Virgo in Love

Virgo in LoveVirgo can be a real challenge when it comes to live – those high standards can make it hard for Virgo to find a partner that meets their expectations. Virgo is the Zodiac that is a perfectionist and it can be hard to measure up to what they demand. Virgo would rather be single and on their own then settle for anyone that doesn’t meet their expectations.

The methodology Taurus uses isn’t all bad. They can quickly eliminate anyone that they feel would be a loser or a waste of their time. However, the drawback is that many times they hardly give a thought to giving a person time to prove themselves.

The analytical mind of the Virgo sizes people up quickly without ever really getting to know the other person. It can be very intimidating to find yourself under the Virgo microscope. It’s not that you are trying to do harm or make people feel uncomfortable; it’s just that it comes to you naturally.

There is no question that the Taurus is worldly and wise. When that’s combined with their childlike innocence, they can become irresistible. Even if you hold a PhD and run a big lab, when it comes to love and your partner, you want the fantasy story – the fantasy ball, the prince, the princess – you want it perfect.

One thing is for certain if you are below average intelligence or just not worldly, you won’t make it past a couple of dates with the Virgo. They aren’t being cruel, they just have expectations that they want met in the women they date. The Virgo has high expectations in his/her partner’s ability to communicate and carry on intellectual conversations about the goings on in the world.

While Virgo is a good listener, they have their limits. It’s not a good idea to spill everything out, at least in the early stages of the relationship. Instead, just breathe and open up slowly so you don’t spook the Virgo.

Virgo love to be courted and wooed. They are not interested in flings because they find them boring and seldom will a Virgo bother with such trivial relationships. Virgo is patient and will wait for the real thing. For the Virgo it is also important that their family approve of him/her – only then will they be considered worth keeping.

Virgos are looking for those who are ready to settle down and have a family. Virgo isn’t in the love game for the fun of it. They are taking their time looking for their soul mate to spend their life with. Virgos do need to make sure that they stop themselves from falling in love with the potential of a person rather than the person. Virgo is going to do whatever they need to do to ensure they do not feel dependent on someone.

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