Capricorn ♑ Daily Horoscope: Love, Work & Health


Today´s date: Wednesday 3rd of June 2020

Capricorn Daily General:

Would a lesser person buckle under the pressure you may experience now? Would anybody else draw an instant line regarding the way responsibilities increase? They probably would if they weren't a Capricorn. You're made of sterner stuff than the average person. Of course, you have limits regarding how much you can tackle and manage. But you neednt worry about dropping the ball where increased pressure and responsibility are concerned now.

Capricorn Daily Love:

Mars could add intensity to your words now, and possibly encourage you to be more confrontational than you intend to be. So, try to avoid agitating a loved one by being overly assertive. Allow passion to underpin your message, but keep your cool to ensure you don't come across as demanding. Play it safe. Talk less, listen more.

Capricorn Daily Work:

Your hectic work life settles down, although it doesn't happen instantly, you already feel how any pressure or tension that may have existed between you and your colleagues is diminished. You're able to move on from previous mix-ups or confusion, and you realize that previous disputes are easily resolved.

Capricorn Daily Health:

You notice the stress and tension of recent events are diminished. You're able to treat your body to a combination of physical exercise outside in the fresh air as well as necessary relaxation. Eating plenty of fruits and vegetables, you enjoy experiencing new or various physical sensations with a relaxing bath or sports massage.

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