Leo ♌ Daily Horoscope: Love, Work & Health


Today´s date: Wednesday 28th of October 2020

Leo Daily General:

Your ruling planet, the Sun, rules spotlights. That's why it governs the entertainment industry. When we think about what defines a truly impressive actor, they usually can adopt a very different persona within each production they involve themselves with. There's nothing insincere about this. It's what they do. It's possible that, in some way, you need to be a different person to different people in your world now. But that doesn't make you phony. It makes you adaptable, caring, and helpful.

Leo Daily Love:

Even if you're passionate about certain principles or beliefs, a lover or potential sweetheart could share theirs, giving you plenty to consider. But this can help you see the benefits of being more passionately flexible when it comes to taking on board their views. A willing, open mind could help make passionate progress. Going into Listening Mode can be so very sexy, too.

Leo Daily Work:

If there are disagreements to contend with and it's hard to make decisions and even harder to defend your point of view, it appears you're incapable of speaking up for yourself. Best to avoid any form of negotiations or challenging meetings with colleagues, postpone them if you can and any related appointments.

Leo Daily Health:

If you want to replenish your reserves of strength, and vitality, as well as invigorate both your mind and body, take a long walk, to think and plan unhurriedly or spend an hour meditating. You may even find that a friendly chat with a valued friend is beneficial, so you can discuss matters, which may currently be of concern to you.

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