The Best Holiday for Sagittarius

Sagittarius HolidaysSagittarius are travelers at heart. In fact, they are one of the few zodiacs that have learned to enjoy ever aspect of their holiday. Where others might be mumbling and complaining, Sagittarius is finding the good. For the Sagittarius it is all part of the fun and nothing will ruin any part of their vacation. Sagittarius are great to travel with since you are always cheerful and enthusiastic.


The Perfect Sagittarius Vacation

If you want to get a Sagittarians heart racing mention a vacation to a city they’ve never been to far from home. The farther a Sagittarius gets to travel the happier they will be. The perfect vacation is to places like Florence, Paris, Philippines, Bali, or New Zealand. In addition Korea, Argentina, Taiwan, Venezuela, Israel, or Tibet rate high as best holiday locations.

Sagittarius are generally athletic, so they prefer vacations where they have the ability to participate in all kinds of activities, such as playing tennis, nature walks, swimming. For the many Sagittarius that enjoy equestrian a trip to a dude ranch can be the perfect getaway even though it may not be that far from home. Because Sagittarius is a fire sign a warm setting is definitely a plus.

For Sagittarius travelers on a budget consider a visit to a national park like Bryce Canyon or the Grand Canyon. You can cut costs even more by camping. Sleeping under the stars is a fantastic experience for those city folk who have never had the opportunity.

The Worst Sagittarius Travel Vacation

The worst vacation for a Sagittarius is a package tour where you are stuck hanging with the same group of people for your entire vacation.

The Sagittarius Travel Style

The Sagittarius traveler lives for a new adventure and an unconventional travel style works great for them. They are keen to roam so they need a vacation that keeps moving and allows them to experience things even it if is outside their comfort zone.

The Perfect Hotel Environment for a Sagittarius

Sagittarius love to make an entrance and there's nowhere better than at the Six Senses Zighy Bay in Oman, where guests can paraglide to the hotel.

The Sagittarius Dream Destination

Sagittarius travelers will love what Korea has to offer from the bustle of the big city in enjoy live baby octopus a culinary delight.

The Ultimate Sagittarius Experience

Sagittarius never grow up completely and so they are always seeking the thrill. The ultimate holiday experience would be the Vanuatu Yasur volcano perching on the rim with no safety rails watching the lava shoot up.

As a Sagittarius you love to roam experiencing what new cultures have to offer often never returning to the same destination. If learning, another passion of the Sagittarius, can be combined with the vacation then all the better.

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