Leo ♌ April 2020 Horoscope: Love, Money & Career


This month is divided into three categories of planetary activity. The first is the normal planetary activity you would expect at this time of year and for you, this is the Sun spending the first three weeks of April in your financial sector, before ending the month in a more adventurous part of your chart. The second category is a taming or settling down of areas where there has been some volatility or a lot of ups and downs and that will see things become more stable and that is so on the job front or with any health issues or time restraints you have been juggling with. The third category is a whole new area of life opening up.

The latter is on the personal or interpersonal front, led by Saturn and Mars’ return to your relationship sector in the final 10 days of March. Just starting the month with either one of those planets here was going to put a whole new focus on your relationships but even more so with both. The last time that you had Saturn and Mars in your relationship sector at the same time was in 1994, so this is a big deal. However, what makes this a bigger deal is that Venus will return to begin a four month visit to your friendship sector on 4th April, just four days before a Full Moon in your communication sector on 8th April.

As the Moon moves through from 8th April to 11th April, it will form a friendly aspect to Venus, Mars and Saturn while aligning with Juno, queen of commitment and especially commitment to your relationships here. This will amplify what are the early stages of a major new period for communication, personal and professional networking, friendship and relationship building that will continue through the middle months of the year. This is something that will have a huge and positive impact on your personal and professional relationships and interactions, with life becoming less busy but more connected.

LoveLeo April 2020 Love Horoscope

From out of the blue your relationships, which had been put on the back burner after the Sun and Mercury left your relationship sector in February, are back on the front burner and this is where it will remain. In reality, things never went completely off the boil, with the dwarf planet Ceres staying on after the Sun left in order to give you a chance to reassess your relationship needs and priorities. What you didn’t know at the time was that this was preparation for something much bigger than anything seen in decades. You had a sense of this when Mercury, the planet of communication retrograded back into your relationship sector last month, a month after leaving, only to leave again 12 days later.

Why Mercury had to turn back and spend additional time getting the communication lines open became clear when Saturn returned six days later, making his first visit to your relationship sector since 1994. Saturn had only been here for nine days when Mars returned in the closing hours of March, with the planet of passion and the warrior planet of the cosmos on board as well as you move into the new month. March began with most of the planetary activity on the relationship front for the year having run its course but April begins with the most powerful planetary activity in decades underway.

Mars is here until mid May and Saturn will retrograde back out in July but not before they both spend time preparing for not just Saturn’s return in December but Jupiter’s as well. Whether single, in a relationship or between relationships, this is the first month of a journey that will take until 2023 to fully run its course and is a chance for a completely fresh start. A Full Moon in your communication sector on 8th April is not the only communication support your relationships will have while from 4th April, from her position in your friendship sector you will have Venus, the planet of love providing support for friendship and relationship building.

MoneyLeo April 2020 Money Horoscope

While the money gods’ focus this month is on the side of the financial fence that is more focused on what you do with and how you manage the money you have, there is reason for confidence on the income front as well. On the income front, the focus is more on gaining the professional momentum that will allow you to maximise the most lucrative months 2020, which are in the second half of the year. However, with work and job matters gaining real momentum and Venus, the planet of money in your career sector at the start of the month, they are already preparing for what lies ahead.

However, the timing of the Moon’s visit to your income sector does create a pocket of income potential this month. Until leaving on 4th April, Venus is on a mission to fuel your professional confidence, attract opportunities and steer things in a lucrative direction. To have the Moon move through your income sector from 5th April to 7th April will give what can be the most lucrative days of any month an extra edge. Another reason why these could be lucrative days is that the Moon will be coming full circle from last month’s Full Moon in your income sector and this could see things triggered then come to fruition.

In the meantime, until leaving your financial sector on 11th April, Mercury is giving you the smart head for money to finalise your financial game plan and resolutions for the coming year. Staying on after the Sun left last month, Mercury gives you the ability to keep your head in the game and to focus on the details needed to make the right financial choices, decisions and plans. Even after Mercury leaves, with dreamy Neptune here until 2026, there is enough support to keep the momentum going. It is later in the month that you will have a chance to reassess your financial priorities.

CareerLeo April 2020 Career Horoscope

There is a lot of talk at the moment about ‘flattening the curve’ and while it might appear the professional gods are heeding that message, this was their intention all along. What you have, especially on the job front is the removal of the extremes, leaving behind something that is less volatile, more predictable and smooth running. You began March with Jupiter, Pluto, Mars and Saturn in your work sector but it was the latter two that created the wild extremes. Saturn likes to drive in the slow lane, at the slowest pace possible and preferably with the brakes on.

Mars, on the other hand, likes to drive in the fast lane, with his foot to the floor and while he only returns to your work sector every other year, they can be the busiest weeks in a two year period. When you had Mars wanting you to go hard and Saturn wanting you to pull back and times when one got the upper hand, we have volatility. You also have uncertainty. Do you go with Saturn, who wants you to play it safe or do you go with Mars, who wanted you to be more reckless? This is something you no longer have to choose between, with Mars having left in the final hours of March and Saturn nine days earlier.

This not only leaves Jupiter and Pluto, the planets of luck and change behind, but they will spend the first six days of the month aligned, making sure they are on the same page. With Pluto turning retrograde on 26th April and Jupiter next month, they are both slowing down, resulting in a slow, steady, confident and far less volatile month. Even on the career front there is a return to normality, with Venus leaving your career sector on 4th April but the Sun returning on 20th April ahead of Mercury on 28th April, turning the solar spotlight onto your career and professional situation, matters and options as he does at this time every year.

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