Leo ♌ Daily Horoscope: Love, Work & Health


Today´s date: Monday 6th of April 2020

Leo Daily General:

The idea of 'reacquainting ourselves with ourselves' can seem bizarre or unusual. But when we set aside time to do so, we're aware of what we learn about ourselves from the experience. This is how we redefine our most important goals, aspirations, or identify individuals who mean the most to us. A bit of time on your own spent looking inward could be revealing – and possibly in more than one way.

Leo Daily Love:

You might experience confusion or uncertainty with matters of the heart now. But it's also possible that mixed messages that you're either sending or receiving could fuel both. That's why it might be helpful to distance yourself from a constant, emotionally-driven process to regain strength and clarity. A bit of distance applied now could bring both sooner than you think.

Leo Daily Work:

Approaching projects with a healthy optimism, you convince more cautious and pessimistic colleagues of the validity of your entire strategy. You take them to one side and calmly offer quiet words and encouraging advice. You accomplish tasks in a self-assured manner, alleviating any concerns others might have.

Leo Daily Health:

Introducing physical activities your positive feelings improve as you build on your core strength and the rhythm of your routine achieves a specific level of equilibrium, you feel fit and well-rested. Recognizing your vitality others come to rely on your strength in the event of any pressurized situation that crops up.

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