Scorpio ♏ Daily Horoscope: Love, Work & Health


Today´s date: Sunday 12th of July 2020

Scorpio Daily General:

If somebody knew you better, then they would know you can see through their facade. That doesn't necessarily make them deceitful or devious. You're likely to detect how they convey or portray themselves on one level. Yet, their words or actions imply there's more than meets the eye. For now, be an observer. The reality of somebody's situation could arrive without you bringing it into the open.

Scorpio Daily Love:

This is a time to move on from what holds you back from pursuing and experiencing what your heart has wondered may be possible in your romantic world. It's spontaneity that can bring more sexy fun to love and intimacy now. Explore where you and someone could be a bit more adventurous or at least more receptive to experiencing a new thrill of some kind. One definitely awaits.

Scorpio Daily Work:

If you felt uncomfortable and confused appearing unnecessarily wound up and moody towards colleagues, your unusually poor attitude might be a contributory factor. Avoid blaming your colleagues for your anger, but rather examine the cause for your poor attitude, regain your composure and normal good-natured approach.

Scorpio Daily Health:

If you're not feeling totally at ease with yourself, it seems that every single disruption is exaggerated and gradually wears you down sapping your energy. Physical exercise certainly makes you feel better, but some time out also is beneficial. If you sleep in, notice how your well-being is considerably enhanced.

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