Cancer ♋ Daily Horoscope: Love, Work & Health


Today´s date: Tuesday 22nd of September 2020

Cancer Daily General:

When we look at something in the belief that it's too good to be true, we can often get the wrong idea about what's 'good' about it. If we view a pleasing or fortuitous development cautiously or warily, then it can be because we don't believe we deserve to experience or receive it. A surprising turn of events could work very much to your advantage now or shortly. Rather than view this suspiciously, embrace and run with it!

Cancer Daily Love:

If you're attached, and the one you love is concerned about the future, then use this time to instigate a conversation about where both of you yearn to be. But if your sweetheart or someone you want to be closer to experiences frustrations due to other issues, then you might need to do your best to listen. Whatever you face, these are challenges that promise to make you more determined, ambitious, and stronger.

Cancer Daily Work:

If you feel unfriendly and rather short-tempered, getting agitated for the slightest of reasons, you may damage the relationships you’ve previously built with your colleagues and create serious problems at work. Be especially careful of what you say, stay out of the way and if you can remain as detached as possible.

Cancer Daily Health:

Don't hide away completely, instead be active and do something to lift your spirits. Take time to share some coffee with friends, or visit people who are close to you. You’ll appreciate how these encounters have a beneficial effect on your well-being and provide you with new strength and renewed self-belief.

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