Aries ♈ Zodiac Sign: Characteristics, Personality, Man & Woman


Aries likes to get things done, and in their passion and zeal often lose sight of the consequences for themselves and others. Yes, they often try to be diplomatic and tactful, but it is hard for them. When they do so they feel that they are being dishonest and phony. It is hard for them even to understand the mindset of the diplomat, the consensus builder, the front office executive.

These people are involved in endless meetings, discussions, talks and negotiations – all of which seem a great waste of time when there is so much work to be done, so many real achievements to be gained. An Aries can understand, once it is explained, that talks and negotiations – the social graces – lead ultimately to better, more effective actions.

The interesting thing is that an Aries is rarely malicious or spiteful – even when waging war. Aries people fight without hate for their opponents. To them it is all good-natured fun, a grand adventure, a game. When confronted with a problem many people will say ‘Well, let’s think about it, let’s analyze the situation.’ But not an Aries. An Aries will think ‘Something must be done. Let’s get on with it.’ Of course neither response is the total answer.

Sometimes action is called for, sometimes cool thought. But an Aries tends to err on the side of action. Action and thought are radically different principles. Physical activity is the use of brute force. Thinking and deliberating require one not to use force – to be still. It is not good for the athlete to be deliberating the next move; this will only slow down his or her reaction time. The athlete must act instinctively and instantly.

This is how Aries people tend to behave in life. They are quick, instinctive decision-makers and their decisions tend to be translated into action almost immediately. When their intuition is sharp and well tuned, their actions are powerful and successful. When their intuition is off, their actions can be disastrous. Do not think this will scare an Aries.

Just as a good warrior knows that in the course of combat he or she might acquire a few wounds, so too does an Aries realize – some­where deep down – that in the course of being true to your­self you might get embroiled in a disaster or two. It is all part of the game. An Aries feels strong enough to weather any storm. There are many Aries people who are intellectual.

They make powerful and creative thinkers. But even in this realm they tend to be pioneers – outspoken and blunt. These types of Aries tend to elevate (or sublimate) their desire for physi­cal combat in favor of intellectual, mental combat. And they are indeed powerful. In general, Aries people have a faith in themselves that others could learn from. This basic, rock-bottom faith carries them through the most tumultuous situations of life. Their courage and self-confidence make them natural leaders. Their leadership is more by way of example than by actually controlling others.


About Aries

The Aries are independent by nature but they are also self-centered. Their unique personality makes them an interesting case to study. The pioneering spirit inside Arians is adventurous and likes taking on challenges that life throws their way. Their adventurous personality also exhibits the characteristics of boldness.

They are outspoken most of the time and their speech remains direct for most of the times. They easily fall into argument due to straightforwardness of their personality. They are rarely diplomatic in their speech and their approach towards life and other significant things.

Success is passion for Aries. The people belonging to this zodiac sign do not give up but they go till the end. They would generally try their level best and would always go for success despite challenges and difficulties that come their way. The external approval or appreciation is not what they look for. They celebrate their success with themselves proving success to themselves only.

The Aries are impulsive. They often have regrets about their actions or inactions as a result of their impulsiveness. Most of the times, the Aries live with regrets.

Their pioneering personality enables them to lead from the front. Most of the times they are leaders and they inspire others to try out new things. They lead and the others follow. Most of the new projects are initiated by Aries due to their pioneering spirit.

The Aries encourage the open appreciation of an act and that’s how they want others to behave. They want to get appreciated and praised openly. This keeps them happy and provides enough strength and positive energy for them to continue leading and pioneering the new fronts in every field.

The Aries do not like being ignored. They would often lose their temper due to this trait. If they get ignored, they do behave strangely after losing their temper quickly.

Aries Personality Traits


Aries in Love

In marriage and partnerships Aries like those who are more passive, gentle, tactful and diplomatic – people who have the social grace and skills they sometimes lack. Our partners always represent a hidden part of ourselves – a self that we cannot express personally. An Aries tends to go after what he or she likes aggres­sively. The tendency is to jump into relationships and marriages.

