Leo ♌ November 2020 Horoscope: Love, Money & Career


When there is too much of a good thing it can create an imbalance in your life, unless you have the same thing happening in other areas of your life that can balance it out and that is what you have this month. Where you have too much of a good thing is on the job front or with whatever it is that keeps you busy or occupies your time. With Jupiter and Saturn both spending their last full month in your work sector and Jupiter and Pluto aligning here this month, the pace is not only picking up everything is starting to come together. This is likely to be a busy month but productive and also opportune. Had it not been for Mars things could have become a little too busy.

Fortunately, just as the pace is picking up Mars will turn direct in an adventurous part of your chart while the Sun will not only return to a playful part of your chart on 22nd November but will create a total solar eclipse here during Jupiter and Saturn’s final days in your busy work sector next month. As the bar is raised on the busy side of life’s fence, it is also being raised on the playful and adventurous side. The reality is, this is not a competition for having the right balance between work and play is key to maintaining your productivity and creativity. The wave that is building on the job and professional now will continue through to the early months of 2021 so this is important.

In the meantime, the Sun will always keep the solar spotlight on home and family matters during the first three weeks of November, with Venus and Mercury returning to maintain that focus all month. Meanwhile, the dwarf planet Ceres is a small planet on a big mission during her final days in your relationship sector. Before leaving on 10th November, Ceres is on a mission to update your relationship needs and priorities ahead of Jupiter and Saturn’s return next month to begin some of the most important months and years on the relationship front in decades.

LoveLeo November 2020 Love Horoscope

To have any planetary activity in your relationship sector in November is rare and is only possible if something over and above the annual pattern is happening. The Sun will always return to your relationship sector in January and it is impossible for either Venus or Mercury to return this far ahead, so to start the month with planetary activity on the relationship front means that something else is happening. That something else is the dwarf planet Ceres, a little planet on a big mission. Ceres’ job is to update our needs and priorities and she spent three months updating your relationship needs and priorities from January to April.

However, Ceres retrograded back in at the end of September to revisit those needs and priorities and she will continue to do that until she leaves on 10th November. This is something that was always going to benefit your relationships but had this been any other year or time in your life not nearly as significant as it is this time. Both Jupiter and Saturn will return to your relationship sector next month to begin some of the most powerful and significant conditions on the relationship front in decades and with Saturn here until 2023, to begin a journey that will dominate the next few years. That Ceres has returned to help you review your relationship needs and priorities couldn’t be more important.

It is just five weeks and two days after Ceres leaves that Saturn will return, followed by Jupiter just three days later. This is just enough time to work on the information and insight that this will leave you with. Meanwhile, it is just 11 days later that the Sun will return to your romantic sector on 22nd November, something that happens at this time every year. However, the moment the solar spotlight shifts onto matters of the heart and all things romantic it will be clear that something big is developing here as well. For the first time in 17 years, the Sun will return to find the South Node here and it is this that sets the wheels in motion for a total solar eclipse next month and the potential for major new beginnings.

MoneyLeo November 2020 Money Horoscope

By the time you move into the new month, Venus is gone from your income sector and there is no more planetary activity here. However, having left just three days earlier her influence is still there and until the Moon makes its first visit since Venus left, you haven’t had a chance to exploit the full potential. The Moon will return from 10th November to 12th November and apart from sharpening your nose for money, this will act as a trigger for any income potential Venus had set in motion but didn’t have a chance to bring home. This makes these some of the most potentially lucrative days of the month.

However, this is not the only legacy from the planet of money’s time in your income sector. Venus spent her final 10 days in your income sector at a friendly aspect to all three planets in your work sector and this allows Jupiter and Saturn to move into their last full month there with a lucrative sense of direction. While all the planetary activity on the income front for the year may have run its course, this has the potential to be a lucrative month. Meanwhile, while the professional gods will continue to maintain Venus’ lucrative sense of direction and potential the money gods have shifted their focus back onto the other side of the financial fence.

This allows you to focus more on Neptune’s final weeks in retrograde motion in your financial sector but also prepare for a turnaround ahead. Throughout his time in your financial sector, from 2012 to 2026, Neptune will spend from June to November in retrograde motion and this is a chance to focus more on the rear view mirror and on his annual financial review. While Neptune won’t turn direct until 29th November the dwarf planet Ceres, who retrograded back out at the end of September will return on 10th November, this time in direct motion. With Jupiter returning to your financial sector in 2021 this is a chance to start looking to the future while you are still reviewing this financial year.

CareerLeo November 2020 Career Horoscope

Starting the month with the Moon in your career sector and with your professional instincts and imagination fuelled from the get go will always be an advantage but with a Full Moon that began in the closing hours of October continuing into the early days of November, this gets the month off with a bang. In any month that would be an advantage but this is no ordinary month. By any measure, whether because this is Jupiter and Saturn’s last full month in your work sector, because Jupiter and Pluto are aligning for the third time this year but also for the last time here in our lifetime, this is the month when things are coming together on the job front.

The month doesn’t just begin right in the middle of a Full Moon on the career front but with the Moon at a friendly aspect to all three planets on the job front, just as they are ready to bring things home. Pluto has been in your work sector since 2008, Saturn since 2017 and Jupiter since December 2019 but they are all heading into the home straight at the same time. Saturn and Jupiter will leave within three days of each other next month but Pluto will do a few more laps after they leave, keeping the momentum going through to 2024.

This is the first time that Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn have been in your work sector at the same time in our lifetime and it will never happen again, which is what makes their final month together so potentially game changing. What began with Jupiter and Pluto back in 2008 is just coming together now, making November 2020 the point that everything until now has led up to and everything from now will lead on from. Thanks to Venus, the planet of money’s departure from your income sector late last month you also begin the month with a lucrative sense of direction and plenty of income potential. When it comes to work and job matters, this is a month for putting everything you have into everything you do.

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