Scorpio ♏ Daily Horoscope: Love, Work & Health


Today´s date: Saturday 28th of March 2020

Scorpio Daily General:

Your trademark intensity can be intriguing, compelling, and sexy at times, but try to dial it back now. Whether it's a conversation you're keen to take into deep or profound territory or observations or insights you offer someone, the way you convey yourself could be too hot to handle or too much for someone to take. There are ways of confirming you're right about something without laying it on thick.

Scorpio Daily Love:

Facing facts or fears will benefit your romantic or relationship world enormously now. It's a sense of realism or acceptance that can provide the emotional support you need. If you're single, then heed your intuition if it tells you that you shouldn't jump at a chance to get closer to someone. Chances are, a hidden agenda exists. If you're attached, then one emotional exchange could result in a new and more positive era of shared openness.

Scorpio Daily Work:

You’re able to effectively use your knowledge and experience and impress your colleagues with the way you handle your responsibilities. You remain enthusiastic about improving your skill set and can let others know the value of the work you do to negotiate a new level of remuneration.

Scorpio Daily Health:

Your thoughts may stray to the subject of sex which no doubt you satisfy if you can. If you're not in such a position, instead perform some outside exercise as a healthy outlet and comfortable release for your pent-up desires to help you build your bodies capacity for more strenuous and enjoyable activities to come.

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