Pisces ♓ Daily Horoscope: Love, Work & Health


Today´s date: Wednesday 28th of October 2020

Pisces Daily General:

When we become aware of how something that mattered to us once is no longer essential, then that's usually a clear sign of us evolving as individuals. We must all let go of something we were dependent upon to make space for something more appropriate. A similar change of attitude you experience now could make whatever you're letting go of difficult to release. But try to focus on how you have a very different mindset now than when you first clung to it.

Pisces Daily Love:

Venus adds sweetness to any openness or disclosures now. If you wanted to 'clear the air' in any way with the one you love or a potential sweetheart, then the time to do so is ideal. Resolving any matter will require you to dig deep and assess what caused an issue or snafu. But by handling it honestly and sensitively, you can do much to ensure it won't pose a problem in the future.

Pisces Daily Work:

You express your opinions forcefully causing colleagues to become confused and upset with your unreasonable conduct. If you're argumentative what you say is easily misconstrued by colleagues and they think of you as being rather arrogant and selfish. Try to act and speak in a reasonable way, and avoid further confusions.

Pisces Daily Health:

Paying attention to your body, you discover what it needs most. It might be an easy paced jogging session, to help reduce any feelings of frustration or anger. Possibly quiet recuperation and a sports massage are just what your body needs. Importantly don't push yourself too much, find your inner balance again.

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