The Best Holiday for Gemini

Gemini HolidaysGemini’s are like toddlers – they are into everything, and need a new interest or distraction every ten minutes or so, and while they should be annoying they are able to charm just about everyone they meet.

For the Gemini a holiday is like a new educational experience where you learn new skills and gain yet another perspective on life. Gemini don’t like to rest, instead prefer burning energy and being stimulated, attempting to cream as much as possible into the short period of time that makes up their vacation. Gemini do not like restrictions!


The Perfect Gemini Vacation

Gemini holidays are fast paced. They adventurous, energetic, and have a childlike curiosity so they are constantly seeking new stimulation. Therefore a Gemini is looking for a vacation where there is plenty to see and do.

A Gemini traveler will not be satis ified sitting on a beautiful beach all day. A Gemini would want the beach, mountains, maybe some ruins, a museum or two, a small village or perhaps a metropolis packed with urban adventures. Excellent destinations for the Gemini include South America, Egypt, Valencia, Czechoslovakia, Korea, Japan, Vancouver Island (Canada), Provence, or Tuscany.

The Gemini traveler enjoys beautiful scenery, historic sites, landmarks that are of interest, and anything that’s engaging and interesting. That means the world is their oyster – there are endless places where a Gemini can have the best holiday.

The Worst Gemini Travel Vacation

Any walking holiday – The Gemini traveler likes to move at lightening speed.

The Gemini Travel Style

The Gemini is an insatiable reader so before you ever leave on your holiday you will be up to speed. You love the little unknown facts, which may even give you an idea for a less than ordinary tour.

The Perfect Hotel Environment for a Gemini

The luxury hotel does nothing for a Gemini whose desire is to take in the authentic life. So, the Gemini will find the perfect accommodations at a small inn or bed and breakfast.

The Gemini Dream Destination

There are many dream destinations for the Gemini including pearl diving off New Zealand, an African photo safari, or a haunted castle in Scotland.

The Ultimate Gemini Experience

The Gemini hates road trips because they are just too antsy preferring to get there quickly via plane or even train. The Gemini is a journalist at heart so he or she loves to document their travels. In fact, it makes a holiday the ultimate experience.

Before leaving on your holiday leave a rough itinerary with friends and/or family, so that you can relax knowing they can get in contact with you if the need should arise.

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