This is especially true if Venus is in Aries as well as the Sun. If an Aries likes you, he or she will have a hard time taking no for an answer; many attempts will be made to sweep you off your feet. Though Aries can be exasperating in relationships – espe­cially if they are not understood by their partners – they are never consciously or willfully cruel or malicious. It is just that they are so independent and sure of themselves that they find it almost impossible to see somebody else’s view­point or position.

This is why an Aries needs as a partner someone with lots of social grace. On the plus side, an Aries is honest, someone you can lean on, someone with whom you will always know where you stand. What he or she lacks in diplomacy is made up for in integrity.


Aries and Finance

Aries people often excel as builders or estate agents. Money in and of itself is not as important as are other things -action, adventure, sport, etc. They are motivated by the need to support and be well-thought-of by their partners. Money as a way of attaining pleasure is another important motiva­tion.

An Aries functions best in their own businesses or as manager of their own departments within a large business or corporation. The fewer orders they have to take from higher up, the better. They also function better out in the field rather than behind a desk. Aries people are hard workers with a lot of endurance; they can earn large sums of money due to the strength of their sheer physical energy.

Venus is their money planet, which means that Aries need to develop more of the social graces in order to realize their full earning potential. Just getting the job done – which is what an Aries excels at – is not enough to create financial success. The co-operation of others needs to be attained. Customers, clients and co-workers need to be made to feel comfortable; many people need to be treated properly in order for success to happen. When Aries people develop these abilities – or hire someone to do this for them – their financial potential is unlimited.


Aries Career and Public Image Characteristics

One would think that a pioneering type would want to break with the social and political conventions of society. But this is not so with the Aries-born. They are pioneers within conventional limits, in the sense that they like to start their own businesses within an established industry.

Capricorn is on the 10th House (Career) cusp of Aries’ Solar Horoscope. Saturn is the planet that rules their life’s work and professional aspirations. This tells us some inter­esting things about the Aries character. First off, it shows that, in order for Aries people to reach their full career potential, they need to develop some qualities that are a bit alien to their basic nature: They need to become better administrators and organizers; they need to be able to handle details better and to take a long-range view of their projects and their careers in general.

No one can beat an Aries when it comes to achieving short-range objectives, but a career is long term, built over time. You cannot take a ‘quickie’ approach to it. Some Aries people find it difficult to stick with a project until the end. Since they get bored quickly and are in constant pursuit of new adventures, they prefer to pass an old project or task on to somebody else in order to start something new.

Those Aries who learn how to put off the search for something new until the old is completed will achieve great success in their careers and professional lives. In general, Aries people like society to judge them on their own merits, on their real and actual achievements. A reputation acquired by ‘hype’ feels false to them.


Life of Aries

An Aries is of course the ruler at home – the Boss. The male will tend to delegate domestic matters to the female. The female Aries will want to rule the roost. Both tend to be handy round the house. Both like large families and both believe in the sanctity and importance of the family.

An Aries is a good family person, although he or she does not especially like being at home a lot, preferring instead to be roaming about. Considering that they are by nature so combative and willful, Aries people can be surprisingly soft, gentle and even vulnerable with their children and partners. The Sign of Cancer, ruled by the Moon, is on the cusp of their Solar 4th House (Home and Family).

When the Moon is well aspected – under favorable influences – in the birth chart an Aries will be tender towards the family and want a family life that is nurturing and supportive. Aries likes to come home after a hard day on the battlefield of life to the understanding arms of their partner and the unconditional love and support of their family. An Aries feels that there is enough ‘war’ out in the world – and he or she enjoys participating in that. But when Aries comes home, comfort and nurturing are what’s needed.

