Sagittarius ♐ Zodiac Sign: Characteristics, Personality, Man & Woman


Today, instead of using bows and arrows we project our power with fuels and mighty engines, but the essential reason for using these new powers remains the same. These powers represent our ability to extend our personal sphere of influence – and this is what Sagittarius is all about. Sagittarians are always seeking to expand their horizons, to cover more territory and increase.

their range and scope. This applies to all aspects of their lives: economic, social and intellectual. Sagittarians are noted for the development of the mind -the higher intellect – which understands philosophical, metaphysical and spiritual concepts. This mind represents the higher part of the psychic nature and is motivated not by self-centred considerations but by the light and grace of a Higher Power.

Thus, Sagittarians love higher education of all kinds. They might be bored with formal schooling but they love to study on their own and in their own way. A love of foreign travel and interest in places far away from home are also noteworthy characteristics of the Sagittarian type.

If you give some thought to all these Sagittarian attributes you will see that they spring from the inner Sagittarian desire to develop. To travel more is to know more, to know more is to be more, to cultivate the higher mind is to grow and to reach more. All these traits tend to broaden the intellectual – and indirectly, the economic and material – horizons of the Sagittarian.

The generosity of the Sagittarian is legendary. There are many reasons for this. One is that Sagittarians seem to have an inborn consciousness of wealth. They feel that they are rich, that they are lucky, that they can attain any financial goal – and so they feel that they can afford to be generous.

Sagittarians do not carry the burdens of want and limitation – which stop most other people from giving generously. Another reason for their generosity is their religious and philosophical idealism, derived from the higher mind. This higher mind is by nature generous because it is unaffected by material circumstances. Still another reason is that the act of giving tends to enhance their emotional nature. Every act of giving seems to be enriching, and this is reward enough for the Sagittarian.


About Sagittarius

Of the astrological signs, Sagittarius typifies the vibrancy and volatility of flame, being a mutable fire sign and constantly moving between the poles of essence and manifestation. He is both an extremely curious individual as well as an outgoing one. Because he is constantly moving, rarely does he reach the depth of perception that Leo does. He also seldom manifests the forcefulness of Aries.

Being neither too critical nor too aggressive, he is a person who gets along well with most other people. The same ease which makes a Sagittarius skillful in dealing with many friends, predisposes him to a certain lack of commitment. That is why, getting him to involve himself in a serious relationship will take a lot of convincing. Sagittarius can be flighty to the point of being superficial and superfluous. Deeper significances will often elude him and he is likely to become tactless without his knowing it. His vision is constantly fixed on what is yet to be resolved in the inner and the outer worlds.

Sagittarius is expert in coming up with inspired solutions to problems that have baffled others. Very often, he will save the day for everyone. His spirit of adventure prompts him to seek out and explore new possibilities, new ways of doing things. A Sagittarian makes for an excellent entrepreneur and business innovator. However, a certain lack of consistency may become prejudicial to his enterprise.

His effervescence makes Sagittarius a difficult person to discourage because he can find many ways of inspiring himself to action. Because of the child-like simplicity and affability of Sagittarius, his friends are more than disposed to forgive his tactless oversights. They know that no malice is ever intended by him. The people who succeed in their relationships with a Sagittarius are those who can give him the allowances and the room he craves to be creative, innovative and constantly moving.

Sagittarius Personality Traits


Sagittarius in Love

Sagittarians love freedom for themselves and will readily grant it to their partners. They like their relationships to be fluid and ever-changing. Sagittarians tend to be fickle in love and to change their minds about their partners quite frequently.

Sagittarians feel threatened by a clearly defined, well-structured relationship, as they feel this limits their freedom. The Sagittarian tends to marry more than once in life.

Sagittarians in love are passionate, generous, open, benevolent and very active. They demonstrate their affections very openly. However, just like an Aries they tend to be egocentric in the way they relate to their partners. Sagittarians should develop the ability to see others’ points of view, not just their own.

They need to develop some objectivity and cool intellectual clarity in their relationships so that they can develop better two-way communication with their partners. Sagittarians tend to be overly idealistic about their partners and about love in general. A cool and rational attitude will help them to perceive reality more clearly and enable them to avoid disappointment.


Sagittarius and Finance

Sagittarians generally entice wealth. They either attract it or create it. They have the ideas, energy and talent to make their vision of paradise on Earth a reality. However, mere wealth is not enough. Sagittarians want luxury – earning a comfortable living seems small and insignificant to them.

In order for Sagittarians to attain their true earning potential they must develop better managerial and organizational skills. They must learn to set limits, to arrive at their goals through a series of attainable sub-goals or objectives. It is very rare that a person goes from rags to riches overnight.

