Virgo ♍ Zodiac Sign: Characteristics, Personality, Man & Woman


Apply the idea of purity to the thought processes, emotional life, physical body, and activities and projects of the everyday world, and you can see how Virgos approach life. Virgos desire the pure expression of the ideal in their mind, body and affairs. If they find impurities they will attempt to clear them away. Impurities are the beginning of disorder, unhappiness and uneasiness. The job of the Virgo is to eject all impurities and keep only that which the body and mind can use and assimi­late.

The secrets of good health are here revealed: 90 per cent of the art of staying well is maintaining a pure mind, a pure body and pure emotions. When you introduce more impurities than your mind and body can deal with, you will have what is known as ‘dis-ease’. It is no wonder that Virgos make great doctors, nurses, healers and dieti­tians.

They have an innate understanding of good health and they realize that good health is more than just physi­cal. In all aspects of life, if you want a project to be successful it must be kept as pure as possible. It must be protected against the adverse elements that will try to undermine it. This is the secret behind Virgo’s awesome technical proficiency. One could talk about Virgo’s analytical powers – which are formidable.

One could talk about their perfectionism and their almost superhuman attention to detail. But this would be to miss the point. All of these virtues are manifestations of a Virgo’s desire for purity and perfection – a world with­out Virgos would have ruined itself long ago. A vice is nothing more than a virtue turned inside out, misapplied or used in the wrong context. Virgos’ apparent vices come from their inherent virtue. Their analytical powers, which should be used for healing, helping or perfecting a project in the world, sometimes get misapplied and turned against people.

Their critical faculties, which should be used constructively to perfect a strategy or proposal, can sometimes be used destructively to harm or wound. Their urge to perfection can turn into worry and lack of confidence; their natural humility can become self-denial and self-abasement. When Virgos turn negative they are apt to turn their devastating criticism on themselves, sowing the seeds of self-destruction.


About Virgo

Virgo is the 6 th sign of zodiac. It ranges from late September to the end of the October. In different myths Virgo represents the goddess of honesty. Persons born in this sign are everlastingly the hit of jokes intended for life form so fussy and significant (and they can be), but their interest to detail is for a cause: to assist others. Virgos, further than any former sign, be born to give out, and it gives them enormous pleasure.

They are also specially made for the job, in view of the fact that they are hard-working, systematic and resourceful. They have substantial intelligence. Virgo is represented with the Virgin, though this alliance should not be there taken literally. Somewhat, Virgos be inclined to obtain on a number of virtues of a Virgin like humility and kindness. A few may think them self-conscious. They can be rightly called as analyst, perfectionist, pessimistic and they are frequently depressed. They have their own standards and a proper methodology of every matter. Virgos are very neat and tidy. They are also very much friendly.

They play safe in their lives. Their life is very symmetrical. They don’t like to take risks. They are very steady in their nature. They don’t like changes in their daily routines. They are very diligent in their relationships. Once they are committed to someone seriously, they will try their best to fulfil it.

They have a critic nature. They care a lot about their ego. If you are successful in proving yourself an important entity in their lives, then they can do anything to lead you to your destiny. They are not mostly romantic. They are usually loyal personalities. They attract people to themselves with their sense of understanding regarding every matter of life. They give equal value to their partnerships either marriage or working partnership.

Virgos pay much importance to their dignity and pride. They always try to learn new things in life. Health and fitness are an important issue for them. They organise a balanced diet in their daily lives. They are generally gentle souls with a lot of charm. They are also very shy. They often lack the skill to bring people together. Virgo woman is thoughtful and careful about her grooming. They are also efficient and hard working. They are mostly ethical. It is very rare that they put their career achievements ahead of their moral code.

Virgo Personality Traits


Virgo in Love

If you are an analyst or a critic you must, out of necessity, narrow your scope. You have to focus on a part and not the whole; this can create a temporary narrow-mindedness. Virgos do not like this kind of person. They like their part­ners to be broad-minded, with depth and vision. Virgos seek to get this broad-minded quality from their partners, since they sometimes lack it themselves.

