Leo ♌ Zodiac Sign: Characteristics, Personality, Man & Woman


A monarch rules not by example (as does Aries) nor by consensus (as do Capricorn and Aquarius) but by personal will. Will is law. Personal taste becomes the style that is imitated by all subjects. A monarch is somehow larger than life. This is how a Leo desires to be. When you dispute the personal will of a Leo it is serious business. He or she takes it as a personal affront, an insult.

Leos will let you know that their will carries authority and that to disobey is demeaning and disrespectful. A Leo is king (or queen) of his or her personal domain. Subordinates, friends and family are the loyal and trusted subjects. Leos rule with benevolent grace and in the best interests of others. They have a powerful presence; indeed, they are powerful people.

They seem to attract attention in any social gathering. They stand out because they are stars in their domain. Leos feel that, like the Sun, they are made to shine and rule. Leos feel that they were born to special privilege and royal prerogatives – and most of them attain this status, at least to some degree.

The Sun is the ruler of this Sign, and when you think of sunshine it is very difficult to feel unhealthy or depressed. Somehow the light of the Sun is the very antithesis of illness and apathy. Leos love life. They also love to have fun; they love drama, music, the theatre and amusements of all sorts.

These are the things that give joy to life. If – even in their best inter­ests – you try to deprive Leos of their pleasures, good food, drink and entertainment, you run the serious risk of depriving them of the will to live. To them life without joy is no life at all. Leos epitomize humanity’s will to power.

But power in and of itself – regardless of what some people say – is neither good nor evil. Only when power is abused does it become evil. Without power even good things cannot come to pass. Leos realize this and are uniquely qualified to wield power. Of all the Signs, they do it most naturally.

Capricorn, the other power Sign of the Zodiac, is a better manager and administrator than Leo – much better. But Leo outshines Capricorn in personal grace and presence. Leo loves power, where Capricorn assumes power out of a sense of duty.


About Leo

Leo is the fifth astrology sign. Leos are more and often very much generous and helpful. They are very good cooks. They love to buy excessive and exuberant gifts. Leos need to have the best in life. They also want the same for those to whom they like. They can’t help having luxuries and good life.

Leos are very much friendly and loving. They are usually born with the qualities of leadership. They are very moody yet affirmative. Those Leos who do not get appropriate attention and care can develop depressed and gloomy. They are also very sensitive. If someone teases them, particularly with respect to their pride, they brood and care about it. But on the other hand they want to come out from it as soon as possible. Leos are very quick to anger but again they are very quick to forgive.

Leos are very creative, ambitious, independent and confident. They are also very much arrogant and strong-willed. They like life’s pleasures and to be on the spotlight. They love to help others. Their spontaneous nature makes them unique in their character.

They don’t like unreliable people. The words imposition and hostility does not exist in their dictionary. They don’t bear the interference of others in their personal matters. They run away from a boring environment.

Majority of the Leos are very energetic and athletic. They love physical challenges. That is why they have good musculature. Most of them eat and drink too much.

They are extremely romantic. Once they commit themselves to a serious relationship, they are usually very loyal, devoted, truehearted and faithful. Life with the Leos is very dynamic and enjoyable. It is because of the reason that they enjoy every moment of their life. They also love to express their feelings to their love partner.

Leo Personality Traits


Leo in Love

Generally, Leos are not the marrying kind. To them relation­ships are good while they are pleasurable. When the rela­tionship ceases to be pleasurable a true Leo will want out. They always want to have the freedom to leave. That is why Leos excel at love affairs rather than commitment.

Once married, however, Leo is faithful – even if some Leos have a tendency to marry more than once in their lifetime. If you are in love with a Leo, just show him or her a good time. Travel, go to casinos and clubs, the theatre and discos. Wine and dine your Leo love – it is expensive but worth it and you will have fun. Leos generally have an active love life and are demon­strative in their affections.

