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Virgo Man

Virgo (August 23- September 22)

The zodiacal sign of Virgo is a thinking man’s sign! The Virgo men are extremely intelligent, pragmatic, thinking, intelligent and logical. They also posses an agile and inquiring mind that can move fast and quick between different thoughts. Men who are born under this sign are quick and fickle minded and are always on the move from one place to the other; in fact, theirminds switch between one thought to the other within seconds.

Virgo men are known for their shifting stances and wavering thoughts. They are very considerate, traditional and conventional with a mind that inclines towards instability. However, their lofty moral values can make them extremely chaste and holy in front others.

One thing that sets them apart from other sun signs is their ability to maintain cleanliness and hygiene around them and in their house; this nagging character could make them extremely choosy in how they select their life partners. They are tidy by nature and appreciate immense beauty in things around them. Virgo males are actually very shy and conservative in their outlook.

They fail to share their emotions with others. In fact, they are introvert by nature and they need immense cajoling and urging from others before opening up their conservative and cocoon like mind. Virgo males like someone exploring their mind rather than the emotions. In life, Virgo men can be too much demanding especially with their spouses.

Those women who love and adore Virgo males may need to probe their mind to know what they are thinking about them. A woman who can understand Virgo man’s innate feelings and mind can co-exit for a longer duration. She may also need to express her confidence and faith on Virgo man’s mind and intellect. Many people call Virgo men insensitive and illogical; however, these perceptions could be false because Virgo men expect many people around them.

Almost all Virgo men are extremely speculative in their approach and they expect good things from both people and the nature around them. They are productive hard working and practical in their approach to the life.

Virgo Man Health

Virgo men are very healthy and their health status will be very good throughout their life. However, most of them may undergo some anxious moments in their health especially ligament and muscular system; many of them may develop muscular atrophy and seizure in the old age. Apart from these suspected problems, they may also face problems related to vascular and circulatory systems.

Virgo Man in Money and Career

Virgo men are the most practical and pragmatic people on the earth! They have the habit of setting achievable goals for themselves and for people around them who are working in the office. They focus their mind on the pending tasks and set their efforts to solve any dicey problems with a focused mind.

They are highly organized and extremely cooperative towards coworkers who might be working along with them. Virgo men can think with a sense of philosopher. They can solve any problems at hand. They can organize any type o events or functions with an uncanny efficiency.

They also show deep commitment and professional ethic towards their work. Virgo men can be very loyal office executives, while their professionalism can make them intelligent managers and strategists. They always prefer professions that require the use of intellect, responsibility, available resources and intelligence. Hence, they could be great doctors, chemists, social workers and teachers.

Virgo Man in Love

In love life, Virgo men expect a lot from their partners. They are very careful and sensitive while choosing their life partners. They are caring and concerned, while too demanding at the same time. They also possess the ability to make their spouses or lovers feel contended at all times. However, their excessive indulgence in cleanliness and hygiene may act as a repellent at times.

Virgo men can be very critical of their spouses at times while their sense of achieving perfection can lead to marital discord. On the positive side, they simply love romance, passion and personal praising with their partners. Virgo men find compatible partners in signs like Capricorn, Taurus, Cancer and Scorpio while Libra, Sagittarius, Aquarius and Aries can pose some problems, as they are incompatible signs.

Virgo Aquarius Man

Sean Connery, Richard Gere, Michael Keaton, Hugh Grant, Stephen King, David Copperfield, Michael Jackson, Confucius, Dante, Ivan the Terrible, Lyndon B. Johnson. More famous Virgo


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