Sagittarius ♐ Daily Horoscope: Love, Work & Health


Today´s date: Wednesday 1st of April 2020

Sagittarius Daily General:

If you thought you and a particular person had been around the block enough times with a particular discussion, and you could find that a chance arises to take this to a new level. You might be surprised that you have something to learn about or from this person, too. The key to forming or strengthening a special connection lies with opening the lines of communication widely. You never know where two-way exchanges can go now.

Sagittarius Daily Love:

Shifting your focus to the more shadowy aspects of love and romance could be difficult to ignore at this time. Thoughts and feelings could bubble to the surface, but you're not obliged to spill all your emotional beans to a lover or romantic interest. Be clear in your mind about what you feel is necessary to reveal. An emotional avalanche could be more unhelpful than helpful.

Sagittarius Daily Work:

It seems that the world is plotting against you. Feeling provoked, it appears that you're prevented from getting what you need. React to your co-worker's conduct calmly otherwise minor conflicts escalate into full-blown differences. Delay attempts to resolve these issues; it's better to wait for a more appropriate time.

Sagittarius Daily Health:

If you’ve had any disagreements, counter your uneasy feelings with some rest. You accomplish this best by looking after yourself, the important thing is a feel-good-factor and not extreme escapism. Instead of exhaustive bench pressing and treadmills allow yourself a sports massage or sauna as a relaxing alternative.

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