Capricorn ♑ April 2020 Horoscope: Love, Money & Career


One of the biggest impacts on you this month will be from Saturn and Mars and that includes because of where they are and where they are not. Where they are not is in Capricorn, with Mars having left in the final hours of March and Saturn nine days earlier. As well as taking Saturn, hard taskmaster of the cosmos and your ruling planet out of the game for a few months, this has also taken Mars manic urgency away. Saturn and Mars are extreme opposites and where Saturn has had the pressure on you to show up and take responsibility since 2017, Mars has just spent nearly seven weeks pushing you to cram as much into every moment as possible.

With Saturn and Mars gone their two extremes are gone, with Mars no longer hurrying you to move on and Saturn no longer holding you back. Instead, you begin the month with Jupiter and Pluto aligned in Capricorn, with the planets of luck and change coming together to occupy the middle ground. You will find life a lot easier, there will be less volatility and the highs and lows will be gone. With Pluto turning retrograde on 26th April and Jupiter next month, they are both slowing down, allowing for a more relaxed feel. Saturn and Mars are still somewhere, but their return to your income sector means that the impact is less personal.

With Venus beginning a four month visit to your work sector on 4th April and a Full Moon in your career sector on 8th April linking to planetary activity there, this will energise forces across the income, work and career fronts and keep them energised for months. While Mars is here to exploit income potential now and to see you fight for what you deserve, Saturn is more focused on taking notes and helping you learn what you can. For after retrograding back into Capricorn in July, Saturn will return to your income sector in December and he will bring Jupiter, the planet of luck and expansion with him.

LoveCapricorn April 2020 Love Horoscope

A couple of different factors make this a good month for relationship matters, while at the same time romantic matters will get an even more obvious boost. The month begins with Venus, the planet of love in your romantic sector and will end with the Sun here, as will be the case at this time every year, but they won’t be here at the same time. Even though Venus has been here a month by the time she leaves, there is a 16 day gap between her departure and the Sun’s return. Venus will be gone by 4th April and the Sun will be here by 20th April, giving you time in between to let her romantic influence, desires and expectations settle.

With Uranus in your romantic sector since last March and not leaving until 2026 and Mercury returning on 28th April, the spirit of romance won’t go off the boil. Returning ahead of the Sun, Venus is able to fuel the spirit of romance and update your wish list, letting this settle before the Sun turns the solar spotlight onto romantic matters. Meanwhile, it is the Moon’s visit from 23rd April to 24th April that will create a New Moon during its early hours here. This is always a time for new beginnings and for saying yes to matters of the heart.

In the meantime, while the focus on your relationships is more subtle is it just as important. The North Node is spending its last full month in your relationship sector and the South Node its last full month in Capricorn, where they have been policing a balance between your personal and relationship needs. With Saturn and Mars gone from Capricorn this has been a lot easier to balance while with Mercury, the planet of communication in your communication sector until 11th April, there is a real chance to ensure the communication lines are open.

MoneyCapricorn April 2020 Money Horoscope

From out of nowhere and despite the global economic climate, the stars are looking stunning for you across the income, work and career fronts. That doesn’t mean that there won’t be some tension or adjustment period, especially as you adjust to the very unusual developments in the final 10 days of March. Saying that you begin the month with Saturn and Mars in your income sector is the first time these words have come together in the same sentence since 1994. Yet even if Saturn wasn’t slowing down ahead of a retrograde turn next month he would have his foot on the brake from the get go, while Mars has his foot on the gas.

This is Mars’ first visit to your income sector since 2017 and he is here to help you fight for what you deserve. Mars only returned in the closing hours of March so is literally still in his early hours as you move into April. Saturn returned nine days earlier, so you will also be adjusting to not only the power you now have to make things happen but the responsibility that comes with this. For Saturn this is more a recognisance visit, checking out the opportunities, challenges, barriers or anything else you need to be aware of before he returns with Jupiter in December. Mars, on the other hand, is here to make things happen now.

The first job is adjusting to Saturn’s call for a cautious approach and Mars’ impatience. This is like leading a wagon with a high spirited stallion and an old horse happy to put one foot in front of the other and somehow getting them to work in tandem. The game changer is Venus, the planet of money’s return to your work sector on 4th April, for what should be a 24 day mission to fuel your job confidence, attract opportunities and steer things in a lucrative direction. Instead, Venus is here for four months and she knows exactly how to get Mars and Saturn working together in order to get what she wants.

CareerCapricorn April 2020 Career Horoscope

To begin with, it is business as usual on the professional front this month though the asteroid Juno, in retrograde motion in your career sector will benefit from having Saturn and Mars in your income sector. This was always going to have an impact professionally, for you can’t have a wave of new energy on the income front without something channel this into. Even if it was just Juno and the Moon’s monthly visits to your two professional houses, you would find a way to exploit this. Fortunately, things take an exciting turn on the professional front as well, creating a surge in energy across the income, work and career fronts.

This might be a case of bad timing in terms of the economic climate, but what is being birthed this month will take four months to fully play out. The game changer is Venus’ return to your work sector on 4th April, for what should be a 24 day visit aimed at fuelling your job confidence, attracting opportunities and steering things in a lucrative direction. Even if that was the case, with Mars and Saturn in your income sector, that job is being made a lot easier. The game changer is how early in the year Venus has returned and that has implications beyond giving you an early start. Venus returns so early that she will be forced to wait for the Sun, with a retrograde turn next month keeping her here until August.

As if to raise the bar on the career front to match, Juno gets a boost from a Full Moon in your career sector on 8th April. By the time the Moon returns to your career sector on 7th April and your professional instincts kick in, it will be clear that the game has changed across the income, work and career fronts. With Venus in your work sector until August, Juno in your career sector until September and both being joined by the Sun and Mercury over the coming months, your professional year is coming alive in an unexpected way.

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