But a long, drawn-out process is difficult for Sagittarians. Like Leos, they want to achieve wealth and success quickly and impressively. They must be aware, however, that this over-optimism can lead to unrealistic financial ventures and disappointing losses. Of course, no Zodiac Sign can bounce back as quickly as Sagittarius, but only needless heartache will be caused by this attitude. Sagittarians need to maintain their vision – never letting it go – but must also work towards it in practical and efficient ways.


Sagittarius Career and Public Image Characteristics

Sagittarians are big thinkers. They want it all: money, fame, glamour, prestige, public acclaim and a place in history. They often go after all these goals. Some attain them, some do not – much depends on each individual’s personal horoscope. But if Sagittarians want to attain public and professional status they must understand that these things are not conferred to enhance one’s ego but as rewards for the amount of service that one does for the whole of humanity. If and when they figure out ways to serve more, Sagittarians can rise to the top.

The ego of the Sagittarian is gigantic – and perhaps rightly so. They have much to be proud of. If they want public acclaim, however, they will have to learn to tone down the ego a bit, to become more humble and self-effacing, without falling into the trap of self-denial and self-abasement. They must also learn to master the details of life, which can sometimes elude them.

At their jobs Sagittarians are hard workers who like to please their bosses and co-workers. They are dependable, trustworthy and enjoy a challenge. Sagittarians are friendly to work with and helpful to their colleagues. They usually contribute intelligent ideas or new methods that improve the work environment for everyone. Sagittarians always look for challenging positions and careers that develop their intellect, even if they have to work very hard in order to succeed.

They also work well under the supervision of others, although by nature they would rather be the supervisors and increase their sphere of influence. Sagittarians excel at professions that allow them to be in contact with many different people and to travel to new and exciting locations.


Life of Sagittarius

Sagittarians tend to grant a lot of freedom to their family. They like big homes and many children and are one of the most fertile Signs of the Zodiac. However, when it comes to their children Sagittarians generally err on the side of allowing them too much freedom. Sometimes their children get the idea that there are no limits. However, allowing freedom in the home is basically a positive thing – so long as some measure of balance is maintained – for it enables all family members to develop as they should.

Sagittarius Sign Characteristics

If you look at the symbol of the archer you will gain a good, intuitive understanding of a person born under this astrological Sign. The development of archery was humanity’s first refinement of the power to hunt and wage war. The ability to shoot an arrow far beyond the ordinary range of a spear extended humanity’s horizons, wealth, personal will and power.

5 Sagittarius Characteristics

Sagittarius have some very personable characteristics. Let’s have a look.

1. Overconfident and Optimistic

The Sagittarius is a ‘know it all,’ believing they know everything there is to know about anything. This can cause a great deal of aggravation for those around them. This overconfident attitude also leads the Sagittarius to make tons of mistakes, and because Sagittarius is so optimistic they always see the glass half-full. Even when they make mistakes they don’t see it that way with that ‘glass half full’ attitude.

2. Honest, Generous, and Straightforward

You can rely on the Sagittarius being honest and straightforward. The Sagittarius is honest to the point that they are often harsh in how they talk to others. This can cause hard feelings, because calling a ‘spade a spade,’ isn’t always handled well. Sagittarius stick together and they love to help each other out. When it comes to relationships that honesty, straightforwardness, and generosity makes the Sagittarius a great partner.

3. Adventurous and Careless

The Sagittarius love to take risks and they thrive on the excitement it brings into their lives. As a result, this often causes them to act in a careless manner, taking things for granted and taking risks that can put themselves and others at risk. That adventurous spirit shines through in their love life too. Sagittarius takes things for granted, often risking more than they should. Their carelessness often attracts criticism from all corners.

4. Intellectual and Philosophical

Sagittarius are smart people, with an interest in all kinds of subjects, and they love to have open discussions and debates. The Sagittarius are philosophical and religious with a strong sense of ethics. They love sharing their views on religious beliefs, ethics, and morality, but they also enjoy deep debates and discussions on numerous other topics. A get together with a Sagittarius can be anything from

5. Tactless and Superficial

The Sagittarius is tactless. Few have this special skill and few come by it as naturally as the Sagittarius. This tactless manner can really rub people the wrong way and make them mad. That tactless behavior goes well with the superficial nature of the Sagittarius. They don’t have the energy or the inclination to dig deep. As a result, your encounters with the Sagittarius will have little depth or meaning, which is a bit ironic considering they are so intellectual and philosophical.

