Pisces ♓ April 2020 Horoscope: Love, Money & Career


While your birthday month ended last month, until Mercury leaves on 11th April you are still finalising your game plan and resolutions for the coming year. From the moment Mercury returned in early February for what should have been a 14 to 15 day visit aimed at giving you the intellectually savvy edge needed to make smart choices, decisions and plans for your new solar year, there was no urgency. To start with that was because a retrograde phase means that Mercury is not only still here two months later, but after retrograding back out he returned 12 days later and began from the start of Pisces again.

Yet even as he prepares to leave on 11th April, you will still find that there is no pressure to finalise anything and instead there is a call to keep your mind and your options open. That is because, while your birthday month ended last month, Mars’ return to Pisces next month will open up a whole new raft of possibilities. Mercury is more focused on the short term choices, decisions and plans that will give this new solar year the right guidelines, knowing that not all your options are on the table yet. In the meantime, the Sun has moved on and will spend the first three weeks of April in your income sector, as he does at this time every year.

While the Sun will leave on 20th April, Mercury will return from 11th April to 28th April with the smart head for money needed to get your head in the game. The Sun and Mercury will both end the month in your communication sector and this is where Venus begins the month, with the planet of love on a mission to give your heart and your relationships a voice before leaving on 4th April. It is then that Venus will begin a four month visit to your home and family sector, creating special conditions for home and family matters right through to August.

LovePisces April 2020 Love Horoscope

While there is no planetary activity in either your romantic or relationship sectors this month and you wouldn’t expect any, in their own way they both get exactly what they need. While there is no planetary activity in your romantic sector, the North Node is spending its last full month here quietly updating your heart’s GPS and giving matters of the heart a sense of direction. The North Node isn’t a physical object and is instead a gravitational pull and is responsible for a series of eclipses over the last few years. The Moon will visit your romantic sector twice this month, each time aligning with the North Node and giving you a chance to get your bearings.

The Moon will begin the month in your romantic sector, with romantically charged lunar vibes in effect during the first two days of the month. The Moon will come full circle from 28th April to 30th April and as the last visit before the North Node leaves, this will be an important time to listen to your heart and to let the spirit of romance take the lead. Each time the Moon returns is a chance to get a better read on the North Node’s influence. Meanwhile, the Moon’s visit to your relationship sector from 5th April to 7th April is the only direct focus on your relationships, making it important to listen to your emotional responses during this time.

However, what your relationships do have is something even better, which is wall to wall planetary activity in your communication sector. When there is planetary activity in your relationship sector this can put the pressure on and will expose any issues. However, planetary activity in your communication sector will keep the communication lines open and this is exactly what your relationship needs. The month begins with Venus, the planet of love in her final days in your communication sector and of a month long mission to give your heart and your relationships a voice. Venus will be gone by 4th April but Uranus is here all month, the Sun will be here by 20th April and Mercury, the planet of communication will return on 28th April.

MoneyPisces April 2020 Money Horoscope

The focus is always going to be on your income situation, matters and options at this time of year, with the Sun always spending the first three weeks of April in your income sector. This is when the solar spotlight is always on income matters, making things more transparent but also making this a priority. Because you have had the dwarf planet Eris in your income sector since 1926 and she will be here for another three decades, there isn’t a moment of any year when there is no focus on income matters. Eris is the warrior princess of the cosmos and while she mainly operates in the background, you will feel her presence when you sense you are not being treated fairly or you are not getting what you deserve.

Because Eris has been here for nine decades, this has become part of your DNA. It is when the faster moving planets move through that things become more active and for you, this began much earlier this year, thanks to Venus’ return in February. Venus has already been and gone but as the planet of money, she has already spent time fuelling your confidence, triggering the laws of attraction and leaving you with a lucrative sense of direction. The Sun will keep the solar spotlight on income matters until he leaves on 20th April, but Mercury’s return on 11th April will keep him here until 28th April.

Held back by a retrograde phase, Mercury is late returning this year but here now until 28th April, he brings a chance to get your head in the game and to make smart choices, decisions and plans. Where Venus began this year’s active phase by focusing on the ‘what’, Mercury ends it with his focus on the ‘when, where and how’. Meanwhile, the Moon’s return to your financial sector from 7th April to 9th April and the Full Moon this will create on 8th April might fuel some financial tension. However, this is a clash between income and matters that happens at this time each year, with both sides benefiting.

CareerPisces April 2020 Career Horoscope

For the second month in a row, there are no planets in either of your two professional houses, bringing you back to what is the norm for this time of year. Until the Sun returns to your work sector in July, this professional year is operating on the considerable professional momentum already banked. The reality is that this is normal for this time of year, with recent years the exception to the rule. Yet it is some busy years that have left you in a position where things are now able to run their course and where you can focus more on the money.

With the Sun in your income sector until 20th April, Mercury from 11th April to 28th April and the dwarf planet Eris keeping the momentum going after that, this is a chance to exploit the income potential from what has already been invested professionally. This also means that when the Moon returns to your two professional houses with a chance to check in, it will form a friendly aspect to the planets in your income sector, giving both a boost. The Moon will make two visits to your work sector this month, moving through from 3rd April to 5th April, before coming full circle on 30th April, where it will see out the month.

During both visits, the Moon will give you an intuitive read on work and job matters, while creating positive conditions or acting as a trigger on the income and job fronts. The Moon will do the same for career matters when it makes its monthly visit to your career sector from 11th April to 13th April. This will fuel your professional instincts and imagination just as Mercury returns to your income sector on 11th April, creating positive conditions and acting as a trigger on both fronts. This is also the Moon’s last visit to your career sector before the South Node returns early next month and where it will trigger a series of eclipses over the next 18 months, as well as access to untapped professional potential.

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