Aquarius ♒ January 2021 Horoscope: Love, Money & Career


Moving into the New Year is always an opportunity to push the ‘reset’ button but this is usually more symbolic than based on anything tangible and before we know it, life is back to normal again. That is not likely to be the case this year because it is not you deciding that you are ready for a fresh start but the stars who have already decided for you. Ready or not, the future is here and you have been preparing for this for over three years now. Preparation began when Saturn returned to a nostalgic and reflective part of your chart in 2017 to begin the wind down of a three decade long Saturn cycle while they really got serious in December 2019, when Jupiter returned to begin the 12 month wind down of your old 12 year Jupiter cycle of expansion.

Both came to an end in the days leading up to Christmas, with Saturn’s return to Aquarius on 17th December and Jupiter’s return just three days later. Having spent their early days in Aquarius aligned, something that last happened here in the Middle Ages, Jupiter and Saturn’s first full month in your sign is also the first full month of a new three decade long Saturn cycle and a new 12 year Jupiter cycle of expansion. Had it been either one returning to Aquarius this would still be the start of a period of major new beginnings but for both to return within days, makes this the biggest reset you will ever experience.

By the time the Sun returns to begin your birthday month on 20th January Saturn and Jupiter will have been here for a month, giving you the most powerful start to a new solar year ever. The lines between the past, present and future will remain blurred this month, with the wind down of your solar year underway and then Venus returning to a nostalgic and reflective part of your chart to wind down your current Venus cycle on 9th January. However, by the end of the month, the Sun and Mercury will be in Aquarius and Venus just days later. Meanwhile, the early and final days of the month are especially good for communication, friendship and relationship building.

LoveAquarius January 2021 Love Horoscope

While there is no planetary activity in either your romantic or relationship sectors and rarely is at this time of year, both have everything they need to get the year off to a good start. The year begins with the Moon in your relationship sector and while returning on New Year’s Day and then gone by 3rd January this is just a fleeting visit, neither the timing nor the implications could be more important. This is not only the Moon’s first visit to your relationship sector for the year but the first since Jupiter and Saturn’s return to Aquarius just before Christmas. The Moon will clash with both on New Year’s Day, exposing any balance issues between your personal and relationship needs.

With Jupiter here for the first and the last five months of 2021 and Saturn not leaving Aquarius until 2023, this is now the new normal. To have that clash on day one of the year is sending a signal that a balance between your personal and relationship needs is going to be policed in 2021, which will ultimately enrich your relationships. What makes the timing auspicious is that with Mars leaving your communication sector on 7th January and hungry for an opportunity for a communication breakthrough before he leaves, this will give him something to work with. Venus, the planet of love is also in her final days in your friendship sector and will form a friendly aspect to the Moon as it moves through.

So while there could be some relationship tension on New Year’s Day this is more than compensated for by the support for friendship and relationship building and for a communication breakthrough. With the Moon returning on 28th January ahead of a Full Moon on 29th January, this is a chance to begin the year on the right foot. Meanwhile, while there is no planetary activity in your romantic sector you begin the year with the North Node in your romantic sector and here until January 2022, this is providing a constant and steady romantic heartbeat. The Moon’s visit to your romantic sector from 23rd January to 26th January will help connect to that romantic influence.

MoneyAquarius January 2021 Money Horoscope

While Neptune has been in direct motion in your income sector since late November it is not until the Sun returns next month that there will be any real movement. However, once things start to move, each month will become increasingly lucrative, culminating in lucky Jupiter’s return in May. Until then, at the same time that Neptune is giving you a chance to look to the future with confidence, in the last full day of an epic journey that began in April 2020, the dwarf planet Ceres’ last full month in your income sector is a chance to first finalise your income needs and priorities.

Ceres will normally spend just three months here but a retrograde phase has given you time to prepare for Jupiter, the planet of luck and expansion’s premature return in May. This makes the Moon’s return to your income sector from 16th May to 18th January a valuable chance to check in. As well as sharpening your nose for money, acting as a trigger and leaving you with a lucrative sense of direction, the Moon will align with Neptune and Ceres as it moves through, picking up on a sense of anticipation for what lies ahead, as well as a growth in confidence and a lack in urgency.

With all the planetary activity on the income side of the financial fence, the Moon’s two visits to your financial sector this month will give you a chance to check in with money matters. The Moon will make its first visit to your financial sector for the year from 3rd January to 5th January. As well as fuelling your financial instincts and imagination and delivering valuable clues, hunches and insights, at a time when the planets are more focused on money coming in this is a chance to focus for a few days on what you do with and how you manage the money you have. The Moon will come full circle for a second visit on 30th January, where it will see out the month.

CareerAquarius January 2021 Career Horoscope

While there is no planetary activity in either of your two professional houses this month that is normal for this time of year. However, that being said on both the job and career fronts you begin the year with momentum already baked in, thanks to December being an unusually active month on both fronts. The last planet to leave your career sector in 2020 only left just before Christmas and this has not only left you with momentum that is still fresh and active but gave you a chance to cement your professional game plan and resolutions just before moving into the holiday period.

The other advantage was a Full Moon in your work sector at the end of December, something that is so fresh that the Moon will leave and wrap this up on New Year’s Day. This will allow you to begin the year with your professional instincts and imagination fuelled and with the momentum from a Full Moon. There will be no Full Moon in your work sector in 2021 so the thrust from this Full Moon was designed to give this new professional year plenty of momentum from the start or at least enough to keep things going until Mars returns in April. Meanwhile, the Moon will come full circle from that Full Moon from 26th January to 28th January, which could see things triggered late last month come to fruition or finish playing out.

Just as important will be the Moon’s return to your career sector from 7th January to 10th January. This will not only be the Moon’s first visit for the year but the first since Venus and Juno left just before Christmas, with a chance to check back in with the professional game plan and resolutions they left you with. As well as fuelling your professional instincts and imagination, the Moon can act as a trigger and as the first visit since the last planet left, this includes a trigger for any untapped professional potential.


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