Sagittarius ♐ Daily Horoscope: Love, Work & Health


Today´s date: Tuesday 19th of January 2021

Sagittarius Daily General:

When we sense someone needs their spirits lifted or a 'frown turned upside down,' all too often, we distance ourselves from them. We believe we know what's right for them, and that involves space between us. Of course, there are times when that's helpful. But there are other times when the simplest comment or tiniest gesture can work a small miracle. You could be that miracle-maker now.

Sagittarius Daily Love:

You could appear noticeably more lively and energetic on the outside. But this could be a symptom of restlessness felt inside. That means a balance needs to be found between your passionate stirring and necessary grounding. Applying abundant energy in ways that help you burn calories might be the best idea right now. I'll leave that with you.

Sagittarius Daily Work:

Colleagues are intrigued by your laid back, relaxed approach. They're attracted to your ability to apply yourself to cooperation within a team and be convincing in the way you direct tasks. You project a comfortable atmosphere, wanting to preserve collective brainstorming and the right climate that brings you success.

Sagittarius Daily Health:

You're determined to take full advantage of the energy and enthusiasm you have available to use in any way you desire. You're encouraged by how fit and well you feel and focus attention on being more satisfied with your appearance. You find the courage to transform the way you look for the better completely.


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