Libra ♎ Zodiac Sign: Characteristics, Personality, Man & Woman


There are two faculties humans have that exalt them above the animal kingdom: their rational faculty (expressed in the Signs of Gemini and Aquarius) and their aesthetic faculty, exemplified by Libra. Without an aesthetic sense we would be little more than intelligent barbarians. Libra is the civilizing instinct or urge of the soul. Beauty is the essence of what Librans are all about.

They are here to beautify the world. One could discuss Librans’ social grace, their sense of balance and fair play, their ability to see and love another person’s point of view – but this would be to miss their central asset: their desire for beauty.

No one – no matter how alone he or she seems to be -exists in isolation. The universe is one vast collaboration of beings. Librans, more than most, understand this and understand the spiritual laws that make relationships bearable and enjoyable.

A Libra is always the unconscious (and in some cases conscious) civilizer, harmonizer and artist. This is a Libra’s deepest urge and greatest genius. Librans love instinctively to bring people together, and they are uniquely qualified to do so. They have a knack for seeing what unites people – the things that attract and bind rather than separate individuals.


About Libra

Librans are born during the time of the year when activity has mellowed down and the earth settles herself to enjoy the fruits of a well-earned harvest. Libra is a sign that indicates maturity of sorts. With maturity comes perceptiveness and wisdom, hence the scales, the symbols of judiciousness and critical power.

Librans are intensely aware of the balance that pervades their universe and show as much in their life styles. This balance manifests in their tasteful elegance, whether in their choice of clothes or in their preferences in the arts. In all aspects of their life, Librans are devoted to beauty as far as beauty is a manifestation of harmony. They have an intolerance for what is excessive in appearance or in manner.

They are also notable for being diplomatic and cultured in their dealings with their fellows. No one is readier to ‘give credit where it’s due’ than a Libran. A natural corollary to their love for balance is the fact that they cannot resist the truth. And no one can criticize better than a Libran.

Because Libra is a sign of equilibrium, it also stands for impartiality, open-mindedness, sensitivity to what others stand for and – the synthesis of the three; wisdom. Librans are therefore perceptive and sympathetic. Expect a Libran to be aware of your inner self by sensing whatever disharmony there is in your person.

Their love of balance prompts Librans to try to establish harmony where it is lacking. Your Libran friend will be willing to make up for your shortcomings…to a certain extent. On the other hand, they abhor violence and lack of finesse, probably because such traits make it difficult to establish harmony in the person who possesses them. As such, Librans avoid such people. If you are a person who is cloaked by an unmistakable aura of anger, do not expect a Libran to appreciate you.

Libra Personality Traits


Libra in Love

Librans express their true genius in love. In love you could not find a partner more romantic, more seductive or more fair. If there is one thing that is sure to destroy a relationship – sure to block your love from flowing – it is injustice or imbalance between lover and beloved. If one party is giving too much or taking too much, resentment is sure to surface at some time or other. Librans are careful about this. If anything, Librans might err on the side of giving more, but never giving less.

If you are in love with a Libra, make sure you keep the aura of romance alive. Do all the little things – candle-lit dinners, travel to exotic locales, flowers and small gifts. Give things that are beautiful, not necessarily expensive. Send cards. Ring regularly even if you have nothing in particular to say. The niceties are very important to a Libra. Your relationship is a work of art: make it beautiful and your Libra lover will appreciate it. If you are creative about it, he or she will appreciate it even more; for this is how your Libra will behave towards you.

Librans like their partners to be aggressive and even a bit self-willed. They know that these are qualities they sometimes lack and so they like their partners to have them. In relationships, however, Librans can be very aggressive – but always in a subtle and charming way! Librans are determined in their efforts to charm the object of their desire -and this determination can be very pleasant if you are on the receiving end.


Libra and Finance

In financial matters Librans can seem frivolous and illogical to others. This is because Librans appear to be more concerned with earning money for others than for themselves. But there is a logic to this financial attitude. Librans know that everything and everyone is connected and that it is impossible to help another to prosper without also prospering yourself.

Since enhancing their partner’s income and position tends to strengthen their relationship, Librans choose to do so. What could be more fun than building a relationship? You will rarely find a Libra enriching him- or herself at someone else’s expense.

Scorpio is the ruler of Libra’s Solar 2nd House of Money, giving Libra unusual insight into financial matters – and the power to focus on these matters in a way that disguises a seeming indifference. In fact, many other Signs come to Librans for financial advice and guidance.

Given their social grace, Librans often spend great sums of money on entertaining and organizing social events. They also like to help others when they are in need. Librans would go out of their way to help a friend in dire straits, even if they have to borrow from others to do so. However, Librans are also very careful to pay back any debts they owe, and like to make sure they never have to be reminded to do so.


