Capricorn ♑ Daily Horoscope: Love, Work & Health


Today´s date: Tuesday 19th of January 2021

Capricorn Daily General:

Some people prefer to allow their most cherished dreams to remain in secret compartments in their minds, contained forever within the realms of fantasy. If that's their choice, then fair enough. But if you haven't already received helpful and potentially powerful insights relating to how at least one dream you've nurtured needs releasing from its compartment, then you will do shortly.

Capricorn Daily Love:

Although you might not be dissatisfied with your romantic or relationship lot in life, you might feel tiny improvements could be introduced. These could take the form of doing something differently with a lover. If routines or habits need shaking, then there could be sexy fun had with doing so. Whatever changes you're keen to introduce, they're likely to be underpinned by imagination, not frustration. They're the best kind of changes.

Capricorn Daily Work:

If feeling tense, you may find it more difficult to communicate with your colleagues or to remain focused. Try to regain your composure and don't allow small incidents to escalate into major ones or get totally out of control. It's not a good idea to get involved in disputes that are unlikely to turn out well.

Capricorn Daily Health:

Any erratic conduct is likely to leave you feeling frustrated at your lack of self-control. You may find it difficult to be enthusiastic about your well-being. If possible avoid any unnecessary changes to your routine, try to reconsider a healthier outlook and do something to relax that helps you regain composure.


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