Virgos are perfectionists in love just as they are in other areas of life. They need partners who are tolerant, open-minded and easy-going. If you are in love with a Virgo do not waste time on impractical romantic gestures. Do practi­cal and useful things for him or her – this is what will be appreciated and what will be done for you. Virgos express their love through pragmatic and useful gestures, so do not be put off because your Virgo partner does not say T love you’ day-in and day-out.

Virgos are not that type. If they love you, they will demonstrate it in practi­cal ways. They will always be there for you; they will show an interest in your health and finances; they will fix your sink or repair your video recorder.

Virgos deem these ac­tions to be superior to sending flowers, chocolates or St Valentine’s cards.  In love affairs Virgos are not particularly passionate or spontaneous. If you are in love with a Virgo, do not take this personally. It does not mean that you are not alluring enough or that your Virgo partner does not love or like you. It is just the way Virgos are. What they lack in passion they make up for in dedication and loyalty.


Virgo and Finance

Virgos have all the attitudes that create wealth. They are hard-working, industrious, efficient, organized, thrifty, productive and eager to serve. A developed Virgo is every employer’s dream. But until Virgos master some of the social graces of Libra they will not even come close to fulfilling their financial potential.

Purity and perfectionism, if not handled correctly or gracefully, can be very trying to others. Friction in human relationships can be devastating not only in your pet projects but – indirectly – to your wallet as well. Virgos are quite interested in their financial security. Being hard-working, they know the true value of money. They do not like to take risks with their money, preferring to s.ive for their retirement or for a rainy day.

Virgos usually make prudent, calculated investments that involve a mini­um m of risk. These investments and savings usually work out well, helping Virgos to achieve the financial security i hey seek. The rich or even not-so-rich Virgo also likes to help his or her friends in need.


Virgo Career and Public Image Characteristics

Virgos reach their full potential when they can communicate their knowledge in such a way that others can understand it. In order to get their ideas across better, Virgos need to develop greater verbal skills and fewer judgemental ways of expressing themselves.

Virgos look up to teachers and communicators; they like their bosses to be good communi­cators. Virgos will probably not respect a superior who is not their intellectual equal – no matter how much money or power that superior has. Virgos themselves like to be perceived by others as being educated and intellectual. The natural humility of Virgos often inhibits them from fulfilling their great ambitions, from acquiring name and fame.

Virgos should indulge in a little more self-promotion if they are going to reach their career goals. They need to push themselves with the same ardour that they would use to foster others. At work Virgos like to stay active. They are willing to learn any type of job as long as it serves their ultimate goal of financial security. Virgos may change occupations several times during their professional lives, until they find the one they really enjoy. Virgos work well with other people, are not afraid to work hard and always fulfil their responsibil­ities.


Life of Virgo

It goes without saying that the home of a Virgo will be spot­less, sanitized and orderly. Everything will be in its proper place – and don’t you dare move anything about! For Virgos to find domestic bliss they need to ease up a bit in the home, to allow their partner and kids more freedom and to be more generous and open-minded.

Family members are not to be analysed under a microscope, they are individuals with their own virtues to express. With these small difficulties resolved, Virgos like to stay in and entertain at home. They make good hosts and they like to keep their friends and families happy and entertained at family and social gatherings. Virgos love children, but they are strict with them – at times – since they want to make sure their children are brought up with the correct sense of family and values.

Virgo Sign characteristics

The virgin is a particularly fitting symbol for those born under the Sign of Virgo. If you meditate on the image of the virgin you will get a good understanding of the essence of the Virgo type. The virgin is, of course, a symbol of purity and innocence – not naive, but pure. A virginal object has not been touched. A virgin field is land that is true to itself, the way it has always been. The same is true of virgin forest: it is pristine, unaltered.

5 Virgo Characteristics

Virgoes have some very personable characteristics. Let’s have a look.

