Capricorn ♑ January 2021 Horoscope: Love, Money & Career


The Sun will always spend the first three weeks of January in Capricorn, with your new calendar and solar year always beginning in lockstep. However, while the last three years have felt like a repetition of previous years, this year will have a different feel and you would have noticed it as soon as the Sun returned to Capricorn to begin your birthday month and new solar year just before Christmas. For the first time in three years Saturn, the hard taskmaster of the cosmos and your ruling planet was gone, having left just four days earlier. Jupiter, who has spent 12 months laying down the foundations for the future left just a day before the Sun returned.

Because your birthday month began after Saturn and Jupiter had left, even though it was just 24 hours later, you began this new solar year without the pressure but with all the advantages and momentum banked over recent years. Mercury will remain in Capricorn until 9th January, leaving just a few hours before Venus returns on the same day to give your heart a voice and a say in what you want from this new solar year. It is when Mercury leaves Capricorn on 9th January and the Sun on 20th January that they will join Saturn and Jupiter in your income sector, where they have already begun to turn 2021 into a potentially lucrative year. It helps that you not only have the North Node in your work sector all year but Mars will return in March, for the first time in nearly two years.

Mercury, who will normally spend 14 to 15 days in your income sector each year giving you the smart head for money needed to keep your head in the game and to make smart choices, decisions and plans, will instead turn retrograde on 31st January and stay here until March. With Saturn in your income sector until 2023 and Jupiter spending the first and the last five months of 2021 here when the Moon returns to your financial sector every four weeks they will clash. This will happen on New Year’s Day so don’t be put off by a bit of financial tension at the start of the month, for this is not a sign of things to come. The first Full Moon of 2021 will fall here on 29th January.

LoveCapricorn January 2021 Love Horoscope

While to begin with the early days of 2021 won’t look any different to 2020, especially when it comes to matters of the heart and all things romantic, that is about to change in an exciting way. Until then, there is time to process the implications from a Full Moon in your relationship sector in the closing days of December, with the Moon just leaving in the early hours of the New Year. While the Full Moon itself was on 30th December, as the Moon has only just left as you move into the New Year you will still be processing the messages behind strong emotional responses.

This was not only the last Full Moon of 2020 but the last Full Moon in your relationship sector until 2022, making it important to pay attention to things that may have come to a head in the lead up to the New Year. With no planetary activity on the relationship front and the Moon not returning until 26th January, it is only in the very early and final days of the month that there will be any focus on your relationships. It is a different story on the romantic front but as the shift begins on 7th January, there is a chance to deal with any relationship housekeeping first.

The shift begins with Mars’ return to your romantic sector on 7th January, months after he should have returned. It was a two month retrograde phase in the second half of 2020 that held the warrior planet of the cosmos back so he will be ready to make up for lost time. Normally here for just six weeks, Mars still hasn’t fully recovered from his retrograde phase and isn’t yet up to speed so will remain in your romantic sector, fuelling your romantic passions and fighting spirit through to March. Things take a turn for the better when on 9th January, just 48 hours after Mars’ return to your romantic sector Venus, the planet of love finally returns to Capricorn on 9th January.

MoneyCapricorn January 2021 Money Horoscope

While the Sun will always return to your income sector in January and Venus and Mercury within a week or two, even before moving into the New Year 2021 was destined to be a potentially lucrative year. Everything changed just before Christmas when Jupiter and Saturn returned to your income sector, for the first time at the same time here in six decades. Jupiter was here 11 years ago and Saturn three decades ago but here at the same time their combined weight can do more than either can do on their own. As the planet of luck and expansion, Jupiter has returned to make 2021 as lucrative as possible, while Saturn is here until 2023.

It is a coming together of Jupiter’s sense of what’s possible and Saturn’s determination to do whatever it takes for as long as it takes that gives you the power to move mountains if you have to. By the time the Sun returns on 20th January to turn the solar spotlight onto your income situation, matters and options as he does at this time every year, Saturn and Jupiter have not only been here for a month but have already aligned. Jupiter is rushing forward and won’t align with Saturn again but having started as one this gives you an extraordinary amount of confidence and resources for the faster planets to build on.

Mercury will return to your income sector on 9th January for what should be a 14 to 15 day visit aimed at giving you the smart head for money needed to get your head in the game and to make smart choices, decisions and plans. Instead, sensing the potential Mercury will turn retrograde on 31st January, something that will keep him here until March. It is when Venus returns early next month that this could turn February into one of the most lucrative months of an already lucrative year, for this will bring the planets of money and luck together.

CareerCapricorn January 2021 Career Horoscope

While this is not a particularly active month professionally that is normally the case at this time of year. However, you do have more going on than you would normally expect, which is the reason for both job and professional confidence. There are several reasons for this and while there are three main reasons, they all combine to give you the confidence to start the year feeling empowered across the income, work and career fronts. The first reason is that you begin the year with the North Node in your work sector and this is providing a sense of direction and momentum. The Moon only left your work sector in the closing days of December, having come full circle from an eclipsing Full Moon.

This allows you to begin the year with your professional instincts and imagination fuelled and a chance to have connected with the North Node and its sense of direction. The second reason is that while all planetary activity on the career front is over until later this year, the last planet only left in November and that is much later in the year than is normally the case. This gives you a lot of recent resources banked on the job and career fronts, which the North Node can continue to provide direction and momentum to. This ties into the third factor, which is the enormous amount of planetary activity on the income front this month and their need to draw on what has already been banked on the job and career fronts.

This is Jupiter and Saturn’s first full month in your income sector and having come together for the first time here at the same time in six decades, 2021 has the potential to be a lucrative year. With the North Node in your work sector for the whole of 2021, it will work closely with not just Jupiter and Saturn but the other planets that will pass through your income sector this year, making this a good year on both the income and job fronts. Meanwhile, the Moon will make its first visit to your career sector for the year from 5th January to 7th January and to your work sector from 23rd January to 26th January, in both cases bringing a chance to check in while acting as a trigger.


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