Scorpio ♏ Daily Horoscope: Love, Work & Health


Today´s date: Tuesday 2nd of March 2021

Scorpio Daily General:

The Moon in your sign could heighten or inflate emotional energy now. This could also cause you to take a particular matter too seriously. If this involves something said or done by a certain person, then trying to come up with the 'right response' could be more draining than motivating. Leaving something as it is or moving on from it may be necessary.

Scorpio Daily Love:

The Moon's influence in your sign could increase intensity in your emotional world - and possibly in ways you'd prefer not to deal with. This could be due to you reacting defensively to situations or circumstances that may be seen inaccurately or exaggeratedly. Do what you can to reduce this pressure. Above all, don't allow a lover or potential sweetheart to believe they're to blame for it.

Scorpio Daily Work:

Be careful what you say when in talks with colleagues. The uneasiness you feel may lead to irreconcilable disputes. Instead whenever possible avoid working in a team and do your best to find a quiet place where you able to work alone. As a result, you don't get involved in any time-wasting disputes or discussions.

Scorpio Daily Health:

If you're the active type, it’s quite likely your need for progress is thwarted and results in a degree of unnecessary tension. Make sure you carefully plan your recreational program to prevent yourself from expecting too much. Allow your body lots of quiet time, and sleep. Pay proper attention to a healthy, balanced diet.


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