1. Goal Orientated and Analytical

You can rely on a Virgo to focus on whatever the task at hand is. Best of all they’ll stick with it until it’s completed no matter what. Virgo is very good at looking to the future and setting goals and staying focused. There analytical side makes it easy for them to see the future in black and white and to produce clear pictures of where they want to go and to find solutions to problems that get in their way.

2. Overcritical, Meticulous, and Perfectionists

Virgos have a clear picture in their minds of how things should be, and so they are often overcritical when life doesn’t fit the picture they have in their mind. No matter how small or big the detail, it will not escape from the watchful Virgo eyes. They are incredibly meticulous about everything and that’s part of being a perfectionist. Not only are the Virgo overcritical but they are perfectionists – they want things to go the way they think it should go and there is no room for error in the Virgo’s world.

3. Practical, Reliable, and Rational

One of their biggest strengths of the Virgo is that they are in touch with reality and reliable and practical about it. You can trust a Virgo – when given directions they will follow them and follow the give it their all to do the job well. You do not have to worry about a Virgo going off and doing something ridiculous or ‘way out there.’ They are by far the most rational of the Zodiac signs and that makes them very reliable.

4. Intelligent but Judgmental

The Virgo is an intelligent Zodiac but that intelligence can make them very judgemental often criticizing others. They just can’t bring themselves to ignore what they see as faults in others, and mistakes as anything less than perfect is just not accepted by the Virgo.

5. Wise Witty Well Spoken

The Virgo is wise and witty, and is able to articulate what he/she has to say. They are seldom misunderstood because they are so well spoken. They love to share their knowledge but often do it with a witty sense of humor that makes people feel at ease. It’s one of the reasons the Virgo is so well liked.

Virgo Element: Earth
Virgo Ruling Planet: Mercury
Virgo Career Planet: Mercury
Virgo Love Planet: Neptune
Virgo Money Planet: Venus
Virgo Planet of Health and Work: Uranus
Virgo Planet of Home and Family Life: Jupiter
Virgo Colors: browns and greens, earth tones, ochre, yellow, orange
Virgo Colors that promotes earning power: jade greed
Virgo Colors that promote love, romance and social harmony: aqua blue
Virgo Qualities most needed for balance: a broader perspective
Virgo Strongest virtues: mental agility, analytical skills, ability to pay attention to detail, healing powers
Virgo Deepest needs: to be useful and productive
Virgo Characteristics to avoid: destructive criticism
Virgo Lucky numbers: 3, 4, 8, 10, 33
Virgo Best day of the week: Wednesday
Virgo Gems: agate, hyacinth
Virgo Metal: platinum
Virgo Scents: lilac, lily of the valley, storax, lavender
Virgo Wood: ash
Virgo Flower: clover
Virgo Animal: magpie
Virgo Fabric: linen


Leo Man

The zodiacal sign of Virgo is a thinking man’s sign! The Virgo men are extremely intelligent, pragmatic, thinking, intelligent and logical. They also posses an agile and inquiring mind that can move fast and quick between different thoughts. Men who are born under this sign are quick and fickle minded and are always on the move from one place to the other; in fact, theirminds switch between one thought to the other within seconds.

Virgo men are known for their shifting stances and wavering thoughts. They are very considerate, traditional and conventional with a mind that inclines towards instability. However, their lofty moral values can make them extremely chaste and holy in front others.

One thing that sets them apart from other sun signs is their ability to maintain cleanliness and hygiene around them and in their house; this nagging character could make them extremely choosy in how they select their life partners. They are tidy by nature and appreciate immense beauty in things around them. Virgo males are actually very shy and conservative in their outlook.

They fail to share their emotions with others. In fact, they are introvert by nature and they need immense cajoling and urging from others before opening up their conservative and cocoon like mind. Virgo males like someone exploring their mind rather than the emotions. In life, Virgo men can be too much demanding especially with their spouses.

