The Best Holiday for Pisces

Pisces HolidaysIf you ask a Pisces to choose between climbing the Eiffel Tower, or enjoying a coffee in a charming little café while reading the paper, the Pisces traveler would choose the latter. Enjoying the atmosphere that surrounds them is all that they desire. They love to soak up the ambiance and feel like a local.

Pisces also love water, and they can amuse themselves for days just soaking up the rays, staring out to the waves, and walking the sand. Pisces are incurable romantics so a fairy tale magical trip is right up your alley.


The Perfect Pisces Vacation

Pisces is a water sign so a perfect vacation will take you to an inland, or seaside add a romantic element and places like Block Island, Tahiti, Niagara Falls, or Montego Bay are the perfect vacation for Pisces travelers. Other excellent destinations include Costa de la Luz in Spain, the Algarve, or Vancouver Island in British Columbia Canada.

You might also think about a romantic cruise – there are plenty of choices for every budget size and holiday time. Take a mystical transatlantic sail to the Greek Islands or the Mediterranean, take a cruise along the Alaska shoreline and see the splendors, or head off on a Mexican cruise.

Avoid structure and opt for the mist of the water offering you a less confined vacation. If you find something that grabs your interest then you can linger and explore it.

Pisces is the most spiritual of all the zodiac signs so visiting a new age retreat where you can meditate, and be one with nature is always a good option. You might also consider visiting some of the spiritual landmarks such as the Vatican or the Lourdes.

The Worst Pisces Travel Vacation

The worst Pisces vacation would be having to endure a backpacking or a camping trip. A little nature is great but the idea of hiking off to a vacation is simply offensive to Pisces.

The Pisces Travel Style

The Pisces likes a romantic, mystical holiday that keeps them a little out of touch with reality. They hate practicalities like worrying about having to have their passport but can instantly create a romantic moment.

The Perfect Hotel Environment for a Pisces

The Pisces perfect hotel will have a nice balance between pampering and ecology. For example, a spa to pamper you from head to toe and then the soothing sound of the surf or a walk along the beach.

The Pisces Dream Destination

Europe during the winter, walking the square, as the snow falls, enjoying the Christmas market, while enjoying a glass of wine, would definitely be a dream vacation for a Pisces.

The Ultimate Pisces Experience

Days spent taking in breathtaking scenery, while night spent sipping wine and enjoying decadent deserts would be the ultimate experience. Throw in a meal that’s over the top and a walk along the waters edge and you would have perfection. Remember to pack your camera. Your ruler Neptune has bestowed you with a great deal of visual talent, and you’ll get immense enjoyment later looking back over your holiday.

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