Sagittarius Element: Fire
Sagittarius Ruling Planet: Jupiter
Sagittarius Career Planet: Mercury
Sagittarius Love Planet: Mercury
Sagittarius Money Planet: Saturn
Sagittarius Planet of Health and Work: Venus
Sagittarius Planet of Home and Family Life: neptune
Sagittarius Colors: autumnal tints, purple, blue, dark blue
Sagittarius Colors that promotes earning power: black, indigo
Sagittarius Colors that promote love, romance and social harmony: yellow, yellow- orange
Sagittarius Qualities most needed for balance: attention to detail, administrative and organizational skills
Sagittarius Strongest virtues: generosity, honesty, broad- mindedness, tremendous vision
Sagittarius Deepest needs: to expand mentally
Sagittarius Characteristics to avoid: over- optimism, exaggeration, being too generous with other people´s money
Sagittarius Lucky numbers: 3, 5, 9, 14, 37
Sagittarius Best day of the week: Thursday
Sagittarius Gems: carbuncle, turquoise, amethyst
Sagittarius Metal: tin
Sagittarius Scents: carnation, jasmine, myrrh
Sagittarius Wood: oak
Sagittarius Flower: hydrangea
Sagittarius Animal: horse
Sagittarius Fabric: velvet


Sagittarius Man

Sagittarius is a very quiet and calm sun sign of the zodiac system. However, it is a special and unique sign with its own special characters. A Sagittarius man is on own and he likes to charter his own path without anyone’s support. He chooses his own way to work on his projects and task irrespective of whether one helps him or not. ASagittarius man is always hopeful and optimistic of his future and he likes to see the sunny side of life. Providence is very benevolent on this man because most of the time he is very lucky be it in professional life or personal front. For him, results are quite important rather than the methods that go behind it; however, he always uses an ethical means to achieve his goals and objectives.

For him, the nature is very important rather than the look and appearance. Very simple and straightforward, a typical Sagittarius man is down to earth and honest to the core. In some cases, all Sagittarian males could be extremely rude and harsh talking. Their straightforwardness can actually hurt some sensitive people.

They could spew words after words without caring for the future consequences. On the negative side, they could be hasty, impulsive and angry towards those who are aggressive against them. They have the habit of placing their trust on other people that may go awry at times. They like tough challenges of life and they seek thrill and excitement of working for challenging projects.

A Sagittarius male loves the power of freedom and its innumerable advantages. When he is in a partnership with a friend or spouse, he would like to offer the same to them as well. He does not have the negative characters of jealousy, deceit and possessiveness towards others. They also have an undying spirit in life and this will power will take them forward in their life. Sagittarius males are loyal and faithful to their partners and friends.

Sagittarius Man Health

The sun sign of Sagittarius manages such body parts as hips, thighs and stomach areas. Males who are born under this sign suffer from diseases and ailments related to these areas. They are also liable to develop such ailments as rheumatism and sciatica. Most of them also develop minor skin blemishes and spots later in their age.

Sagittarius Man Money and Career

Their natural gifts will help them perform well in a number of professions and vocations. They could be brilliant teachers and philosophers with a keen mind to their students the basic principles of morality and equality. They could also be very good scientists and clergies.

The human laws and political science also suit them; they can be very good politicians and social workers. Public service, social administration and advertising are the other professions where they can excel. Speaking of money, they could be very conservative with their resources while their spending pattern depends on their immediate needs and requirements.

Sagittarius Man in Love

In love and personal relationship, Sagittarius males could be very sincere, devoted and ardent. However, they could be extremely conventional and traditional in their approach. Sometimes, they could be harshly cynical and scolding on their loved ones. Successful marriages will see very obedient and faithful Sagittarius males.

Sagittarian males are very indulgent as well. In relationships, they can be very reliable and trustable seldom exhibiting the faith entrusted in them by anyone. Compatible sun signs for Sagittarian males are Aquarius, Aries, Leo and Libra while other signs like Capricorn, Pisces, Taurus, Cancer and Virgo could be incompatible.

Famous Sagittarius Man

Jimi Hendrix, Steven Spielberg, Woody Allen, Billy Idol, Charles Schultz, Winston Churchill, Jeff Bridges, Frank Sinatra, Dick Clark, Joe DiMaggio, Uri Geller


Sagittarius Woman

Sagittarius is a thinking sun sign! People who are born under this sign are very intelligent, smart and intuitive. They are enterprising, resourceful and full of skills. They have a single-minded focus to pursue their dreams and aspirations.

Sagittarius woman is no different when it comes to achieving her goals and objectives. Sagittarius also a daring sign that believe in extreme adventurism and explorationfor all those things those are strange and unknown. Sagittarius women are extremely creative and gifted with an uncanny ability to create new things. They can extend their horizon to see excitement and new opportunities of life.

Sagittarius women are born travelers and they cannot sit quiet at a place continuously for a day! Her inherent habits are very noteworthy – set a goal, achieve it and set new goals for the next day! However, with all her positive characters, a typical Sagittarius woman may possess a real negative character – she may face some dicey problems while identifying real from the wrong and false. In fact, this unusual tendency may confuse her in life and lead to an uncertain situation.

