Libra ♎ Daily Horoscope: Love, Work & Health


Today´s date: Wednesday 1st of April 2020

Libra Daily General:

A new and vibrant level of communicative energy is on offer to you now. Give proper thought to how you're going to use or apply this because connecting with others could be noticeably easier and have far-reaching benefits. If there's a discussion you've delayed having, then you could find that you possess the right levels of charm and sensitivity to instigate it and steer it effortlessly.

Libra Daily Love:

Love and romance take on a more light-hearted feel now. But there could also be an enhanced keenness to consider how others see you or you and the one you love. Powerful urges or desires might be difficult to make sense of, too. Don't underestimate your levels of power and influence. But do be aware of how both combined with powerful urges and desires could make you heavy-handed or intense. Do what you know you need to do, but do it gently.

Libra Daily Work:

If you experience disruptions that impact on you negatively, you probably react in a rather ill-tempered way and risk spoiling the relationships you've got with your colleagues. Refrain from any outbursts or blaming others. If possible, the greatest preferred option is to go about finding a diplomatic solution quietly.

Libra Daily Health:

You express your restlessness is through your compulsive urge for exercise and fitness; you may be susceptible to pressure, so avoid anything that demands excessive effort on your part. Create an easy level exercise regime, which just tires you out and allows you to sleep well without causing any undue stress.

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