Sagittarius ♐ Horoscope 2020: Love, Career & Health


Sagittarius in 2020: A Year of Opportunities

Sagittarius, you can expect 2020 to be a year full of opportunities and experiences. With Mars in your signs at the beginning of 2020, you can expect a huge energy boost and enhanced motivation as the year kicks off.

It’s your year to be excited about the limitless possibilities you’re confronted with and also welcome opportunities that you’ll have in the future.

Allow your feet to touch the ground and charge towards your goals at full strength. 2020 is a great time to commence a new venture, dive into something new and embrace it with all your heart. 

In June 2020, a lunar eclipse will occur, which will call for you to confirm something important. Concentrate on something you’ve worked hard on, but don’t forget to remain in touch with your thoughts, emotions, and feelings.

The end of next year marks a solar eclipse that signifies new challenges and opportunities that call for you to embrace a new beginning. 2020 will be a year full of crucial and significant decisions that can alter the course of your life. These decisions are more likely to come from extensive experience and life lessons, but you can expect them to revitalize your life. 

Next year will also offer you the opportunity to get rid of all the negativity and start over. Financial prospects seem to be bright. Professionally, you can expect to experience a lot of changes in your overall work-life such as your position or maybe even your location.

Spiritually, you will be attracted to indulging in more religious activities. 2020 is the year in which you move towards offering your humanitarian services as you grow closer to people.

The coming year will allow you to truly discover yourself and recognize your emotions. In the coming year, you will develop relationships with others and will also learn about self-love and its importance.

While your past relationships (with lovers, family or friends) continue to thrive, you will also get many chances to meet with a lot of new people. Sagittarius, pull out your best outfits and put on your brightest smile, the year 2020 will entail a lot of socializing. 

Sagittarius family 2020

Sagittaurus Family Horoscope 2020

Sagittarius, the year 2020 seems to indicate a bright and happy period for your family life. In February 2020, during the Mercury retrograde, you will face issues at home that will require your immediate attention.

If you feel like things are hitting the ceiling at home, keep your calm when dealing with them. Patience is the key to getting through fights and misunderstandings that you may experience with your family.

Mars will cross the threshold of your home and family around mid-May through June. This will enable you to pay more attention to your family matters from a more positive aspect. 

It is time for you to grow and build your family connections. You will get the opportunity and time for your family and those you consider family, allowing you to grow closer emotionally.

If you buried yourself under work this year, 2020 will be a great opportunity to spend more time at home or transform your home into a shelter where you can escape from the world. Staying at home will help you work on yourself internally and give you time to deal with some deep-rooted issues. 

You can expect to see your family environment in utter peace and harmony, but don’t be surprised if some essential transformations occur.

Sagittarius, you will have innovative ideas and suggestions that will contribute to a glorious family atmosphere, but don’t get too carried away by your feelings.

Try maintaining the upper-hand regardless of all the love and affection that surrounds you. If you’re a parent, you can expect your children to make considerable progress in their academic life.

Jupiter and Saturn are prominent next year; you can expect to witness positive family prospects and news such as marriages and new arrivals within the family. 

Sagittarius love and relationship 2020

Sagittaurus Love and Relationships Horoscope 2020

Sagittarius, it doesn’t matter whether you’re single or not, your love life will experience a drastic change of pace in the coming year. 2020 is a promising year for those of you who are single and are searching for a partner.

There is a higher probability for you to fall for someone new rather than a friend or an ex-partner. 

Since 2020 is the year of socializing, you will come across numerous opportunities to meet new people and fall for someone new. For those who are involved with someone, the 2020 Mercury retrograde will call for you to end your relationship if you feel like it’s not going anywhere.

However, if things are going well, then it’s also a pretty great year to stick together and take things up a notch.

Mars will remain within your love sector from July till the end of the year. The Mars retrograde, between September and November, will bring out a ton of challenges in your love relationships.

During this time, you may enter more arguments with your loved ones than usual. However, you will have to be extremely patient throughout this period and avoid getting into useless spats. 

Sagittarius work and career 2020

Sagittaurus Work and Career Horoscope 2020

Next year seems to be an extremely positive and auspicious year for Sagittarius professionals and entrepreneurs. 2020 is a great year for those who are looking to initiate a new venture. It is an exceptionally great opportunity for those entrepreneurs who are dealing with overseas work partners.

However, take precautions before getting yourself involved in any partnership. Next year will be a great time for Sagittarius to spread out and explore new areas of the business, although success will only come to those who work hard and diligently towards their goals.

For those Sagittarius who’ve set out to achieve their career goals, don’t worry; you will be rewarded handsomely for your efforts and hard work. It’s important for you to maintain a peaceful and harmonious relationship with your coworkers and company management. 

The next year will prove to be very liberating for your career; you will be presented with the opportunity to work more independently, make changes in your work and also accept unconventional work patterns.

Sagittarius, you will also feel a magnetic pull towards work that will be different from anything you’ve ever done before. No matter how alluring this opportunity may seem, make sure that you do your homework before rushing into new and hasty or impulsive decisions. 

Sagittarius money and finance 2020

Sagittaurus Money and Finance Horoscope 2020

The coming year will be a financially promising year for Sagittarius as Pluto, Saturn, Mars, and Jupiter join together in Capricorn (the money sector).

This can either be perceived as a good or a bad thing –Sagittarius, you will completely alter the way you operate your finances, the way you take care of and make money and also the way you purchase things. 

You will choose to embrace a new way to earn money for a little while. Your relationship with money will become very serious. If you depend on it too much, it will be taken away from you and if you don’t depend on it too much, you’ll be pushed into situations where you have to.

Working diligently towards your professional goals will help you achieve everything you want out of your career, including more financial soundness.

Sagittarius, you can expect to have more money than you usually do. Maybe even enough to pay off your debts and save some. You can also look forward to receiving a lot of unexpected presents and maybe even inheritances. Any involvement in legal matters that are business or property-related will turn out in your favor. 

Sagittarius health 2020

Sagittaurus Health Horoscope 2020

The year 2020 will prove to be a great and promising year for your health. The overall health commitments and efforts you’ve made over the past few months will show their effect and pay off in the coming year.

2020 will be a positive year for you to maintain a stable and healthy lifestyle; stock up on some healthy foods and buy yourself a gym membership. Engage in physical activities when you feel like it, but don’t push yourself too hard or you might end up injured. Try avoiding alcohol, or you may face liver problems.

Most of all, you will finally show up at your doctor’s appointment and routine tests after postponing them for too long. Brace yourself as you head towards a more efficient lifestyle. The coming year will bring along with it a lot of energy. Sagittarius, make sure you utilize this energy at places that will pay you well later.

Jupiter will ensure that your star maintains its physical and mental health. However, you will have to take care of your mental health by establishing a balance between your work and personal life and also resorting to stress-relieving activities such as yoga. 

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