Aquarius ♒ Daily Horoscope: Love, Work & Health


Today´s date: Wednesday 28th of October 2020

Aquarius Daily General:

It can be amazing how even the tiniest task can carry a risk of some kind. Whether we're preparing something in the kitchen, tidying the house, walking down the street, whatever, we can be oblivious to hidden and even ridiculously small risks that exist. But if we focus too intently on every possibility our imaginations come up with, then we'd do nothing in life! Don't allow an inflated risk to prevent you from taking what you know is a helpful and timely step now.

Aquarius Daily Love:

With Venus influencing distant visions, you could feel more assertive when it comes to opening up and expressing what you yearn to experience. But you can't automatically assume the one you love or want to be closer to will be 'on board' instantly. Take some time to focus on adventures that inspire both you and your sweetheart or potential paramour. Once you hit upon plans that excite both of you, then you can be certain thrilling experiences await.

Aquarius Daily Work:

If you're focused on making progress with certain projects and somebody asks for help, you’re truthful about your priorities and decline. This isn't because you're particularly ambitious, it’s just you don't feel overly concerned or too bothered about your colleagues, you prefer to work alone, finding it difficult to cooperate with them right now.

Aquarius Daily Health:

If you have an overwhelming desire for unhealthy foods, that aren't good for you. Stay strong, summon your will-power and instead take a strenuous bike ride or some invigorating exercise, rather than consuming all that fatty meat and layers of cake, then you avoid excessive weight gain or feeling bloated.

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