They love to be with other opti­mistic and fun-loving types like themselves, but wind up settling with someone more serious, intellectual and unconventional. The partner of a Leo tends to be more political and socially conscious than he or she is, and more libertarian. When you marry a Leo, mastering the freedom-loving tendencies of your partner will definitely become a life-long challenge – and be careful that Leo does not master you. Aquarius sits on Leo’s 7th House (of Love) cusp.

Thus if Leos want to realize their highest love and social potential they need to develop a more egalitarian, Aquarian perspec­tive on others. This is not easy for Leo, for ‘the king’ finds his equals only among other ‘kings’. But perhaps this is the solution to Leo’s social challenge – to be ‘a king among kings’. It is all right to be royal, but recognize the nobility in others.


Leo and Finance

Leos are great leaders but not necessarily good managers. They are better at handling the overall picture than the nitty-gritty details of business. If they have good managers working for them they can become exceptional executives. They have vision and a lot of creativity. Leos love wealth for the pleasures it can bring. They love an opulent lifestyle, pomp and glamour.

Even when they are not wealthy they live as if they are. This is why many fall into debt, from which it is sometimes difficult to emerge. Leos, like Pisceans, are generous to a fault. Very often they want to acquire wealth solely so that they can help others economically. Wealth to Leo buys services and managerial ability. It creates jobs for others and improves the general well-being of those around them. Therefore – to a Leo – wealth is good.

Wealth is to be enjoyed to the fullest. Money is not to be left to gather dust in a mouldy bank vault but to be enjoyed, spread around, used. So Leos can be quite reckless in their spending. With the Sign of Virgo on Leo’s 2nd House (of Money) cusp, Leo needs to develop some of Virgo’s traits of analysis, discrimination and purity when it comes to money matters.

They must learn to be more careful with the details of finance (or to hire people to do this for them). They have to be more cost-conscious in their spending habits. Generally, they need to manage their money better. Leos tend to chafe under financial constraints, yet these constraints can help Leos to reach their highest financial potential. Leos like it when their friends and family know that they can depend on them for financial support.

They do not mind – even enjoy – lending money, but they are careful that they are not taken advantage of. From their ‘regal throne’ Leos like to bestow gifts upon their family and friends and then enjoy the good feelings these gifts bring to everybody. Leos love financial speculations and – when the celestial influ­ ences are right – are often lucky.


Leo Career and Public Image Characteristics

Leos like to be perceived as wealthy, for in today’s world wealth often equals power. When they attain wealth they love having a large house with lots of land and animals. At their jobs Leos excel in positions of authority and power.

They are good at making decisions – on a grand level – but they prefer to leave the details to others. Leos are well respected by their colleagues and subordinates, mainly because they have a knack for understanding and relating to those around them. Leos usually strive for the top positions even if they have to start at the bottom and work hard to get there. As might be expected of such a charismatic Sign, Leos are always trying to improve their work situation.

They do so in order to have a better chance of advancing to the top. On the other hand, Leos do not like to be bossed around or told what to do. Perhaps this is why they aspire so for the top – where they can be the decision-makers and need not take orders from others. Leos never doubt their success and focus all their atten­tion and efforts on achieving it. Another great Leo character­istic is that – just like good monarchs – they do not attempt to abuse the power or success they achieve. If they do so this is not wilful or intentional.

Usually they like to share their wealth and try to make everyone around them join in their success. Leos are – and like to be perceived as – hard-working, well-established individuals. It is definitely true that they are capable of hard work and often manage great things. But do not forget that, deep down inside, Leos really are fun-lovers.


Life of Leo

Although Leos are great entertainers and love having people over, sometimes this is all show. Only very few close friends will get to see the real side of a Leo’s day-to-day life. To a Leo the home is a place of comfort, recreation and transfor­mation; a secret, private retreat – a castle.