Sagittarius is a philosophical sun sign. Sagittarius women can be eternal students interested in learning and understanding unknown and strange things of life. They are also very keen in expanding their pool of knowledge. They can be very good teachers as well! They would like to teach what they know to all those who are ready to listen to her.

However, they can face occasional problems because of their firm belief that they already know a subject even when they need to learn more about the subject. Sagittarius women can possess a wide vision about what they want to do or achieve in their future. They also have a far sight to look beyond the usual. They are also the luckiest of all other zodiacal signs.

Sagittarius Woman Health

Sagittarius manages hips, thighs and stomach areas of women. Hence, it is more likely that a Sagittarian woman may suffer from diseases and ailments related to her hips and thighs. Rheumatism and sciatica are the other symptoms that may trouble her. They may also face occasional problems connected with skin and nails.

Sagittarius Woman Money and Career

Jupiter rules Sagittarius constellation and a Sagittarius woman is fun loving creature with a flair to enjoy everything that is thrilling and exciting. She can be a serious person when it comes to her money and finance. She can spend very little but achieve a lot in her career. If there is a need, she can spend a lot depending on the choices and options.

At times, she can face some financial difficulties because of bouts of reckless spending. A typical Sagittarius woman can do extremely well in career domains connected with journalism, theater, and arts.

Sagittarius Woman in Love

Sagittarius women are very sincere, loyal, ardent, truthful and deep committed to their love, spouse and marriage. They are conventional and traditional in nature especially with those things that relate religion. If they find that their marriages are stable, they can be the most faithful spouses and dedicated parents with lots of loge towards their children. She will also show her commitment to her love and married life. She can be independent, inspired and rejuvenated to her relationships.

Sagittarians are ardent, sincere and straightforward in love, normally conventional and in control of their sexual natures. The most reliable and compatible signs for this sign are Aries and Leo and, Libra. On the other hand, signs like Pisces, Gemini, and Virgo can present a difficult time for the relationship.

Sagittarius Famous Woman

Kim Bassinger, Patty Duke, Tina Turner, Daryl Hannah, Dionne Warwick, Sinead O’Connor, Tyra Banks, Monica Seles, Alyssa Milano, Robin Givens, Jane Fonda, Maria Callas, Chris Evert, Bette Midler, Margaret Mead


Best Holidays for Sagittarius

Sagittarius are travelers at heart. In fact, they are one of the few zodiacs that have learned to enjoy ever aspect of their holiday. Where others might be mumbling and complaining, Sagittarius is finding the good. For the Sagittarius it is all part of the fun and nothing will ruin any part of their vacation. Sagittarius are great to travel with since you are always cheerful and enthusiastic.

The Perfect Sagittarius Vacation

If you want to get a Sagittarians heart racing mention a vacation to a city they’ve never been to far from home. The farther a Sagittarius gets to travel the happier they will be. The perfect vacation is to places like Florence, Paris, Philippines, Bali, or New Zealand. In addition Korea, Argentina, Taiwan, Venezuela, Israel, or Tibet rate high as best holiday locations.

Sagittarius are generally athletic, so they prefer vacations where they have the ability to participate in all kinds of activities, such as playing tennis, nature walks, swimming. For the many Sagittarius that enjoy equestrian a trip to a dude ranch can be the perfect getaway even though it may not be that far from home. Because Sagittarius is a fire sign a warm setting is definitely a plus.

For Sagittarius travelers on a budget consider a visit to a national park like Bryce Canyon or the Grand Canyon. You can cut costs even more by camping. Sleeping under the stars is a fantastic experience for those city folk who have never had the opportunity.

The Worst Sagittarius Travel Vacation

The worst vacation for a Sagittarius is a package tour where you are stuck hanging with the same group of people for your entire vacation.

The Sagittarius Travel Style

The Sagittarius traveler lives for a new adventure and an unconventional travel style works great for them. They are keen to roam so they need a vacation that keeps moving and allows them to experience things even it if is outside their comfort zone.

The Perfect Hotel Environment for a Sagittarius

Sagittarius love to make an entrance and there’s nowhere better than at the Six Senses Zighy Bay in Oman, where guests can paraglide to the hotel.

The Sagittarius Dream Destination

Sagittarius travelers will love what Korea has to offer from the bustle of the big city in enjoy live baby octopus a culinary delight.

The Ultimate Sagittarius Experience

Sagittarius never grow up completely and so they are always seeking the thrill. The ultimate holiday experience would be the Vanuatu Yasur volcano perching on the rim with no safety rails watching the lava shoot up.

As a Sagittarius you love to roam experiencing what new cultures have to offer often never returning to the same destination. If learning, another passion of the Sagittarius, can be combined with the vacation then all the better.


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