Cancer ♋ Zodiac Sign: Characteristics, Personality, Man & Woman


Cancerians tend to mistrust logic. Perhaps rightfully so. I or them it is not enough for an argument or a project to be logical – it must feel right as well. If it does not feel right a Cancerian will reject it or chafe against it. The phrase ‘follow your heart’ could have been coined by a Cancerian, because it describes exactly.

the Cancerian attitude to life. The power to feel is a more direct – more immediate -method of knowing than thinking is. Thinking is indirect, thinking about a thing never touches the thing itself, reeling is a faculty that touches directly the thing or issue in question. We actually experience it. Emotional feeling is almost like another sense which humans possess – a psychic sense.

Since the realities that we come in contact with during our lifetime are often painful and even destructive, it is not surprising that the Cancerian chooses to erect barriers a shell – to protect his or her vulnerable, sensitive nature.

To a Cancerian this is only common sense. If Cancerians are in the presence of people they do not know, or find themselves in a hostile environment, up goes the shell and they feel protected. Other people often complain about this, but one must question these other people’s motives.

Why does this shell disturb them? Is it perhaps because they would like to sting, and feel frustrated that they cannot? If your intentions are honourable and you are patient, have no fear. The shell will open up and you will be accepted as part of the Cancerian’s circle of family and friends.

Thought-processes are generally analytic and dissociating. In order to think clearly we must make distinctions, compari­sons and the like. But feeling is unifying and integrative.   To think clearly about something you have to distance yourself from it. To feel something you must get close to it. Once a Cancerian has accepted you as a friend he or she will hang on.

You have to be really bad to lose the friendship of a Cancerian. If you are related to Cancerians they will never let you go no matter what you do. They will always try to maintain some kind of connection even in the most extreme circumstances.


About Cancer

Cancer is symbolized by the crab. It is the 4th sign of zodiac. It ranges from June 22 to July 22. They are ruled by Moon. Their birth stone is Moonstone. Cancers are very stable, calm, strong willed, determinant and self confident.

Often they are very emotional. They are one of the most reliable persons around you. They are great planners and organizers. Cancers are loving personalities. They believe in themselves.

They can be rightly called as self-sufficient people. It is because of the reason that they know the worth of time. They want fame and success in their life. They have a narrow vision regarding their goals. They usually want pleasures to enjoy. When they achieve a certain goal, the whole world will know about it.

They are very organized and symmetrical. They have good communication skills. Usually they are very conventional and formal in their behavior. Perfectionism exists in their personality dominantly. They are very responsible, cautious and capable of doing their job up to the mark. They are all about themselves. If they are managers then will be very resourceful and determined managers. Cancers usually set high standards for them. They are the real people to hire. They are a type of intuitive and imaginative people.

They are also very sympathetic, shrewd and cautious. They are not of consistent nature. They are very moody and touchy. Clinging is a dominant factor of their lives. When you go closer to a Cancer personality, you will meet most kind and humble people of the Zodiac. They are very sensitive and formidable.

They have an inferiority complex sometimes. They used to magnify any hurt whether imagined or real. They have a deep sight on their past. This shows that they are very possessive. One can have an idea about their conservative part of nature. They are very nurturing and homely. They plan carefully to fulfill their ambitions. They have the ability to achieve great output with minimum input.

They are both efficient and effective. That is why they are able to work on different projects at the same time. They are endlessly disciplined and preserving. They care about their health and wealth simultaneously. They are naturally active personalities. Most often they are very pleasing and smiling faces. As they don’t have control over their emotions, so they get excited easily. They take much care of their family responsibilities. They get annoyed if someone pressurizes them.

Cancer Personality Traits


Cancer in Love

Like Taurus, Cancer likes committed relationships. Can­cerians function best when the relationship is clearly defined and everyone knows his or her role. When they marry it is usually for life. They are extremely loyal to their beloved.

But there is a deep little secret that most Cancerians will never admit to: commitment or partnership is really a chore and a duty to them. They enter into it because they know of no other way to create the family that they desire. Union is just a way – a means to an end – rather than an end in itself.

The family is the ultimate end for them. If you are in love with a Cancerian you must tread lightly on his or her feelings. It will take you a good deal of time to realize how deep and sensitive Cancerians can be. The smallest negativity upsets them. Your tone of voice, your irritation, a look in your eye or an expression on your face can cause great distress for the Cancerian. Your slightest gesture is registered by them and reacted to. This can be hard to get used to, but stick by your love – Cancerians make great partners once you learn how to deal with them. Your Cancerian lover will react not so much to what you say but to the way you are actually feeling at the moment.


