The Best Holiday for Libra

Libra HolidaysLibras are pack animals by nature, and so they are the happiest and in their true element when they are in a group. The Libra traveler is peaceful and diplomatic – just the kind of traveler everyone wants to be around. However, they also like to travel in comfort. You will find the Libra heading to the hotel rather than a hostel. They look for a balance between relaxation and activity.

The Perfect Libra Vacation

Since you like to see things and be seen places like South Beach Miami, New York City, Rio De Janeiro make the best holiday because the nightlife is abuzz, the people are interesting and beautiful, the scenery is stunning, the shopping something to be remembered, and these are exciting sophisticated destinations. Other top travel vacations for the Libra are Athens, and throughout the Caribbean.

The Worst Libra Travel Vacation

The worst vacation for a Libra is the Middle East. Here they quickly begin to share their ideas about how conflicts can be easily resolved and many locals are offended and will not listen to what they have to say.

The Libra Travel Style

A Libra traveler doesn’t backpack – period! Libra travelers like to be surrounded by all things beautiful and they most definitely love the creature comforts. Just the idea of staying in a hotel that is less than a four-star accommodation is enough to have them break out in hives. Libras are not even interested in staying in an RV, so those destinations out in the middle of nowhere aren’t likely to be explored by the Libra traveler.

The Perfect Hotel Environment for a Libra

A Libra traveler wants a luxurious hotel that has all the amenities you can imagine. European cotton sheets and goose down pillows, while you snuggle into a cozy duvet. You want scented body gel, a private Jacuzzi, thick terry robes, and chocolates on your pillows. Now that’s what you call the perfect hotel.

The Libra Dream Destination

You may be surprised to discover that Vietnam is the dream destination for Libras who want to explore all those beautiful house wares, paintings, and more for such great prices. Qualia on Hamilton Island is perfect for the Libra.

The Ultimate Libra Experience

The honest Libra will tell you that deep down they see themselves as royalty so they like to be spoiled with all the luxury their money can afford.

While the Libra loves to see new and interesting things they like to find a balance between sightseeing and visiting people they know, which is why so often their destinations are to somewhere they have a friend or family. To a Libra real fun can’t begin without having a fun loving crowd surrounding you. So making new friends is sure to happen.

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