The Best Holiday for Leo

Leo HolidaysLeo not only loves luxury they expect it. This means the Leo traveler will spend whatever is necessary to ensure you have a unique, comfortable, luxurious, and memorable vacation. The best holiday for Leo will be someplace where there is plenty to see and do, and participate in. You’ll want to be able to visit the theater, enjoy some first class dining, and so much more.


The Perfect Leo Vacation

Leo loves the sun and intuitively seeks out sunny destinations for their holidays. Leos are the type of people who love to be admired. You’ll also find they like to admire their holiday locations. The best holiday for Leos can be found in places like Capri, Miami, Seychelles, San Francisco, Pair, London, Sydney, and Rome.

A resort can work for you as long as it is a sunny location with all the luxuries for you to be pampered including the world-renowned spa. It should also be a busy resort since you like to interact with others and participate in events. Make sure there are cocktail parties or other upscale events that you can dress up for, since you are so fashion forward.

The Worst Leo Travel Vacation

A Leo on a private island will be a huge disappointment. While it may sound like a glamorous getaway in theory, you’ll be bored and lonely in no time at all. It’s not your style!

The Leo Travel Style

Leos want the best and they want to show it off and let everyone see that they are enjoying it. That designer bag is going to be the center of attention. This means the Leo should travel first class, and everything they choose to do should be executive or top class, never economy from rooms to cruises to restaurants.

The Perfect Hotel Environment for a Leo

Think luxury that’s over the top. The Hotel Cipriani in Venice would be a perfect choice with the exquisite mahogany boat that brings you there and the breathtaking gardens that surround you. Nothing but the best for Leos.

The Leo Dream Destination

It’s hard to pick a dream destination for Leos because really all they care about is that the hotel they are staying at has every luxury known to mankind but Paris might be a great spot to consider.

The Ultimate Leo Experience

Every Leo’s secret desire is to fly first class. Leo is desire to soak up luxury makes some of old regal Europe worth considering for a vacation as well – the castles dotted along the Rhine will truly be enjoyable.

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