Those women who love and adore Virgo males may need to probe their mind to know what they are thinking about them. A woman who can understand Virgo man’s innate feelings and mind can co-exit for a longer duration. She may also need to express her confidence and faith on Virgo man’s mind and intellect. Many people call Virgo men insensitive and illogical; however, these perceptions could be false because Virgo men expect many people around them.

Almost all Virgo men are extremely speculative in their approach and they expect good things from both people and the nature around them. They are productive hard working and practical in their approach to the life.

Virgo Man Health

Virgo men are very healthy and their health status will be very good throughout their life. However, most of them may undergo some anxious moments in their health especially ligament and muscular system; many of them may develop muscular atrophy and seizure in the old age. Apart from these suspected problems, they may also face problems related to vascular and circulatory systems.

Virgo Man in Money and Career

Virgo men are the most practical and pragmatic people on the earth! They have the habit of setting achievable goals for themselves and for people around them who are working in the office. They focus their mind on the pending tasks and set their efforts to solve any dicey problems with a focused mind.

They are highly organized and extremely cooperative towards coworkers who might be working along with them. Virgo men can think with a sense of philosopher. They can solve any problems at hand. They can organize any type o events or functions with an uncanny efficiency.

They also show deep commitment and professional ethic towards their work. Virgo men can be very loyal office executives, while their professionalism can make them intelligent managers and strategists. They always prefer professions that require the use of intellect, responsibility, available resources and intelligence. Hence, they could be great doctors, chemists, social workers and teachers.

Virgo Man in Love

In love life, Virgo men expect a lot from their partners. They are very careful and sensitive while choosing their life partners. They are caring and concerned, while too demanding at the same time. They also possess the ability to make their spouses or lovers feel contended at all times. However, their excessive indulgence in cleanliness and hygiene may act as a repellent at times.

Virgo men can be very critical of their spouses at times while their sense of achieving perfection can lead to marital discord. On the positive side, they simply love romance, passion and personal praising with their partners. Virgo men find compatible partners in signs like Capricorn, Taurus, Cancer and Scorpio while Libra, Sagittarius, Aquarius and Aries can pose some problems, as they are incompatible signs.

Virgo Aquarius Man

Sean Connery, Richard Gere, Michael Keaton, Hugh Grant, Stephen King, David Copperfield, Michael Jackson, Confucius, Dante, Ivan the Terrible, Lyndon B. Johnson.


Leo Woman

Virgo is the most hard-working women sun sign in the constellation. Most Virgo women are very hard working, dedicated to their work and extremely diligent. Virgo women always like to work hard to produce good results. Their work is extremely critical for them. Providence has it that they keep looking for new opportunities and chances so that they can improve their life and their profession. To meet life’s unique challenges, they develop their skills to their maximum extent possible. A typical Virgo woman is a person for all seasons! She can change her mindset and soul to adjust to even the most difficult situations of life.

She has an active mind that keeps working throughout day and night. However, this active mind may prevent her from sitting idle and have relaxation. The great planet of Mercury rules a Virgo woman; everyone knows that Mercury is a planet that controls your brain and intellect.

Naturally, endowed giftedness and a brilliant analytical mind will provide them an opportunity to perform to their best of their abilities. Virgo women are very critical and analyzing with a probing mind of their own. The only downside is that they can be too probing and fault finding to the extent that people can find them too boring and ordinary at times.

Virgo women are difficult to beat at arguments! However, they can be very caring for those who care for her! They know their limitations and they look for abundance part of their life rather their limitations. This impassable quality makes them darling of a party crowd. A typical Virgo woman is very choosy about her wants and needs while her demand for exquisite food is legendary! She has lot of concerns about her health and well-being. She may have to choose what she eats and drinks because of her perceived weaknesses in her digestive system. Immature and emotionally short Virgo women can be self-indulgent and self-defeating at times.

