Aquarius ♒ Daily Horoscope: Love, Work & Health


Today´s date: Monday 6th of April 2020

Aquarius Daily General:

You could be called upon to do something that might not inspire you. But it could be because someone close or possibly a family member needs your assistance that you're prepared to invest a bit more effort. Not only will they be delighted with what you do on their behalf, but you could also feel a sense of pride in what you accomplish. Two reasons make it worth doing.

Aquarius Daily Love:

If you sense impatience or impetuousness intensifying, then you might need to make a concerted effort to dial both back now. Think about what it is you're so keen to make happen quickly - and would you be truly happy if it did? Allowing a bit more time for something to unfold properly will make it more even exciting when it does arrive. With patience, it will.

Aquarius Daily Work:

You approach problems capably and professionally, you possess all the right answers and provide solutions. Colleagues seek your advice and regard what you say as important, credible and worthwhile. Remain accessible and don't be too remote or distant. The help you're able to give others you find rewarding.

Aquarius Daily Health:

Don't let time pass without fully utilizing the athletic ability you know you possess. What you learn to appreciate most is that exercise doesn't need any great effort on your part, it's your all-round well-being that increases your fitness. Include a wellness day in your weekly routine, take care of your body.

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