Libra Career and Public Image Characteristics

Publicly, Librans like to appear as nurturers. Their friends and acquaintances are their family and they wield political power in parental ways. They also like bosses who are paternal or maternal.

The Sign of Cancer is on Libra’s 10th House (of Career) cusp; the Moon is Libra’s Career Planet. The Moon is by far the speediest, most changeable planet in the Horoscope. It alone among all the planets travels through the entire Zodiac – all 12 Signs and Houses – every month. This is an important key to the way in which Librans approach their careers, and also to what they need to do to maximize their career potential.

The Moon is the Planet of Moods and Feelings – Librans need a career in which their emotions can have free expression. This is why so many Librans are involved in the creative arts. Libra’s ambitions wax and wane with the Moon. They tend to wield power according to their mood.

The Moon ‘rules’ the masses – and that is why Libra’s highest goal is to achieve a mass kind of acclaim and popularity. Librans who achieve fame cultivate the public as other people cultivate a lover or friend. Librans can be very flexible – and often fickle – in their career and ambitions. On the other hand, they can achieve their ends in a great variety of ways. They are not stuck in one attitude or with one way of doing things.


Life of Libra

Since Librans are such social creatures, they do not particularly like mundane domestic duties. They like a well-organized home – clean and neat with everything needful present – but housework is a chore and a burden, one of the unpleasant tasks in life that must be done, the quicker the better. If a Libra has enough money – and sometimes even if not – he or she will prefer to pay someone else to take care of the daily household chores. However, Librans like gardening; they love to have flowers and plants in the home.

A Libra’s home is modern, and furnished in excellent taste. You will find many paintings and sculptures there. Since Librans like to be with friends and family, they enjoy entertaining at home and they make great hosts.

Capricorn is on the cusp of Libra’s 4th Solar House of Home and Family. Saturn, the Planet of Law, Order, Limits and Discipline, rules Libra’s domestic affairs. If Librans want their home life to be supportive and happy they need to develop some of the virtues of Saturn – order, organization and discipline. Librans, being so creative and so intensely in need of harmony, can tend to be too lax in the home and too permissive with their children. Too much of this is not always good; children need freedom but they also need limits.

Libra Sign Characteristics

In the Sign of Libra the universal mind – the soul – expresses its genius for relationships, that is, its power to harmonize diverse elements in a unified, organic way. Libra is the soul’s power to express beauty in all of its forms. And where is beauty if not within relationships? Beauty does not exist in isolation. Beauty arises out of comparison – out of the just relationship between different parts. Without a fair and harmonious relationship there is no beauty, whether it be in art, manners, ideas or the social or political forum.

5 Libra Characteristics

Libras have some very personable characteristics. Let’s have a look.

1. Laid-back and Energetic All in One

Libras are energetic but at the same time they are laid-back, which is an unusual mix. This does not make the Libra physically lazy. It’s really about a desire to avoid tension and to avoid any of the challenges that can be emotional. The Libra saves their energy for what they see as useful causes and tension and challenges are a waste of that energy so instead they just carry on like they have taken a ‘chill pill.’ This mental status is definitely good for their health as it is far less stressful as long as the Libra doesn’t internalize everything.

2. Balanced and Tactful

The Libra has the ability to naturaly strike a balance rarely reaching extremes with anything in their life. Instead the Libra, who knows how to get things done, will focus on moving forward day-by-day, to get to their goal. If this requires being manipulative that’s just what they will do. They are simply too nice to take advantage of an person’s emotions but still they have the ability to tactfully move people in the direction they wish to go. With the Libra there’s no need to worry about unexpected emotions or big surprises.

3. Kind and Gentle

Libra is a kind and gentle spirit that will make sure that your needs are met. In fact, they will listen to the needs of people around you – they have the ability to focus on more than one person. Gentle. Libra is gentle and will not intentionally hurt those they love. In fact, they will do most anything to avoid hurting someone. The Libra is thoughtful and always keeps others in mind whenever they make a decision, even personal decisions that aren’t directly related to others. This kind and gentle spirit isn’t interested in causing hurt or harm to anyone around them.

4. Kind and Just

Libras are givers from the heart – in fact, they are so kind that they love to be helping others at all costs. Just ask and they will be there to help you. However, at the same time they have a strong sense of justice and fair play. That means don’t ever ask them to participate or help in something that’s less than up front. It will never resort to dubious means to get what want.

5. Romantic and Charming

The Zodiac Sign of Libra is ruled by Libra and that makes them a true romantic. They speak and act as a romantic in every part of their lives. And that charm comes across in their smile, which few can resist. But then again why would you want to?