Leos like to spend money, show off a bit, entertain and have fun. They enjoy the latest furnishings, clothes and gadgets – all things fit for kings. Leos are fiercely loyal to their family and of course expect the same from them. They love their children almost to a fault; they have to be careful not to spoil them too much. They also must try to avoid attempting to make individual family members over in their own image. Leos should keep in mind that others also have the need to be their own people. That is why Leos have to be extra careful about being over-bossy or over-domineering in the home.

Leo Sign characteristics

When you think of Leo, think of royalty – then you’ll get the idea of what the Leo character is all about and why Leos are the way they are. It is true that, for various reasons, some Leo-born do not always express this quality – but even if not they should like to do so.

5 Leo Characteristics

Leos have some very personable characteristics. Let’s have a look.

1. Headstrong and Straightforward

The Leos are opinionated and headstrong. If you want to change their mind on something they’ve already made a decision over, you are going to have to be extremely convincing, and since they are so straightforward, you had better be prepared to be just that too. When they have something to say they just say it – there certainly is no pussy foot around – it’s out there before you know it. What’s great about the Leo is you will always know exactly where you stand. It takes all the guesswork out of everything.

2. Warm, Kind, and Big Hearted

The Leo is warm, friendly, kind, and big hearted. The Leo is driven by action and a strong desire to please all of the people in their life. Leos are kind and helpful and admired for these traits. You can ask a Leo and they will be there for you in a heartbeat. There is no question that Leo has a really big heart that is ready to constantly love you and support you. It just comes naturally to a Leos – it’s just what they do. 

3. Trustworthy and Loyal

One thing that’s great about having a Leo in your life is that you can put all of your trust into them. They won’t let you down – Leos just don’t do that. They always have your back. Leos are reliable, honest, and they are fair. But just as a Leo is loyal and there for you, they demand the same for the people in their lives. They need to be able to trust you in order to be loyal to you.

4. Super Achievers and Energetic

Leos are super achievers and it’s no wonder with all that energy they posses. A Leo will always go ‘over and above’ the call of duty with whatever it is they take on. Leos love to be super achievers and they are always putting pressure themselves to do better, perform better, accomplish more. If you are wondering where the Leo gets that endless source of energy – it’s because they are powered by the sun. So while they are busy super achieving they are also sending out all kinds of positive vibes.

5. Dominating and Possessive

Leos can get themselves in trouble with the dominating and possessive traits that want them to always have control of the situations and their expectations of others is exactly the same. Not everyone takes kindly to their dominating nature but you just have to understand that the Leo has trouble being any other way. Leos possessiveness makes them prone to jealousy. So make sure that when you are dealing with a Leo you keep this in mind.

Leo Element: Fire
Leo Ruling Planet: Sun
Leo Career Planet: Venus
Leo Love Planet: Uranus
Leo Money Planet: Mercury
Leo Planet of Health and Work: Saturn
Leo Planet of Home and Family Life: Pluto
Leo Colors: orange, gold, red
Leo Colors that promotes earning power: yellow, yellow- orange
Leo Colors that promote love, romance and social harmony: ultramarine blue, indigo, black
Leo Qualities most needed for balance: humility
Leo Strongest virtues: leadership ability, self- esteem and confidence, generosity, love of joy, creativity
Leo Deepest needs: fun, elation, the need to shine
Leo Characteristics to avoid: arrogance, vanity, bossiness
Leo Lucky numbers: 1,3, 9, 93
Leo Best day of the week: Sunday
Leo Gems: amber, citrine, chrysolite, yellow diamond
Leo Metal: gold
Leo Scents: bergamot, frankincense, musk, neroli
Leo Wood: walnut
Leo Flower: marigold
Leo Animal: lion
Leo Fabric: brocade


Leo Man

The lion is the lord of the jungle and he is the undisputed king with ability to control and dominate other animals. Like a lion, even the Leo man has the streak of character that borders on aggression and dominance. His devil-may-care attitude can make him extremely courageous and extrovert as well.

Basically a warm-hearted man, Leo man could embody everything that a manaspires to be – courage, controlled aggression, wit, humor, instant sex appeal and charm! A great lover of friends, colleagues and women, he always likes to be in the center of action; in fact, he simply loves to take full control of proceedings in any meetings or deliberations.

