Be honest about what you're trying to make happen - or possibly force. Understandably, you want results to reflect efforts. However, this shouldn't involve anything drastic. Some grounding blended with practicality will serve you well now. Slow and steady steps will be so much easier – and much more effective.

Scorpio Daily Work:

You're laid-back and relaxed and don't feel much like working too hard; you appear to be more interested in the social aspects of your work, connecting with your colleagues to create a more convivial and harmonious atmosphere which improves the potential for any teamwork to succeed in future.

Scorpio Daily Health:

You're able to make the most of your exercise activities by doing your workouts as a group. By combining sociability and working out with others, you intensify your experience and encourage each other. You consider joining a club to gain benefit from the subtle motivation of others and more rigorous activities.

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