Cancer and Finance

The Cancer-born has a deep sense of what other people feel about things and why they feel as they do. This faculty is a great asset in the workplace and in the business world. Of course it is also indispensable in raising a family and building a home, but it also has its uses in business.

Cancerians often attain great wealth in a family type of business. Even if the business is not a family operation, they will treat it as one. If the Cancerian works for somebody else, then the boss is the parental figure and the co-workers are brothers and sisters. If a Cancerian is the boss, then all the workers are his or her chil­dren. Cancerians like the feeling of being providers for others.

They enjoy knowing that others derive their sustenance because of what they do. It is another form of nurturing. With Leo on their Solar 2nd House (of Money) cusp, Cancerians are often lucky speculators, especially with resi­dential property or hotels and restaurants. Resort hotels and nightclubs are also profitable for the Cancerian. Waterside properties allure them.

Though they are basically conven­tional people, they sometimes like to earn their livelihood in glamorous ways. The Sun, Cancer’s money planet, represents an important financial message: in financial matters Cancerians need to be less moody, more stable and fixed. They cannot allow their moods – which are here today and gone tomorrow – to get in the way of their business lives. They need to develop their self-esteem and feelings of self-worth if they are to realize their greatest financial potential.


Cancer Career and Public Image Characteristics

Aries rules the 10th Solar House (of Career) cusp of Cancer, which indicates that Cancerians long to start their own busi­ness, to be more active publicly and politically and to be more independent. Family responsibilities and a fear of hurt­ing other people’s feelings – or getting hurt themselves -often inhibit them from attaining these goals.

However, this is what they want and long to do. Cancerians like their bosses and leaders to act freely and to be a bit self-willed. They can deal with that in a superior. Cancerians expect their leaders to be fierce on their behalf. When the Cancerian is in the position of boss or superior he or she behaves very much like a ‘warlord’.

Of course the wars they wage are not egocentric but in defence of those under their care. If they lack some of this fighting instinct -independence and pioneering spirit – Cancerians will have extreme difficulty in attaining their highest career goals. They will be hampered in their attempts to lead others. Since they are so parental, Cancerians like to work with children and make great educators and teachers.


Life of Cancer

This is where Cancerians really excel. The home environ­ment and the family are their personal works of art. They strive to make things of beauty that will outlast them. Very often they succeed. Cancerians feel very close to their family, their relatives and especially their mothers. These bonds last throughout their lives and mature as they grow older.

They are very fond of those members of their family who become success­ful, and they are also quite attached to family heirlooms and mementos. Cancerians also love children and like to provide them with all the things they need and want. With their nurturing, feeling nature, Cancerians make very good parents – especially the Cancerian woman, who is the mother par excellence of the Zodiac.

As a parent the Cancerian’s attitude is ‘my children right or wrong.’ Unconditional devotion is the order of the day. No matter what a family member does, the Cancerian will eventually forgive him or her, because ‘you are, after all, family’. The preservation of the institution – the tradition -of the family is one of the Cancerian’s main reasons for living. They have many lessons to teach others about this. Being so family-orientated, the Cancerian’s home is always clean, orderly and comfortable. They like old-fashioned furnishings but they also like to have all the modern comforts. Cancerians love to have family and friends over, to organize parties and to entertain at home – they make great hosts.

Cancer Characteristics

In the Sign of Cancer the heavens are developing the feeling side of things. This is what a true Cancerian is all about -Uvlings. Where Aries will tend to err on the side of action, laurus on the side of inaction and Gemini on the side of ihought, Cancer will tend to err on the side of feeling.

5 Cancer Characteristics

Cancers have some very personable characteristics. Let’s have a look.

1. Emotional and Moody

Cancers are extremely emotional and moody. It can be hard, even overwhelming for others to deal with their unpredictable mood swings. Don’t let Cancer’s cold and detached appearance fool you because Cancers are actually very emotional people. They just do a great job of hiding those emotions, especially around those that don’t know them all that well. Cancers are often overemotional and even when they try too hard to not be too feelings become hurt too easily. That said this trait also makes it easier for Cancers to empathize with others and they love to take care of them. It makes Cancers extremely compassionate.

2. Protective and Clingy

Cancers are incredibly protective of their loved ones and relationships, sometimes to the point of being clingy. They are also protective of the things they are interested in, their possessions, and their personal space. Cancers have trouble letting things go, and as a result, they find it difficult to move on. They also have trouble giving their partners any space because of that protectiveness.

3. Loving

Cancers love deeply and admire those who are close to them, even from a distance. Most get to experience Cancer’s loving side frequently. With the love from a Cancer comes loyalty. Cancers seldom expect much in return for their faithfulness, after all that faithfulness is a much a part of their soul as their deep-seated ability to love. You can count on a Cancer to be there for you and to stick by you through thick and thin. When a Cancer falls in love they make a lifetime commitment and will do everything in their power to make it work. If things fall apart they are devastated and often never fall in love again.

