Libra ♎ Daily Horoscope: Love, Work & Health


Today´s date: Tuesday 19th of January 2021

Libra Daily General:

When we're stuck in a traffic jam, we can be surprisingly grateful for the tiniest amount of movement. Advancing ever so slightly is better than remaining stationary or stuck. But we also become aware of how small actions are often signs that something more pleasing and reassuring will follow. Prepare to see how your patience and perseverance have paid off in a particular way.

Libra Daily Love:

If a pleasing development occurs outside your emotional sphere, then allow positive energy to infuse matters of the heart. Whether it's your willingness to laugh or general lightheartedness that affects you, a lover or potential sweetheart is bound to notice. This positive surge could also make you less emotionally-distant. That might be something someone close wants to see too.

Libra Daily Work:

If obsessed with making a success of your work, you don't always handle your colleagues very well. Not giving them the respect they deserve, you may put good relationships, which possibly are the result of long-term collaboration, under unnecessary strain, just because of your increased demand for achievement.

Libra Daily Health:

If it's difficult for you to control your erratic conduct and you frequently push yourself too far, you need to take some leisure time to help yourself unwind. You must deal with this energy built up inside you and compensate for this tension in a quiet and stress-free way with a relaxing bath and get to bed early.


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