Sagittarius ♐ Daily Horoscope: Love, Work & Health


Today´s date: Saturday 28th of March 2020

Sagittarius Daily General:

Don't let money or particularly a lack of it get you down or cause an inspired plan to be delayed or shelved. Tight cash flow might cause a problem or two, but that doesn't mean there's not much you can do to prepare while you improve your financial picture. Apply some imagination to what causes an obstacle. You can get around it and make reassuring progress by thinking positively.

Sagittarius Daily Love:

Sensing change with matters of the heart is wise, but you're also wise to do what you can to control or steer it. Your love life could take on a new level of priority at this time, and you can tick many romantic or relationship boxes by not only embracing change but helping it in the right direction. With focus and determination, you can help love to form or flourish in many wonderful ways. A gentle nudge might be all that's needed.

Sagittarius Daily Work:

On the right track, there seems to be nothing you cannot accomplish. You show confidence plus integrity, and people notice this. Your colleagues are amazed at how well you tackle difficult projects and complete them successfully. Whenever this happens, try to curb your desire for self-recognition a bit.

Sagittarius Daily Health:

Getting up early in the morning is easier than normal, you wake up and feel exhilarated with a degree of attitude. Small aches and pains have disappeared as if by magic, overall you feel invigorated. Don't overdo any exercise, go easy with any planned physical activities and let your body's energy flow naturally.

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