Aries Characteristics

Aries is the activist par excellence of the Zodiac. The Aries need for action is almost an addiction, and those who do not really understand the Aries personality would probably use this hard word to describe it. In reality action is the essence of the Aries psychology- the more direct, blunt and to- the- point the action, the better. When you think about it, this is the ideal psychological makeup for the warrior, the pioneer, the athlete or the manager.

5 Aries Characteristics

Aries have some very interesting characteristics. Let’s have a look.

1. Passionate and Positive

When Aries gets involved and interested in something, they go ‘all in.’ They are passionate and positive about it, whether it is a new job, a relationship, or a hobby. Aries can do a fantastic job of inspiring others. After all, that positive energy Aries has is pretty contagious and it becomes very easy to spread among your social circles. For the Aries when the interest is there staying positive and passionate is easy.

2. Curious

Aries are not just a passionate bunch, they tend to be extremely curious. They like to get beyond the surface and find out just what it is that makes things tick. They are never satisfied with a ‘just is’ answer, and they never mind investing the time to discover what’s behind whatever it is they are curious about, whether that means reading, experiencing, following, or dissecting – they are all in. There curious nature just won’t leave things as they are.

3. Energetic and Lively

If there is one thing people notice about an Aries is that they have a need for excitement in their lives, and as a result they will be quick to navigate their way through unchartered territories with excitement, and energy. After all, the Aries is a lively bunch. You never have to worry about Aries having low energy levels. When you arrive in the room the energy changes and everything lights up. That energy and liveliness you follow around is truly contagious.

4. Enthusiastic Adventurous and Impulsive

If you are looking for someone enthusiastic to catch up with you or your team then you should look no further, because an Aries is that person. They are truly initiators – they’ll get things started with all that impulsiveness and enthusiasm. After all they hate being a spectator. The adventurous spirit of the Aries fits in great with the enthusiasm and impulsiveness. The Aries is never shy to push forward and at will even push beyond their comfort zone just to feel the adrenalin rush. Aries needs to be a little cautious because that impulsiveness will really mess with their proper decision making process, so if you aren’t sure take a step back and make sure that what you are about to do is okay.

5. Stubborn Confrontational and Arrogant

There is no point in trying to get an Aries to change their opinion, because it is just not going to happen. There is no question they are opinionated, stubborn, confrontation, and arrogant – that makes from an incredible strong personality. The fearlessly personality of the Aries will have you asking questions and in the process that can really hurt people. Aries think they are always right and that can make them stubborn and arrogant.

Aries Element: Fire
Aries Ruling Planet: Mars
Aries Career Planet: Saturn
Aries Love Planet: Venus
Aries Money Planet: Venus
Aries Planet of Health and Work: Mercury
Aries Planet of Home and Family Life: Moon
Aries Colors: bright reds, carmine, scarlet
Aries Colors that promotes earning power: green
Aries Colors that promote love, romance and social harmony: green, jade green
Aries Qualities most needed for balance: caution
Aries Strongest virtues: self- reliance, independence, honesty, courage, abundant physical energy
Aries Deepest needs: action
Aries Characteristics to avoid: haste, impetuousness, rashness, over- aggression
Aries Lucky numbers: 1, 13, 47
Aries Best day of the week: Tuesday
Aries Gems: ruby, amethyst
Aries Metal: iron, steel
Aries Scents: honeysuckle
Aries Wood: mahogany
Aries Flower: nasturtium
Aries Animal: ram
Aries Fabric: wool


Aries Man

Aries is a masculine sign that signifies power and strength. Most Arian men possess a strong, muscular and athletic body that exudes immense strength. They love adventure, fun and thrilling activities. They keep looking for new and enriching experiences in their life. In other words, they exhibit their fearless and brave face in front of all odds of life. Arian men can be very intelligent and smart!

Their business and entrepreneurial skills are legendary and well respected. They are ambitious and dedicated towards their goals and objectives. Their vision for their future runs beyond the ordinary.

