Leo ♌ June 2020 Horoscope: Love, Money & Career


While this is an extremely varied month there is a theme emerging for you and that is that life can no longer be all work and no play. It was just 10 days before moving into the new month that the Sun left your career sector, ending all the faster planetary activity for the year but leaving behind Uranus, a slow outer planet who will keep the rest of this professional year on track. At the same time, with Pluto and Jupiter now both in retrograde motion in your work sector and Saturn retrograding back in on 2nd July, the urgency is dropping from this professional year. However, there are still strong forces in play on the job and career fronts with the only thing changing being that drop in urgency.

This comes when two of this month’s unexpected developments will draw your attention as far away from job and career matters as possible. The first is a lunar eclipse in a fun, playful, romantic and creatively charged part of your chart on 6th June and as the Moon is here from 5th June to 7th June and over the first weekend of the new month, this sends an early message that life can’t be all work and no play. It is at the other end of the month that you will get a second message and in the same way that the South Node, the force behind the lunar eclipse at the start of the month is here to stay, so too will this new development.

What I am talking about is Mars’ return to an adventurous part of your chart on 28th June, for what should be a six week opportunity to embrace his passion for adventure before he moves onto your career sector. Except while Mars will make it to your career sector it won’t be until January 2021, returning to your sector of adventure, travel, learning and discovery on 28th June but then spending the whole second half of the year here. With the planets in your two professional houses pulling back, instead of fighting a growing call to embrace life they are pulling back so that they don’t get in the way.

LoveLeo June 2020 Love Horoscope

There are exciting and significant events on both the romantic and relationship fronts this month, over and above what you would normally expect. There was a significant turn of events when Saturn and Mars returned to your relationship sector in May and having spent the whole of April providing structure and motivation, they are preparing to go their separate ways. Until he leaves on 13th May, Mars will be working to not only give you something to fight for but the motivation to put in the effort. Mars knows that the foe that as the warrior planet of the cosmos he is most determined to defeat before leaving is complacency.

Saturn’s first visit to your relationship sector since he was last here between 1991 and 1994 has the focus on discipline, commitment, structure and on identifying where you need to take responsibility. Yet it is just two days before Mars leaves that Saturn will turn retrograde on 11th May, something that will see him retrograde back out in early July. For a 48 hour period, Saturn will be looking to the past and Mars to the future, with one looking at what your relationships need from you and the other at what you need from your relationships. Mars’ departure and Saturn’s retrograde turn will eliminate any urgency.

With Venus turning retrograde in your friendship sector on 13th May and Juno, queen of commitment and especially commitment to your relationships in retrograde motion in your communication sector until 27th May, there is support for friendship and relationship building and for giving the past and unsaid words a voice. Meanwhile, the South Node’s return to your romantic sector on 5th May might be an understated event now but as well as setting the scene for a romantically charged lunar eclipse early next month, this opens the doors to the past and second chances on the romantic front as well.

MoneyLeo June 2020 Money Horoscope

The financial landscape this month is very different from what you would expect at this time of year and for all the right reasons. The most active points of any financial year are when the faster moving planets visit your two money houses with the Sun, Mercury and Venus moving through your financial sector in February/March of each year and through your income sector in August/September of each year. While there is no ongoing planetary activity in your income sector, dreamy Neptune has been in your financial sector since 2012 and until he leaves in 2026, will keep money matters on track.

Or at least when it comes to keeping you motivated and the financial dream alive. However, as he has done each year since his return eight years ago, Neptune will turn retrograde on 23rd June, moving into a review phase. This is the side of the financial fence that is focused on what you do with and how you manage the money you have, so this is a chance to reflect and especially on what did and didn’t work to your advantage and how you can use this to help your financial dreams evolve. This should mean that things are fairly quiet on the financial front this month. However, the first sign of change came when the dwarf planet Ceres returned in April, with her first visit in four years a chance to take a deeper dive into your financial needs and priorities.

This wasn’t revealed as the advantage it was until Mars, the planet of passion and the warrior planet of the cosmos returned last month. Until leaving on 28th June, Mars will continue to fuel your financial passions and fighting spirit, along with the drive to take your financial power back. Backing Mars up you have Neptune fuelling your financial dreams and Ceres continuously updating your financial needs and priorities, giving you an evolving window into what you are fighting for. What should be a slow and even passive approach to money matters this month instead calls for an assertive approach, ready to take your financial power back.

CareerLeo June 2020 Career Horoscope

Things are much quieter and more settled this month but in an empowering way that gives this professional year a lot more stability. When the Sun left your career sector last month this not only took the solar spotlight off your career and professional situation, matters and options but brought all the faster moving planetary activity for the year to a close, the kind that demands your full attention. With Venus and Mercury already been and gone and no more planets returning this year, apart from the Moon’s return every four months there will be no more big changes. However, that doesn’t mean that things will slow down or suffer from a lack of attention, with Uranus in the first full year of a seven year visit.

With Uranus not leaving your career sector until 2026, he will keep things on track for the rest of the year but with the main push behind you, unless you veer off course or take a wrong turn there will be no unexpected shifts. This comes just as both planets in your work sector are now in retrograde motion, with Pluto having turned retrograde in April and Jupiter last month. Even Saturn, who left your work sector in March will retrograde back in early next month. With Jupiter and Saturn in retrograde motion until September and Pluto until early October, they will spend the middle months of this year going back over ground already covered.

For Jupiter, this will be a chance to explore missed opportunities and untapped job potential but for now, is in no hurry. As you move into the new month the Sun has only been gone from your career sector for 10 days and Jupiter has only been in retrograde motion in your work sector for 15 days so this is something that you are still adjusting to. The Moon’s return to your work sector from 7th June to 9th June will be a chance to check in, as will its visit to your career sector from 16th June to 19th June. In both visits, as well as giving you an intuitive edge and delivering valuable clues, hunches and insights, the Moon will connect with the planets that will drive the rest of this professional year.

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