Libra ♎ Horoscope 2020: Love, Career & Health


Libra in 2020: A Year of Progression

Did you have a rough year?

Don’t worry because the new year will bring you new beginnings. Thanks to the presence of major planets like Saturn, Mercury, and Jupiter, you will witness many new and positive changes in the coming year.

Simply put, 2020 might be the year where your dreams will come true.

It is not just the planets that are moving in your favor but it will also be your talent and hard work that will take you many places.

Things will start to take a positive turn financially and your career and work-life will flourish. But all this will only be possible if you work hard consistently. Perseverance and constant efforts will take you to the top along with a little help from your zodiac sign.

In 2020, Saturn will be present in your tenth house which will bring you some new challenges this year. However, these challenges will be nothing that you cannot take.

These will prepare you with a better life and will hone your personality which will bring positive changes for you in the future. You need to accept these changes and work through the challenges if you want to excel in all parts of your life.

Venus, the ruler signs of Libra, will move in your house favorably until February 2020. This will bring positive future prospects. Saturn will also move into Aquarius about the same time as Venus moves into your sign. This will bring a positive impact on your life, especially in your business and work life. Your growth possibilities will boost and you will reach new heights.

The new year will also bring you close to the people you love. It will improve your communication and will bring down many communication barriers you generally encounter.

You will see a surge of strength and determination that will bring you more honor and dignity. You will have a renewed strength to capture your dreams and will work on your short and long-term goals.

Simply put, 2020 will be a year of assessing where you stand, believing in your abilities, and taking a leap towards a better future. With planets and other signs working in your favor, you will feel a renewed strength that will bring you the best of life.

Make sure you do your part by being perseverant and continue to work hard consistently. With the right attitude and determination, you will be able to achieve what you have always been dreaming of.

Libra family 2020

Libra Family Horoscope 2020

 The year 2020 will bring in a new spark in your family life. If you are not a family-oriented person, you will notice that you find yourself interested in your family affairs. You may also end up talking to the family members that you haven’t spoken to in years. Your family life is expected to remain good and positive throughout the year.

The mid of the year might bring some new challenges when it comes to your home and family. Your relationship with your siblings might not be the best during this time. Your parents will be your biggest support during these difficult times.

If you are having any disputes with your parents, especially your mother, you may want to sort things out with them in the coming year. If not, things will start getting worse and you will face many unexpected consequences.

You may go on a family trip in 2020 which will improve the bonding between you and your family. Cherish these moments and make the most of them as you may not find time to do it again.

Try to avoid anything that may cause chaos and confusion in your family. This may disrupt the positive relations you are currently experiencing with your family. Overall, 2020 will be a good year for your family life and relationships.

Libra love and relationship 2020

Libra Love and Relationships Horoscope 2020

Your love life is expected to flourish in 2020. If you are single, you may find your special someone. People who are in a relationship may make things official this year and those who aren’t committed yet may put a ring on it. People close to you will happily accept your relationships and you won’t have to face any serious issues on that front.

2020 is expected to be filled with surprises, excitement, and love from your partner. Your married life will see its ups and downs but you and your partner will remain strong.

You will be each other’s strength and this will prove to be a great year for your married life. With the presence of Saturn in the Fifth House, you may experience some good and bad times in your relationships at the beginning of the year. However, things will start to settle down as the year progresses.

Libra work and career 2020

Libra Work and Career Horoscope 2020

2020 will bring many new opportunities for Libras in terms of their work and career. You will be rewarded for your hard work. You may get a promotion that you have been wanting for a long time. Your career will get the much-needed boost that you have been waiting for many years now.

People who are in the business field will find themselves in profits. If you have made an investment, its positive results will start coming by the mid of the new year.

Since Jupiter and Saturn will be moving into the Capricorn sign in a retrograde motion, it is not the right time to change your jobs or profession. We suggest you keep doing what you are currently doing and not think about switching.

Libra money and finance 2020

Libra Money and Finance Horoscope 2020

2020 will also be a positive year for you when it comes to money and finances. However, you need to be careful about the investments you make. If you are thinking about investing in property, then make sure that you consult with experts before making any final decision.

You should expect some major financial gains coming your way by the mid of 2020. Your past investments will start paying off and you will also add some new possessions to your wealth.

Your current income is also expected to increase by the mid of 2020. If you are hoping for a promotion, then you are most likely to get it by mid-2020.

In addition to making money from previous investments, you will also come across plenty of new income-generating opportunities. Simply put, 2020 may be one of the best years for you financially.

Therefore, you must try to make the most of it while the stars and planets are in your favor. Don’t try to get involved in anything that may cost you more rather than giving any favorable return. Be open to new opportunities but consult with an expert before making any important decisions.

Libra health 2020

Libra Health Horoscope 2020

2020 is expected to be a good year when it comes to your health and energy levels. The start of the New Year will come with an unexpected wave of energy and you will feel much healthier than before.

The planets are in your favor which will help you focus on your health, both mentally and physically. Stress and strain are expected to be minimal in 2020 which means that your health will boost. You will stay in good shape all year round.

However, there might be some minor health issues here and there. These will be nothing serious and you will overcome them easily.

As soon as you enter the last part of 2020, your health will boost. 2020 is expected to be potentially trouble-free for Libras when it comes to their health and wellbeing.

However, you must take care of your health and not ignore it. 2020 is the year of progression and you must commit to a health plan if you want to get the maximum out of it.

So, adopt a healthier lifestyle, hit the gym and make healthy eating choices. This will not only boost your physical health but will also give you new vigor and strength mentally and emotionally. You might also find yourself inclined towards spirituality.

Let your mind and heart explore as new opportunities may bring you an inner peace that you have been longing for.

While you don’t have to go crazy with your health concerns in 2020, you also must not ignore them completely. You will only be able to make the most of the New Year and the opportunities it brings along if you are healthy enough to work on them.

Just follow a simple and healthy routine and don’t fall for bad habits. If you are a smoker and have been trying to quit for a long time, 2020 maybe your year as the planets are in your favor.

You will make some healthy decisions and quitting smoking may be one of them that will bring a positive change in not only your health but also your personality.

Follow your dreams and look forward to achieving them in 2020.

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