An Arian man may never listen to other people unless there is some sense to what they say and utter. However, he may be too hostile and aggressive towards those who work under him. Arian men are very enthusiastic about their work and they possess a very high level of motivation towards any assigned task. They are very progressive in their thinking and activities. They are quick in their ability to provide the best and focused results. Working Arian men can gain promotion and pay hikes faster than any other sun signs.

Arian men are aware of their opportunities and chances especially in their career field. They can be very shrewd, cunning, exploiting and deceiving at times especially when it comes to issues like career promotion and pay hikes; in fact, they can beat their adversaries in office room competition involving promotions.

Arian men have a very strong mind with a tremendous ability to inspire other people with their impeccable abilities and stamina. Arian men can be very good leaders too, especially in large corporations and business firms. Aries men are full of amazing ideas and creative energy. Almost all Arian males take their birth with characteristics of rebellion. They love to defy authority enforced by others because they always think that they are smarter and wiser than others are.

Aries Man Health

An Arian is all fire and energy! Hence, he is always prone to diseases and illnesses connected with circulatory and metabolic systems. Because of his immense energy, he may undergo sever fatigue and tiredness throughout his later stages of life. Symptoms and indications related to feet, leg, torso and shoulder might be very common as well.

Aries Man Money and Career

In spite of an Arian man’s ability to work hard and earn lot of money, he can lack the ability to conserve the available financial resources for those moments of crisis. In fact, he can spend a lot for those things that not necessary for his life. Extravagance is another word for an Arian man’s financial life! However, Arian men could also be very successful in generating lot of income with their tremendous business intelligence and acumen.

They could be very strong business leaders and seasoned entrepreneurs. Some of the most famous Arians possess legendary motivational levels and immense drive for professional success. Arian men can do well in such professions as doctors, managers, CEOs, financial advisors and strategists.

Aries Man in Love

Arian men love all those girls and women who look very down to earth, smooth and feminine. However, they expect their women to be very strong and amenable to his strong physique and nature. Arian men possess a rare quality of romance and passion that tend to overflow once they give their heart and soul to the women of their choice.

Relationship with an Arian man can be exciting and thrilling for those women who adjust their lifestyle and preferences. Arians always demand attention from their spouses and lovers; sometimes, they can be too overpowering towards their opposite sex. Compatible signs for Arian males are Gemini, Leo, Sagittarius and Aquarius while signs like Taurus, Virgo, Cancer and Scorpio could be incompatible.

Famous Aries Men:

Warren Beatty, Eddie Murphy, Quentin Tarantino, Jackie Chan, Cesar Chavez, Eric Clapton, Al Gore, David Letterman, Marlon Brando, Alec Baldwin, Steve McQueen, J.S. Bach, Omar Sharif


Aries Woman

Mars is a fiery planet in the entire solar system. It is the God of war and strife! Mars governs an Aries woman. The great characters of strength, courage and bravado are the hallmarks of an Aires woman. An Aries woman is very eager to seek the truth in the search for a new world of bravery and strength.

An Aries woman always triesto asset her authority as a separate and dominant individual. Aries is a zodiacal sign that has a unique appeal with an original perspective on the life. Aries woman can inspire others with her assertive and reasoning character. She is also a motivated individual with a fierce zeal for life and its eternal secrets. She has lot of drive and ambition with a strong individual and dominating mind. Upon facing rejection and ignorance, she will charge with all energy and strength to recuperate her resources to take on the conflicting situations.

An Aries woman is a winner all the way! She is a born leader and she can lead others with her leadership qualities. She is a daring and resourceful person who is ready to approach life with tact and intelligence. At times, she can too confrontational and argumentative. She is very direct and straightforward, while dealing the challenges and risks of life. She is not a patient person especially when it comes to things that relate to diplomacy and niceties.

