Libra ♎ Daily Horoscope: Love, Work & Health


Today´s date: Sunday 26th of September 2021

Libra Daily General:

There's an undeniable link between settling for 'second' or 'third-best' and a belief that we don't deserve the most positive outcome. Of course, investing every ounce of effort can still result in us accepting silver or bronze equivalents, but a lack of confidence or faith can be the biggest culprit with preventing us from attaining gold. Consider where you might be 'selling yourself short' in some way at this time. Believe that you deserve the best, and you could find the best really is available to you.

Libra Daily Love:

If you find yourself stuck in the middle of circumstances that affect a lover and someone else, then you may need to be careful about how you try to restore balance. Whether the object of your affections has issues with a family member or someone they work with, it could become clear that you'll need to step in. But any advice you offer is bound to be along the right lines.

Libra Daily Work:

If your work is criticized in a particularly harsh manner, then develop a thorough plan straightaway to improve your situation and accomplish any outstanding tasks. Don't be too reticent about your plans, make other’s aware of what it is you're attempting to achieve, and you'll receive valuable tips and support from them.

Libra Daily Health:

You're able to accept responsibility for the fact that you don't always feel good about yourself. It's no big deal if you cannot keep up with others and have less stamina than you expect. It's better to listen to the signals from your body and take a short rest rather than push yourself too hard and run the risk of fatigue.


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