A Leo man expects lot of loyalty and dedication from their friends and loved ones. His loyalty and faithfulness towards other people is legendary while his concern towards his family members and close friends is a stuff of folklore. He needs deep-rooted appreciation and encouragement from his friends as well. He wants others to notice him and appreciate his efforts.

While his zeal for life can make him extremely strong and vital. A Leo man would like to steal the limelight because of his larger than life personality. Their infectious and impulsive character, positive attitude and leadership qualities make them extremely lovable by all people.

Leo men can take calculated risks while working on their projects while they may falter and commit some glaring mistakes in the haste of getting their work done in double quick time. In business, they would like to charge ahead with all enthusiasm and energy only to emerge as very successful entrepreneurs.

Leo men are born to lead and guide others; they can lead, guide, direct, communicate and teach other people in an aristocratic manner. However, this impulsiveness may lead them to be aggressive and arrogant. These perceived negative qualities would earn them some rivals especially in the business circles.

Leo Man Health

Leo is a fire sign and all Leo men represent passion, devotion dedication and energy. These qualities relate to their circulatory and metabolic system. Leo men can develop severe health problems connected with digestive and hormonal system. Nervous system problems and symptoms associated with feet and hands are possible especially in the old age.

Leo Man Money and Career

Leo men are born leaders who would like to lead their fellow men with their superb leadership qualities. Leo men could become great military generals and corporate managers. They always appreciate finer things of life; their love for grandeur and power help them to reach lofty positions in life. They can make very good lawyers, leaders, military personalities, bankers and brokers.

Their preferred business activities are managing the team, administration and fiscal management. Almost all Leo men like luxuries and grander things of life. They like fine cars, mansions, earthly materials and positional advantages. They can spend their money for all those things that bring them power and laurels. They will also have a constant and consistent stream if income that can make them even more powerful.

Leo Man in Love

Leo men can be warm-hearted and extremely lovable. They are great romantics and passionate towards their spouses and lovers. They are faithful towards them as well. They are passionate and considerate in their personal relationship. With Leo men, one can never have a dull or boring moment. However, they do not like intolerance and personal criticism from others.

Leo men have extreme sex drive and their powerful presence can make the opposite sex like them more than ever. Leo men can gel extremely well with signs like Sagittarius, Aries and Libra while they do not go along well with signs like Virgo, Capricorn and Scorpio.

Famous Leo Man

Robert Redford, Wesley Snipes, Bill Clinton, Mick Jagger, Sean Penn, Antonio Banderas, Robert DeNiro, Dustin Hoffman, Patrick Swayze, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Peter O;Toole, Carl Jung, Napoleon, Benito Mussolini


Leo Woman

Leo is the heart of the constellation! It is also the king or the emperor of all zodiacal signs! It is also a sign that rules your heart and soul! It can represent a number of virtues and good values of humans. Leo represents deep loyalty, love, honor, commitment, dedication and trust toward others.

Leo women are a self-sustaining and self-relying creature who canbe commanding in their attitude and behavior. However, they may fall into a trap of conceit and self-defeat by developing an attitude of a sense of self-importance. Leo women may also feel that they are in the center of all actions. In fact, they may feel that the world is impossible without their presence in the center of action.

Leo is such an impressive sun sign that it can signify two distinctive phases in Leo women’s life – a young phase when the young Leo woman may be too self centered and self-demanding, and an old phase when they may be too generous and benevolent towards others. Apart from satisfying their own needs and requirements, they can cater to other needs and requirements as well. Leo women are inexhaustible and undefeated. With their intense energy, Leo women can bring light, heat, warmth and coziness to all around her.

On the negative side, a Leo woman can be too self-fish with an ulterior motive to use other people’s energy and resources to advance her own causes. Personal egos can make a Leo woman little negative and self-centered. Leo women need help guidance when they feel alone in the web of self-defeat, and conceit; when given required care, support and concern, a Leo woman can be the most wonderful woman in the world.