An Aries may not be stickler for compromise with others. The term “diplomacy and compromise” may never exist in her vocabulary. She always relies on her own needs, desire, requirements and goals. She will also presume that she is right in whatever she feels and believes. An Arian woman can be very pushy, impatient and insensitive. With all her perceived weaknesses, Aries women are still very affectionate, warm and loving; she can easily influence others with her charm and persona. She can be promising and inspirational in her attitude.

Aries Woman Health

Speaking on health, an Aries woman can be very stable in her health and wellbeing. She will experience very good health throughout her life. However, Arian women may face some tricky health situations that relate to nervous and circulatory systems. An air of supreme sense of energy and strength will help her survive any unstable health situations.

Aries Woman Money and Career

In career fields, Arian women can be very thinking, dynamic, interactive, impulsive and self motivated. These characters make them equipped with a rare quality that you cannot see in any other zodiacal signs. Arian women will never go back on their words and they are not afraid of taking risks; in fact, they can initiate new plans and fresh projects with a sense of purpose and conviction.

Arian women also look for exciting opportunities that can provide them greater profits and gains. In fact, they can take calculated actions to make their dreams into definite realities. They can be very impulsive with their finances and savings; they may not save enough money nor can they invest in long term projects.

Aries Woman in Love

The Aries is a very passionate sign for women born under this sign. Arian women always seek an intensively passionate relationship from their opposite sex. Men can arouse Aries women immediately but the intensity of love and passion may burn just for a short time. Men will need to stimulate and cajole Arian women to retain the intensity of relationship for a longer duration. Whatever the case, Arian women can provide the direction, guidance, creativity and stimulation needed for a stable personal relationship. The zodiacal sign of Sagittarius, Leo, and Aquarius are compatible to the Aries woman while Cancer and Capricorn can be very difficult handle.

Aries Famous Woman

Diana Ross, Anne Heche, Doris Day, Shannon Doherty, Mariah Carey, Rosie O’Donnell, Aretha Franklin, Bette Davis, Joan Crawford


The best Holidays for Aries

Aries is the first zodiac sign and that makes you the leader of the zodiac. You are energetic, adventurous, enthusiastic and courageous, and so when it comes to having a holiday you love to blaze your own trail taking in as much as possible in the time you have available.

The Perfect Aries Travel Vacation

As a fire sign, you will seek out holiday locations where the sun shines the brightest and the hottest. You see temperatures in the mid 60’s F as a waste of your vacation time. As an Aries you seek out temperatures that are at least in the mid 80’s F. Excellent destinations for the Aries traveler are Cyprus, Athens, Morocco, Madrid, and Lebanon.

The Worst Aries Vacation

A quiet rural retreat.

The Aries Travel Style

Aries are not big about making plans. They would much rather just jump on a plane and then figure it all out once they reach the destination, wherever that might be. Aries never seas the small things and so if something goes wrong they never worry about it and it doesn’t stress them out.

The Perfect Hotel Environment for an Aries

Aries will find a touch of danger exciting and a real turn on. Some place like the Tanzania Lake Manyara Tree Lodge, which is located in the middle of the national park, is the perfect hotel for an Aries. The idea that the only thing stopping you from becoming lunch for a wild animal on the way back from his or her own lunch, is the single armed Masai warrior – You see this as exciting and thrilling by the Aries.

The Aries Dream Destination

The Aries wants to go where no one else has been or even wants to go. That means an Aries will jump on a plane to some place like Afghanistan with not a care that a ware is raging. An Aries will also see the taxi driver at the airport as his/her new best friend and think nothing of spending an entire two weeks as the guest, forgetting about a war that’s raging around them.

The Ultimate Aries Experience

For the Aries heading off to an exotic destination isn’t enough by itself. They also want to partake in something of the exotic nature. For example, an Antarctic cruise would be exotic; doing something exotic would include kayaking on that Antarctic cruise. An Aries holiday doesn’t look like the vacation of any other zodiac sign. If you are an Aries, make sure you plan a holiday that’s right for you!


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