Libra Element: Air
Libra Ruling Planet: Venus
Libra Career Planet: Moon
Libra Love Planet: Mars
Libra Money Planet: Pluto
Libra Planet of Health and Work: Neptune
Libra Planet of Home and Family Life: Saturn
Libra Colors: pale green, pink, blue, jade green
Libra Colors that promotes earning power: burgundy, red- violet, violet
Libra Colors that promote love, romance and social harmony: red, scarlet, carmine
Libra Qualities most needed for balance: a sense of self, self- reliance, independence
Libra Strongest virtues: social grace, charm, tact, diplomacy
Libra Deepest needs: love, romance, social harmony
Libra Characteristics to avoid: violating what is right in order to be socially accepted
Libra Lucky numbers: 7, 8, 10, 27
Libra Best day of the week: Friday
Libra Gems: carnelian, chrysolite, emerald, jade, opal, coral, white marble, quartz
Libra Metal: copper
Libra Scents: almond, rose, vanilla, violet
Libra Wood: sycamore
Libra Flower: orchid
Libra Animal: dove
Libra Fabric: silk


Libra Man

The Venus, God for love, is the ruler of all Libra men. This sun sign is special in the sense that people who are born under this sign weigh the options and choices of the life before taking any decisions. In fact, men who are born under this sign keep searching for peace, truth, quality and justice in whatever they do or perform. Theycan effectively balance conflicting forces around them to achieve equality of life. Although they have an unbiased mind and emotion, they can find themselves in conflicting or mutually quarreling situations that demand fair judgments and resolutions. 

Libra men possess a natural instinct in understanding what is right, and what is wrong. In fact, Libra men can be very good mediators and judges in solving any pending conflicts and disagreements. They have the ability to arbitrate between two people with an uncanny efficiency. Libra men hold their scales with a sense of dedication.

In fact, they may lead a life that requires dual mindedness, one that seeks justice while the other compromise. Libra men should take care of their tendency to postpone things that may put them in occasional scenarios that could be extremely awkward and embarrassing. With their positive outlook, they also have many negative qualities like inconsistency and instability.

They can be very erratic at times with a mind that fails to find out the mood among other people. They can forget their own personal problems while focusing their mind on finding out solutions to other people’s problems. Libra men can be very good leaders and guides because of their perceived fair attitude and characters. They always work very hard to earn recognition and leadership qualities.

They welcome other people’s opinions, mind and expressions. They are also eternal truth seekers who can go the extent of arguing with others to win their cases. They love other people while they expect other people to love them. They also like harmony among people and nature around them.

Libra Man Health

Libra men are healthy in mind, intellect and body. However, they should take guard against many unforeseen health problems that may arise because of some accidents and mishaps. Problems related to digestive and vascular system may bother some Libra men from time to time.

Libra Man Money and Career

People who are born under this sign are ambitious and goal oriented both in their jobs and business. They are too intelligent and smart, enough to hide their ambitions behind a curtain of secrecy. Librans are very calm and quiet while working and they do not hurt anyone with their actions or deeds.

They are diplomatic as well. Libra is a sign that represents productive partnerships, peace, harmony and diplomacy. Libra men can display a wonderful ability to convince people, reconcile with warring parties and balance matters with conflicting partners. They will do very well with those professions that deal with peace, harmony, partnership, intellectuality and intelligence. Their ability to create a consistent pool of income can help them lead a life of satisfaction.

Libra Man in Love

Libra men are very sensitive towards matters that concern their heart and soul. They want someone to love and adore them. Hence, the opposite sex must show enough affection and care for them so that they can stick with them for longer durations. Libra men are supposed to be the most accomplished lovers of all and their legendary ability to convince women is just out of the world. Libra men also like romance, passion and seduction.

They can be extremely flirting and outgoing with women. They know how to please, excite and tease a woman and later grab their attention. The three most suitable and compatible signs for Libra men are Gemini, Libra and Aquarius. They can also gel well with other signs like Sagittarius, Virgo, Scorpio and Leo

Famous Libra Man

Will Smith, Matt Damon, John Lennon, Sting, Michael Douglas, Jesse Jackson, Chuck Berry, Russell Simmons, Mahatma Gandhi, Jimmy Carter, Meatloaf, Himmler, Aleister Crowley


Libra Woman

Venus is the god of love and affection! Those women born under this great sign represents everything related to love, affection, peace, quality and natural justice. She also has a rare quality that directs her mind to balance all oppositional, forces that tend to conflict with life. Libra is a balancing sun sign that tries to equate good from the bad. Libra women tendto weigh available options and opportunities to derive the best advantages and benefits. They could be unbiased in their mind and decision making abilities. However, her need to balance various aspects of life can put her into some unforeseen problems.