4. Fearful and Cautious

The loving nature of Cancers can sometimes cause Cancers to be overly suspicious doubting the intentions of those around them. They tend to be cautious in nature not always trusting those around them to the degree that they should. Occasionally this fear and caution does work in their favor, however, more often than not, Cancers are prone to filling their minds with imaginary fears that surround them. It is important that they get a handle on these unfounded fears.

5. Intuitive and Imaginative

The intuitive powers that Cancers possess work well as an excellent guiding force for them, even more so than logic. Cancers rely heavily on their gut feelings when making decisions based on those gut feelings. Their intuitive ability allows Cancers to let their imagination flow freely. Cancers are excellent at being able to think outside the box and put their imagination to use with no problem.

Cancer Element: Water
Cancer Ruling Planet: Moon
Cancer Career Planet: Mars
Cancer Love Planet: Saturn
Cancer Money Planet: Sun
Cancer Planet of Health and Work: Jupiter
Cancer Planet of Home and Family Life: Venus
Cancer Colors: silver, pastels, blue, puce
Cancer Colors that promotes earning power: gold, orange
Cancer Colors that promote love, romance and social harmony: black, indigo
Cancer Qualities most needed for balance: mood control
Cancer Strongest virtues: the urge to nurture
Cancer Deepest needs: a harmonious home and family life
Cancer Characteristics to avoid: negative moods, over- sensitivity
Cancer Lucky numbers: 2, 5, 9, 12, 48
Cancer Best day of the week: Monday
Cancer Gems: moonstone, pearl
Cancer Metal: silver
Cancer Scents: jasmine, sandalwood
Cancer Wood: birch
Cancer Flower: convolvulus
Cancer Animal: crab
Cancer Fabric: voile


Cancer Man

Cancer is perhaps the most sensitive and the weakest emotional sign in the entire zodiac system. Moon controls this sign and the planet that changes its position throughout the day and night; hence, it is the most unstable planet of all. Just like the moon, even the man born under this sign is an emotionally weak person with constantly shifting moods.

Cancer man cancharm anyone with his mild and soothing demeanor; once he catches your attention, you will feel that he is a person who can be a very good friend. A typical Cancer man can never tolerate rejection by anyone. He may show too much concern for what others tell him or think of him. In fact, he does not like losing his face or name and this makes him to protect his honor at any cost. Other people may think him to be a boring person that is actually untrue.

A typical Cancer man can be gifted, smart, intelligent, intuitive, imaginative and upright in his nature. He could also be very complex and mysterious especially when it comes to his demeanor. On the other hand, he could also be very funny and exciting to have a friendship. His shifting moods and mannerism could pose some problems for those who do not know him. A Cancer man could be a loner and sedentary; just like a crab, he likes to hide in his nest that is his home! He can be a loner as well!

He is also very gentle and affable with a pleasing mannerism. It is very easy to fall in love with this person because of his sweet nature. Politeness is his birthright. He could be very protective of those with who he is in deep love. However, not many people can attract his attention because he is very special and rare. A Cancer man could be very choosy in selection of friends and lovers. He could also be very possessive of everything that be believes belong to him. He could also be very suspicious of anyone who tries to impress him.

Cancer Man Health

A Cancer man could face a number health problems related to digestion and circulation. Cancer is a water sign and the water controls his body system. Weak immune system accompanied by dehydration could pose serious health consequences.

Cancer Man Money and Career

The Cancer man is very careful about his money and finances. He can be miserly at times while he may also spend money on those people whom he trusts a lot. His main worry is his financial security and he will do everything to protect his money.

He could be looking for multiple sources of income so that he can make his own small financial fortune. If money is a not a concern, he can be very generous with a controlled spending habit. The Cancer man likes to invest in conservative mutual fund systems or in real estate projects. The Cancer man could be a great entertainer or a music artist of even could be a man of art. With their born intelligence, they could become very good doctors, lawyers, judges or musicians.

Cancer Man in Love

The Cancer man could be an extremely shy person! However, once he gets to know a girl, he can open up very slowly to develop a deep relationship. If he feels that he can trust the person he is about to love, then he can be the most pleasing person in the world. He likes very mature, sensible and cheerful girl or woman who is ready to go to an extra length to please and love him.

In fact, if everything is right, a Cancer man could be a one-woman man with utmost respect for her mind, feelings and expressions. A Cancer man can have a lasting relationship with other sun signs like Pisces and Scorpio while fire signs like Aries could be very difficult to handle and manage.