Leo Woman Health

Leo women are somewhat prone to most common diseases like vascular and digestive system disorders. They may face diseases and ailments when they are in their middle ages. However, they can endure health hardships very well when compared to other sun signs. If they take proper care, they can feel happy throughout their life.

Leo Woman Money and Career

Leo women want to see results before spending their money. They are too careful with their money. However, she wants to make her more comfortable with all earthly desires like good clothing, dazzling jewelries pieces and hip home furnishings. They also like to invest in anything that yields them immense profits like real estate and stocks. Wealthy Leo women will like to buy expensive art and paint items. However, she can be very generous wither near and dear ones.

A Leo woman could be a very good corporate leader with all her leadership qualities. Managerial qualities come very easy to her while her analytical brain will help her solve all difficult problems with ease and simplicity.

Leo Woman in Love

Love and romance come naturally to Leo women! They could be very loving, affectionate, passionate, poetic and adoring towards their lovers and spouses. They believe on a policy that relies on give and take; they would like to see their lovers and spouses return the same intensity of love and affection like theirs. Their love and affection can be overwhelming at times.

They could be very possessive as well. A Leo woman’s pride is legendary! She feels that her pride is always at stake and danger! Her ego is very fragile, delicate, thin and breakable! In spite of all these weaknesses, she can be very generous and caring towards others. Men and women born under the signs of Aries, Sagittarius, and Libra can gel well with the Leo woman, while Aquarius, Taurus, and Scorpio can present a challenge .

Leo Famous Woman

Lisa Kudrow, Jada Pinkett, Angela Bassett, Halle Berry, Sandra Bullock, Lynda Carter, Connie Chung, Monica Lewinsky, Jacqueline Onassis, Mae West, Lucille Ball, Madonna, Melanie Griffith, Whitney Houston, Mata-Hari, Annie Oakley


Best Holidays for Leo

Leo not only loves luxury they expect it. This means the Leo traveler will spend whatever is necessary to ensure you have a unique, comfortable, luxurious, and memorable vacation. The best holiday for Leo will be someplace where there is plenty to see and do, and participate in. You’ll want to be able to visit the theater, enjoy some first class dining, and so much more.

The Perfect Leo Vacation

Leo loves the sun and intuitively seeks out sunny destinations for their holidays. Leos are the type of people who love to be admired. You’ll also find they like to admire their holiday locations. The best holiday for Leos can be found in places like Capri, Miami, Seychelles, San Francisco, Pair, London, Sydney, and Rome.

A resort can work for you as long as it is a sunny location with all the luxuries for you to be pampered including the world-renowned spa. It should also be a busy resort since you like to interact with others and participate in events. Make sure there are cocktail parties or other upscale events that you can dress up for, since you are so fashion forward.

The Worst Leo Travel Vacation

A Leo on a private island will be a huge disappointment. While it may sound like a glamorous getaway in theory, you’ll be bored and lonely in no time at all. It’s not your style!

The Leo Travel Style

Leos want the best and they want to show it off and let everyone see that they are enjoying it. That designer bag is going to be the center of attention. This means the Leo should travel first class, and everything they choose to do should be executive or top class, never economy from rooms to cruises to restaurants.

The Perfect Hotel Environment for a Leo

Think luxury that’s over the top. The Hotel Cipriani in Venice would be a perfect choice with the exquisite mahogany boat that brings you there and the breathtaking gardens that surround you. Nothing but the best for Leos.

The Leo Dream Destination

It’s hard to pick a dream destination for Leos because really all they care about is that the hotel they are staying at has every luxury known to mankind but Paris might be a great spot to consider.

The Ultimate Leo Experience

Every Leo’s secret desire is to fly first class. Leo is desire to soak up luxury makes some of old regal Europe worth considering for a vacation as well – the castles dotted along the Rhine will truly be enjoyable.


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