Virgo Woman Health

As mentioned before, Virgo women have a very weak digestive system that may pose some serious problems in their life. They will be at their guard to check what they eat and drink. Hormonal system too may undergo some problems later in their life.

Virgo Woman Money and Career

The zodiacal sign of Virgo relates to the abundance side of life rather than the short side of it. It also relates to the plenty side of life, meaning this sign associates itself with the harvest and crops. A typical Virgo girl may always think about her life, progress, jobs, vocation and money. In the end, she will reach her self-sustaining phase in the life by attaining all the cherished the financial goals. However, a Virgo girl must try to streamline her mind and intellect to derive peace and prosperity in the life. A Virgo woman can be a very good manager and a financial expert.

Virgo Woman in Love

A Virgo woman could be very choosy when it comes to picking up the life partner. She may like a man who is thinking and who has a very solid plan for the life and future. She may also like a person who knows how to survive the world. Women born under this sign do not like tactless and lazy men who do not know how to lead a prosperous life.

They may not like people who do not have any plan for financial future. All Virgo women are faithful to their married life. They could be emotionally very stable and help the cause of the family. They could also be great friends to everyone including their friends and colleagues. Scorpio, Cancer, Capricorn and Taurus can relate very well with Virgo while Sagittarius and Pisces can be very difficult to mingle with, as Gemini and other Virgo women do, at times.

Virgo Famous Woman

Cameron Diaz, Ricki Lake, Gloria Estefan, Fiona Apple, Claudia Schiffer, Raquel Welch, Leeanne Rimes, Ann Bancroft, Sophia Loren, Lauren Bacall, Mother Theresa, Greta Garbo


Best Holidays for Virgo

Of all the zodiacs, Virgos are the list makers. They are an analytical, methodical group when it come to traveling so the need to have lists, itinerary, and have discovered all the activities that a person must do.

A Virgo will actually schedule their time at the beach, the time for shopping, and the time for site seeing. The Virgo is the hardest worker of all the zodiacs, so even on vacation they have to feel like they are being productive. A laid-back trip is no fun at all for a Virgo. The best holiday for Virgo will have you in the middle of the action and intellectually stimulated.

The Perfect Virgo Vacation

Since you don’t like to relax in the conventional manner and you want to be in the thick of the action somewhere exotic, like Peru, India, China, Athens, Greece, or Africa would all be perfect vacation spots for a Virgo. Anywhere that’s far away and exotic makes the perfect Virgo travel vacation. You love preparing so learning a new language before your holiday won’t bother you at all. In fact, Virgos will find it fun.

If you don’t want to visit a foreign country, consider a trip to a luxurious health spa that combines pampering, improving fitness, giving your vitality a boost, all the while teaching you how to live a better, healthier life. Virgos enjoy their privacy, as they are somewhat shy, eat healthful meals, and are focused on staying fit, which is why if you choose the right kind of spa that offers it all including hiking and long walks, you’ll find this a very enjoyable vacation.

Some of the best holiday locations for Virgo include Amsterdam, Sri Lanka, Berlin, and New York.

The Worst Virgo Travel Vacation

If you want to see a Virgo fall apart, schedule their holiday to somewhere like Delhi or any Indian city for that matter. All of the disorder, chaos, and dirt will affect their very sole.

The Virgo Travel Style

Virgos are so organized everyone likes to travel with them. You’ll never miss a connection through your own fault. The best holiday for a Virgo will let you exercise your body or learn more about the mystical side.

The Perfect Hotel Environment for a Virgo

Virgos love the clean lines that Scandinavian design can offer them so look for hotels that are aesthetically pleasing. The perfect room will have ambient lighting that can be adjusted

The Virgo Dream Destination

The spiritual home of all Virgos is Germany with its world-class museums, romantic castles, and beautiful countryside.

The Ultimate Virgo Experience

The ultimate Virgo experience will combine excitement with a spiritual component. Since Virgos are skilled researchers you’ll be able to find the best holiday package and have an organized, interesting vacation that’s perfect for you.


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