The Best Holiday for Scorpio

Scorpio HolidaysThe passionate and independent Scorpio likes to travel solo. The Scorpion traveler is drawn to exotic destinations so that they are able to expend all of their energy. Scorpio travelers do not need every minute to be accounted for.

The Scorpio traveler love diverse landscapes, and exotic destinations. Pluto provides you with an abundance of energy, so the Scorpio traveler needs to be able to expend their energy, so while they like a structured holiday they don’t want every moment accounted for either – there needs to be balance.


The Perfect Scorpio Vacation

Scorpio is fine without TV or telephone, just as long as there is a well-stocked fridge with the important things like champagne and chocolate. The Scorpio’s best holiday includes dropping out of civilization for a bit. Every day you are engaging with others so you really need down time. You are not interested in vacation of down time. Scorpios are not interested in dressing up and putting on airs with acquaintances.

Pluto draws you to seclusion, and because Scorpio is a water sign an idyllic cottage at a beautiful seashore such as the Hawaiian Islands, Maine, Newport, or Prince Edward Island, all make a great vacation. You might also think about a cruise through the Mediterranean or the Greek Islands preferably on a private yacht. You’ll enjoy memorable sunrises and sunsets, not to mention the beautiful stars.

The Worst Scorpio Travel Vacation

A vacation that rushes the Scorpio travel is the worst regardless of location. Scorpios are not meant to rush so three countries in two weeks would be a mess. They like the anticipation of slowly uncovering everything a location has to offer over time.

The Scorpio Travel Style

The Scorpio traveler relishes extreme environments. A long walk along the beach, a hike through the woods, or a journey packed with exploration is all that you need.

The Perfect Hotel Environment for a Scorpio

The perfect hotel for Scorpio might not appeal to all the zodiacs. Think in the middle of nowhere. For example, the Hotel de Larache located five hours from the nearest airport in the Chilean dessert is ideal for the Scorpio traveler.

The Scorpio Dream Destination

Old school elegance combined with a bit of crumbling decay, a little melancholy, and finished with some romance – regardless of location would be a dream vacation.

The Ultimate Scorpio Experience

Scorpio travelers like to find themselves fascinated so the Buddhist kingdom of Bhutan would offer the ultimate vacation experience. The best holiday for a Scorpio has to take something away. Memorable, exotic, and fun will leave the Scorpio traveler content with their time away and looking forward to planning the next vacation.

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