Cancer ♋ Daily Horoscope: Love, Work & Health


Today´s date: Saturday 28th of November 2020

Cancer Daily General:

As Neptune moves forward after a five-month slumber, a desire to learn more about assisting others could intensify. It might be something that feels mundane or tedious in the first instance that you're expected to get your head around. But you can't ignore the far-reaching implications of broadening your mind in ways you intend to focus on supporting others. Trust that, where your beliefs are concerned, you don't need a leader. Be your own leader, and don't be swayed.

Cancer Daily Love:

You could be aware of how passionate effort you apply meets with resistance. But if it feels as if you have umpteen issues to put right in your love life or a special connection, then don't believe they need tackling all at once. You could benefit from distancing yourself, and time is on your side to mend whatever needs fixing. Remember that the romantic city of Rome wasn't built in a day!

Cancer Daily Work:

You're able to capitalize on your organizational skills which when coupled with a variety of new ideas help you motivate those colleagues you work with. A significant amount of progress is made and your decisiveness results in a lasting long-term strategy being put in place, which benefits everyone involved.

Cancer Daily Health:

You’re calm and collected, not letting anyone or anything upset you. This has a beneficial effect on your health; you're able to reduce stress easily and cope with any difficulties. Effective time management skills ensure you don't saddle yourself with more than fits in with your schedule. You’ll overdo it otherwise.

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