Leo ♌ Daily Horoscope: Love, Work & Health


Today´s date: Wednesday 1st of April 2020

Leo Daily General:

The Moon influences the social scene and groups, helping all social interactions. You could find your friends become ideal 'sounding boards' for ideas or plans you have in the pipeline. The more that enthusiasm underpins what you say or convey, the easier it will be for others to connect with what inspires you or whatever you're keen to make happen. Your enthusiasm could also be infectious, so apply it constructively!

Leo Daily Love:

If you feel you need quality down-time, then the Moon's influence with detachment and solitude could encourage you to immerse yourself in peace and quiet. This may be necessary to get to grips with current matters of the heart, too. Subtle energies and profound messages emerge from your subconscious. To make sense of or understand them, remove yourself from distractions focus on what your heart urges you to consider – in private.

Leo Daily Work:

On the right track, there seems to be nothing you cannot accomplish. You show confidence plus integrity, and people notice this. Your colleagues are amazed at how well you tackle difficult projects and complete them successfully. Whenever this happens, try to curb your desire for self-recognition a bit.

Leo Daily Health:

Getting up early in the morning is easier than normal, you wake up and feel exhilarated with a degree of attitude. Small aches and pains have disappeared as if by magic, overall you feel invigorated. Don't overdo any exercise, go easy with any planned physical activities and let your body's energy flow naturally.

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