They can be very good facilitators of natural justice. On the other hand, they can be very good judges, mediators and arbitrators for finding what is good for life and what is not. They can be extremely fair and equitable in their decision abilities. However, Libra women could be balancing or compromising at times because of their dual nature.

Libra woman must try to be cautious while making any decisions because she can be erratic and inconsistent with their decision-making abilities. She must remember her personal responsibilities and freedom before making any critical decisions. She may also need to stop taking temporary decisions in her life that may eventually pose lot of problems.

Libra women are socially responsible people who also know how to behave well in public. Issues of human rights and natural justice come naturally to them. They also tend to veer towards taking up social conflicts and arguments to solve pending problems with an iron hand. In the end, Libra women can lead a life of contentment and satisfaction with their fair and unbiased mind.

Libra Woman Health

Libra women are healthy, hale and full of energy with a burning ambition to lead a life of bliss and fullness. However, they may need to guard their health status by protecting the digestive and circulatory systems. Occasional hiccups in health can pose some problems especially in the second half of their life.

Libra Woman Money and Career

Good living and a luxurious life come naturally to a Libra woman! The goddess of beauty and love ensures a Libra woman that she is prosperous and contended throughout her life. However, her balancing mind will urge her to equate finer things if life with those of savings and financial sufficiency.

A Libra woman can save her money for a rainy day; this unique ability can save her from all difficult financial situations. She also knows how to tighten her financial belt! Almost all Libra women like to invest their money in to profitable and paying ventures. Professions like office management, financial development and planning and brokerage fit their mind and intellect.

Libra Woman in Love

Libra is a sign that represents unions, partnerships, marriage, love and happiness! Libra is also a sign that indicates a strong confluence of ideas and expressions; Libra women always like t merge their ideas and thoughts. Libra women are very passionate and romantic with their lovers and spouses. Libra women can never be alone in their life; in fact, they always need companionship and partnership. Occasional developments in relationship with their partners may occur because of their haste in choosing their partners.

On the positive side, Libra woman may like to preserve her relationship with the opposite sex for a long time. Libra women can gel with all other sun signs excepting those of Sagittarius and Leo who may pose some relationship problems.

Libra Famous Woman

Julie Andrews, Margaret Thatcher, Monica Bellucci, Rita Hayworth, Linda McCartney, Susan Anton, Sigourney Weaver, PJ Harvey, Ani DiFranco, Janeane Garafolo, Emily Post, Donna Karan, Barbara Walters, Annie Liebowitz, Mary McFadden, Anne Rice, Moon Zappa, Sarah Ferguson


Best Holidays for Libra

Libras are pack animals by nature, and so they are the happiest and in their true element when they are in a group. The Libra traveler is peaceful and diplomatic – just the kind of traveler everyone wants to be around. However, they also like to travel in comfort. You will find the Libra heading to the hotel rather than a hostel. They look for a balance between relaxation and activity.

The Perfect Libra Vacation

Since you like to see things and be seen places like South Beach Miami, New York City, Rio De Janeiro make the best holiday because the nightlife is abuzz, the people are interesting and beautiful, the scenery is stunning, the shopping something to be remembered, and these are exciting sophisticated destinations. Other top travel vacations for the Libra are Athens, and throughout the Caribbean.

The Worst Libra Travel Vacation

The worst vacation for a Libra is the Middle East. Here they quickly begin to share their ideas about how conflicts can be easily resolved and many locals are offended and will not listen to what they have to say.

The Libra Travel Style

A Libra traveler doesn’t backpack – period! Libra travelers like to be surrounded by all things beautiful and they most definitely love the creature comforts. Just the idea of staying in a hotel that is less than a four-star accommodation is enough to have them break out in hives. Libras are not even interested in staying in an RV, so those destinations out in the middle of nowhere aren’t likely to be explored by the Libra traveler.

The Perfect Hotel Environment for a Libra

A Libra traveler wants a luxurious hotel that has all the amenities you can imagine. European cotton sheets and goose down pillows, while you snuggle into a cozy duvet. You want scented body gel, a private Jacuzzi, thick terry robes, and chocolates on your pillows. Now that’s what you call the perfect hotel.

The Libra Dream Destination

You may be surprised to discover that Vietnam is the dream destination for Libras who want to explore all those beautiful house wares, paintings, and more for such great prices. Qualia on Hamilton Island is perfect for the Libra.

The Ultimate Libra Experience

The honest Libra will tell you that deep down they see themselves as royalty so they like to be spoiled with all the luxury their money can afford.

While the Libra loves to see new and interesting things they like to find a balance between sightseeing and visiting people they know, which is why so often their destinations are to somewhere they have a friend or family. To a Libra real fun can’t begin without having a fun loving crowd surrounding you. So making new friends is sure to happen.


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