Famous Cancer Man

Kevin Bacon, Mel Brooks, George Bush Jr., Bill Cosby, Tom Cruise, Willem Dafoe, Harrison Ford, Tom Hanks, Carlos Santana, Sylvester Stallone, Patrick Stewart, Donald Sutherland and Robin Williams


Cancer Woman

The zodiacal sign of Cancer is almost synonymous with everything related to home and the family. Cancer also signifies a strong motherly bond! In their nature, typical Cancer women relate their lives to their past. If the childhood is not satisfactory for a Cancer woman, she can feel the emotional upheaval even during her old age. It means that they could be extremely emotionalin their nature. On the other side, she experiences a happy and contended earn life, she will be emotionally stable and mature person later in the life. The Cancer or the Crab girl is the prisoner of her own past and she will react to her past in a significant manner.

A Cancer woman needs plenty of emotional support and assistance in her early life. If given enough support, she can be one of the best providers of care and support to her loved ones. The Cancer woman is a very strong believer in her destiny and future. She can easily remember her experiences, events and happenings in a marked manner. She can be highly nostalgic as well. She is also a very strong believer in her future. She can remember faces and personalities in a remarkable manner.

The home is where a Cancer woman’s heart and soul is! Her home is everything to her; her spouse, children and family members are her life and inspiration! She can show extreme care and concerns for them throughout their life. When someone becomes a close friend to a Cancer woman, she can show very good camaraderie towards him or her. On the other hand, if you hurt or offend her, she will never forgive for the rest of your life.

Cancer Woman Health

Women born under this sign are healthy and hale throughout their lives. However, they are more prone towards developing nervous problems and circulatory diseases later in their life. Their health status depends on how well their spouses look after them in their mid forties and fifties.

Cancer Woman Money and Career

Believe a Cancer woman’s ability to save for a rainy day! She is a stickler for financial rules and etiquette. She knows how to take care of her money and financial resources! She also believes in her financial security and she does everything to preserve her money for those difficult days! However, she will spend her money for the most necessities of her life. She likes to invest in those instruments that yield long-term benefits and advantages.

Cancer Woman in Love

A typical Cancer woman could be very private and personal. She is also very cozy, affectionate, loving, caring, gentle and intimate towards her family members and close friends. She needs a total commitment from her family members and friends so that she can give her enduring care and affection. Cancer women have a deep understanding of relationships and they respond to this reality as and when necessary. They can view mistrust and dishonesty with a serious mind and they will never forgive someone who treats her very badly without any reason. In all, she can remember her bad past with all seriousness.

Cancer Famous Woman

Pamela Anderson, Jessica Hahn, Anjelica Huston, Ann Landers, Juliette Lewis, Lindsay Lohan, Courtney Love, Princess Diana


Best Holidays for Cancer

Cancer is a romantic water sign so the best holiday for a Cancer traveler is near water. Because the Cancer sign also rules the study of ancestral roots a trip back to where your ancestors were born and/or grew up can also lead to another great vacation. Cancer is a spiritual being so a vacation to a holy place will also be a hit. Because the zodiac Cancer has so many tentacles finding the best holiday is actually easier than for other zodiacs.

The Perfect Cancer Vacation

Cancer is a home loving zodiac sign, so it is no surprise that families that include love ones is high on the list. Some of the best holiday destinations for the Cancer traveler are the Greek Islands, Budapest, New Zealand, or St. Petersburg.

A few American destinations include Lake Tahoe, Cape Cod, Palm Beach, or Malibu Beach. Mexico, the charming canals of Amsterdam, the breathtaking Lake Como in Switzerland are other excellent holiday destinations.

The Worst Cancer Travel Vacation

Carnival in Rio should be avoided. Cancers do not like crowds nor do they like to party all night so avoid these types of places and situations.

The Cancer Travel Style

Cancers love the comfort of what’s familiar so it is difficult for them to try a new destination, and when they find a place they like they tend to go back to that place.

The Perfect Hotel Environment for a Cancer

Cancers like to check into their hotel and never leave. So a hotel that has all the amenities like a number of swimming pools, a spa, great restaurants, all kinds of activities is what you should be looking for in a hotel.

Cancers also like their privacy so make sure the place you book allows you that so you can relax and start to feel at home right away, enjoying your vacation from the get go.

The Cancer Dream Destination

Fiji is the dream destination of Cancer travelers.

The Ultimate Cancer Experience

Since Cancer is a water sign, an experience that involves yachting, sailing, jet skiing, scuba diving, surfing, or para sailing. When you combine land with water it will give you the ultimate holiday experience.

As a cancer, you are frugal so you should look for a holiday that’s a great bargain. Don’t forget to bring along your camera. You are a sentimental soul so you will love to reflect on your journey at a later date.


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