Leo ♌ Daily Horoscope: Love, Work & Health


Today´s date: Wednesday 3rd of June 2020

Leo Daily General:

Even if it has felt as if conversations have gone off on tangents lately or you speak an alien language given the responses you've received from others, you could find circumstances work to your advantage shortly. You have something important to say. Others need to hear this. If they take on board your point, then everyone wins. Don't be deterred by a few recent communicative hurdles.

Leo Daily Love:

An exchange appears imminent, but it could also be tense and emotional. Even if verbal dialogue doesn't form part of what's conveyed, you and someone must allow each other to have a say. But try to be tactful and sensitive. The responses you receive from you-know-who could be dictated by the tone or vibe you set or create.

Leo Daily Work:

Experiencing unusual mood swings makes you irritable and may affect work. You're easily annoyed by your colleagues, more so than they care to put up with. What you normally tolerate as eccentricities in others appear like flaws. Avoid conversations and concentrate on tasks that don't demand any patience.

Leo Daily Health:

The desire to accomplish your fitness goals is much lower than normal, if you feel this way, cancel any exercise activities, rather than over-tire yourself. Take the necessary time-out you need to progress and feel reinvigorated once more. As a result, you find you recover your strength and enthusiasm much sooner.

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